The Role Of Accounting In Societal Development (in The Nigerian Context)

Accounting Project Topics

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                TABLE OF CONTENT


Title page                                                                i


Dedication                                                               iii

Acknowledgement                                           iv

Approval                                                          ii     



1.0   Introduction

1.1   Objective of Study

1.2   Significance of the study

1.3     Statement of Problem

1.4   Hypothesis

1.5   Scope and Limitation of the study

1.6     Definition of Terms


2.0     Review of Related Literature

2.1     Definitions of Accounting

2.2     Historical development of Accounting

2.3     Purpose of Accounting

2.4     Users of Accounting Information

2.5     Presentation of Accounting Information

2.6     Accountings Activities and Accounting Officers

2.7     Probity and Accountability – a Necessity for Societal Development

2.8     The Role of Accounting in Societal Development


1.0     Research Design and Methodology

1.1     Research Design

1.2     Area of Study

1.3     Types of Data used

1.4     Location of Data

1.5     Method of Data collection

1.6     Determination sample size, population size and sample fraction.


4.0   Data Presentation and Analysis

4.1     Presentation of Data

4.2     Method of Data Analysis and the Analysis itself

4.3     Tools for Data Analysis

4.4     Analysis of Data

4.5     Conversion of Data collected into figures

4.6     Test of Hypothesis

4.7     Statement of hypothesis one

4.8     Statement of Hypothesis two

4.9     Statement of Hypothesis three

4.10  Statement of Hypothesis four


5.0   Summary, Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1     Summary of the Findings

5.2     Conclusions

5.3     Recommendation




        This project is aimed at looking into the accounting       profession in details and examining its role in societal        development.

        A study of the evolution of accounting suggests that accounting processes are reactive because they have developed primarily in response to business needs.  Also the development of accounting process has been related to economic progress and societal development of a country.

History shows that the higher the level of Civilization or development, this more elaborate and wider the accounting method becomes.

Since Picoli’s days to this present day, accounting has recorded a lot of tremendous changes and growth all over the universe. For instance during the first sixty years of the twentieth century, a major economic and societal force had thrown the accounting profession into new frontiers and responsibilities.  The factors contributing to this growth are the increase in the population of large corporate business in the affairs of business by way of taxation and business regulations, technological advancement especially in the area of computerization – which has rapidly changed the process of data procession.  These factors, to a great extent, have deeply contributed tot he development of the accounting profession over the years.

The role of computer in the accounting profession has facilitated the traditional functions such as payroll, cost accounting and general bookkeeping.

It is also being used for analytical purposes such as forecasting, cost benefit, analysis, etc.

As professionals, accountants are expected to demonstrate a responsibility tot he public services above their commitment to personal economic gains.  Accountants recognize that the special esteem.  They enjoy obligates them to work for the improvement of society. Complimenting their obligation to society, accountants have analytical and evaluative skills needed in the solution of the over-growing problems of the universe.  The special abilities of accountants as well as their independence and ethical standards, permit them to make significant and unique contribution in such areas as protecting the public interest, preserving environment interest and controlling and improving public programmes.

In recent times, the work of accountants increased in scope.

The reward as added to the accounting profession include installation of accounting system, auditing and investigation management of social activities and host of others.

It is also of importance to note that the increase in the scope of accounting give rise to complex problems, which accountants must encounter.  This is why competent accountants are needed in the various areas (i.e. to ease


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The Role Of Accounting In Societal  Development (in The Nigerian Context)