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1 Small And Medium Scale Industrial Cluster (a Case Study Of Osisioma)

ABSTRACT The industrial cluster is not a new phenomenon. It has evolved in a process after passing through number of economic theory developed, starting from location theory in 1976 by ven Thunen, marshal’s industrial district theory (1979), max Weber’s industrial complex theory...

2 Effect Of Environmental Pollution On Real Estate Development (a Case Study Of Warri, Delta State)

ABSTRACT The effect of environmental pollution on real estate development. Environmental pollution is one of the problem affecting real estate development that needs quick attention. Due to many industries located in Nigeria there is much discharge of gaseous effluent and waste disposal. Also...

3 Gas Flaring Regulation In The Oil And Gas Industry: A Comparative Analysis Of Nigeria And Texas Regulations

GAS FLARING REGULATION IN THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY: A       Comparative Analysis of Nigeria and Texas Regulations.  ...

4 Gas Flaring And Its Effect On The Environment

ABSTRACT  The atmosphere is kind. It takes the carbon dioxide (CO2) and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases that humans create and disperses them equally all over the world. But that is also its cruelty. The accumulation of these waste gases over the decades, disproportionately from...

5 Impact Of Maintenance Of Buildings And Infrastructural Facilities To The National Economy (a Case Study Of Shell Camp, Housing Estate, Owerri)

Impact of Maintenance of Buildings and Infrastructural Facilities to the National Economy (a case study of Shell Camp, Housing Estate, Owerri)   CHAPTER ONE     INTRODUCTION     1.1         Background of the...

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