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1 Performance Evaluation Of Primary Health Care Buildings In The Federal Capital Territory (fct)

ABSTRACT Existing studies have established that the physical characteristics of buildings have significant influence on occupants’ satisfaction. However, studies has shown that the conventional ways that public hospital buildings in Nigeria are designed have contributed to stress,...

2 Analysis Of The Impact Of Feasibility Study On Capital Project Development In Nigeria

ANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF FEASIBILITY VIABILITY STUDY ON CAPITAL PROJECT DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Until relatively recently, the discipline of development appraisal has remained the provenance of surveyors and developers. It largely...

3 The Review Of Challenges And Prospect Of Public Procurement Act 2007 In The Execution Of Construction Projects In Nigeria

THE REVIEW OF CHALLENGES AND PROSPECT OF PUBLIC PROCUREMENT ACT 2007 IN THE EXECUTION OF CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT In the public procurement system in Nigeria has over the years been abused leading to cost inflation, delay in project delivery, poor quality of work, and...

4 A Survey Of The Effect Of Mortgage Institutions In The Provision Of Affordable And Sustainable Housing In Nigeria

A SURVEY OF THE EFFECT OF MORTGAGE INSTITUTIONS IN THE PROVISION OF AFFORDABLE AND SUSTAINABLE HOUSING IN NIGERIA   ABSTRACT Housing in most countries of the world is an important economic sector and the manner in which resource are mobilized for has a major effect on the economy....

5 An Investigation Into Design Errors And Its Impact On Initial Cost Of A Construction Project


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Internal Audit Effectiveness As A Tool For Improving The Financial Performance Of A Company On The Nigerian Manufacturing Industry. The Effects Of Broken Homes On Junior Secondary Students’ Performance The Impact Of Youth Unemployment On The Nigerian Economy. Unemployment And Crime Rate Among Nigerian Youth Development Of A Real Estate Agency Management System