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1 The Use Of Computer In Civil Engineering

ABSTRACT The development of powerful and affordable microcomputers and computer software will have an impact in the delivery of instruction in higher education. This is especially true for civil engineering education where the computer has started to be appreciated as a useful tool in civil...

2 Factors Affecting Production And Quality In Construction Industry

ABSRACT   This research was conducted to appraise the factors affecting construction workers productivity and quality of work in indigenous construction companies in Nigeria. The observed low productivity, shoddy work and poor finishing by craft workers employed in these companies...

3 An Investigation Into Quality Of Aggregate In Road Construction

AN INVESTIGATION INTO QUALITY OF AGGREGATE IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION ABSTRACT The current extensive use of low quality aggregate in Nigerian road for engineering applications is of concern because their appear to be a level of ignorance surrounding their existing properties and implications. This...

4 Soil Survey In Enugu Metropolis (a Case Study Of Coal Camp)

SOIL SURVEY IN ENUGU METROPOLIS (A CASE STUDY OF COAL CAMP) ABSTRACT The soil investigation is the research carried out to assess the properties of water in a given volume of soil, the ratio of the weight of given volume of soil sample to the weight of an equal volume of water at a...

5 Maintenance Of Road For Sustainable Development (a Case Study From Tollgate To Echochen Enugu-onitsha Dual Carriage Way, Enugu Bound).


6 Investigation Of Anaerobic Processes In Septic Tank As A Wastewater Treatment Option

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION        1.1        BACKGROUND The septic tank system is the most widely used onsite treatment system for domestic wastewater. In fact, most developing countries (Nigeria inclusive) lack the technology...

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