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1 An Assessment Of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Under The Administration Goodluck Jonathan In Relation With Ecowas

Abstract The study is an assessment of Nigeria’s foreign policy under the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan in relation with ECOWAS. This work is necessitated on the premise that no state in the modern times can avoid involvement in international affairs, and this involvement...

2 Obasanjos Administration And Nigerias International Diplomacy 1999 To 2007

ABSTRACT Nigeria had overwhelmingly given both solicited and unsolicited supports to Africanneigbours: intervened positively in their internal crisis, provided humanitarian services, doled out billions ofdollars as charity, sent technical aid corps, formed and sent military supports, and so on....

3 The Life And Times Of Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, 1937-1967

ABSTRACT The Life and Times of Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu have been viewed with mixed feelings among military officials, politicians and Nigerian citizens. There is no clear picture of what the major really stood for, his source of motivation, what his personality says about him and his...

4 A History Of Ekwe Community, Earliest Times To 2000

ABSTRACT Any historical study on Ekwe society, without credible attention first to the earliest period of Ekwe as an independent culture based Igbo Community, is apt to be an exercise in futility. The present study examines the level of development in Ekwe in 1960 and after the colonial rule....

5 A History Of Agbogugu, Earliest Times To 2000

ABSTRACT This research focuses on the history of Agbogugu from the earliest times to 2000. It examines the unique history of the town and its customs and traditions through the centuries. The work examines the town's traditions of origin and analyses its position as a member of the...

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