The Role Of Community Banks In The Rural Development

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          The primary purpose of establishing community bank in the rural areas of Enugu metropolis is to remedy the problems f rural development in the economy facing the grassroots level.

          The major concept of these community bank establishment, is to sustain financial institutions in the local areas which are owned. Contributed and managed by the community on their credit depositing basis.

          The main finding of the research work is by the use of questionnaire and other primary data that are contained in community banks are immensely on a greater importance to the economic development of the rural areas.

          The objective of the research work therefore abridge gaps of community banks in economic growth and development of productivity in the rural areas, by providing financial and banking service to the low income earners of he economy and the small areas, the promotion of emergence of an effective integrated national financial system that response to the needs of the rural dwellers of the economy.

          These research also convey the problem confronting the community banks in the rural areas by the act of their objective, and providing possible solution to the problem that handlers the economic development of the grassroots development in Enugu metropolis.















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 CHAPTER ONE        

1.1            Introduction                                                        

1.2            Purpose of writing                                              

1.3            Definition of community bank                   


2.1            Review of related literature

2.2            Rendering services to the rural people

2.3            Boosting the rural commercial activities

2.4            Loan grant to the Rural dwellers

2.5            Loan grant assistance to the peasants farmers

2.6            Equipment leasing to the rural farmers

2.7            Urban Rural money transfers.

2.8            Eighteen the communities on the effective use of credit and other Banking services.

2.9            Employment opportunities


3.1     Summary                                                            

3.2     Conclusion                                                















Before the advent of community banking people used to bury their money in the ground as against thieves while some tie their own around their waist with their inner most cloth or wrapper and some also took their own to the shrine for its safety.  Many who wanted to said more then usually constructed very small wooden box which they called safe with a tings opening on it for putting money into it.

          All these measure were associated with a lot of problems because money kept in the ground may be destroyed by the termites the one kept in the sale once the box is stolen, the whole nominees are lost at once.

          Out since the advert of community banks in the rural communities, these problems help been improved people don’t use such primitive measure of keeping monies again but have embraced putting their monies in the adverted community banks which have channeled them to the Banking operational system as a modern means of keeping monies.



In other to improve and enlighten the grassroots programmes of local level economic growth and development, the government of Nigeria in 1990 budget speech introduced the establishment of community banks in the rural areas.

          The concept of a community bank is of a self sustainable financial institution, owned and managed by the community r a group of community for a primary purpose of providing credit, deposit, banking and service to member, largely on the basis of their self recognition and credit worthiness, this is in contradiction to the near total dependent of the banking credit facilities.



For the sake of under development in the rural areas which was confirmed true and the financial resources is also true.

          The crummy problem is how to tackle or harness this economic resources for the growth and development of the rural areas, knowing that the resources are owned by the community dwellers.

          The banking sector as the primary sustainer of the nations economic existence is viewed as the most important and reliable sector of the economic

          With the present situation, as the case study of Enugu with out strageous economic empowerment with land and low income base, the risk of community banking is mostly that of ignorance and illiteracy which the banks are dealing with and the other aspect of infrastructural facilities which include electricity, water, roads and residential accommodation for the banking sector especially the staff residing at the rural areas.

          The delicate problem is that of delicate habit among dwellers like that of traditional saving mobilization e.g. Isusu.



          The purpose of this project topic is to note downs the roles which all these community banks perform for the rural development so that their needs in the communities would be brought to the book.  And for the communities to know the importance of the banks for the banks for the rural development.



1.4                      RESEARCH QUESTION


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The Role Of Community Banks In The Rural Development