The Effects Of Lack Of Adequate Training Facilities On The Production Secretaries (a Case Study Of Institute Of Management And Technology (i.m.t), Enugu)

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This seminar was carries out to find out effect of lack of adequate secretarial training facilities on the production of secretaries and it was written in five chapters.

Chapter one introduced the topic with an overview of contemporary historical facts, about the effects of lack of adequate secretarial training facilities on the production of secretaries. It also features a statement of the problem, which discussed the effects of this lack satisfactorily. Other sub-headings leading considered here scope, limitation of the study, research questions statement of hypothesis and definition of terms.

A systematic and expository literature search, research review and documentation formed chapter two.

Chapter three dealt with the design of the study, the methods used in collection relevant data, the way, questionnaires were distributed, how many returned and the systematic way the project was carried out.

The research went further to present, analyze and interpret data obtained from the research survey.

Finally, the researcher summarized the finding, drew conclusion, tested the hypothesis, made recommendations and suggested areas for further study in chapter five.












Title page                                                                                 i

Approval page                                                                         ii

Dedication                                                                               iii

Acknowledgement                                                                    iv

Abstract                                                                                   vi

Table of content                                                                       viii



1.0     INTRODUCTION                                                        1

1.1            Background to the study                                                         1

1.2            Statement of the problem                                              4

1.3            Purpose of study                                                           6

1.4            Scope of the study                                                                   8

1.5             Limitation of the study                                                 9

1.6            Definition of terms                                                                  9

1.7            Research hypothesis                                                      11

1.8            Research question                                                                   12

1.9            Significance of the study                                                         12     


2.0            LITERATURE REVIEW                                            14

2.1     Duties of A Secretary                                                    22

2.2     Facilities for secretaries word and training                    24

2.3     Effects of lack of adequate secretary training facilities 50

2.4     The concept of adequacy with respect of

practical secretarial training.                                          55



3.0            DESIGN OF THE STUDY                                          60

3.1            General features of the Research                                    60

3.2            Selection of Population                                                  60

3.3            Sample size                                                                    60

3.4            Development of Research Materials                              61

3.5            Research Procedure                                                       61

3.6            Treatment of Data                                                                   62


4.0            Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data                  64


5.0            Summary, conclusion, recommendation,

area for further study                                                     86

5.1     Summary of findings                                                     86

5.2            Conclusions                                                                             88

5.3            Recommendations                                                                   89

5.4            Areas for further study                                                  91

Appendices                                                                    92

          References                                                                      98




1.0            INTRODUCTION


          Recently, there have been some resentment shown by some organizations as a result of the disappointment that they encountered while interviewing people who are supposed to have been trained as secretaries. It is also an experience that is becoming common or rather already common with students dispatched for their industrial training scheme. But we know that a large part of this problem can be traced back to the lack of adequate secretarial training facilities in our higher institutions. It is not a hidden truth that most of our higher institutions are not what they ought to be in the sense that they lack the variety of equipment they need to up to – date models of the equipment they need.

          No doubt, this lack has affected the production of secretaries that is why this project work wants to look at these shortcomings their effects and people reaction to them. Now, when we talk about producing a secretary, a is different from a typist. If we are going to produce a secretary, the facilities or equipment required will be very much different and advanced than that required to produce a typist. It is, however unfortunate today that if one goes to some of our institutions of higher learning, he will discover that the totality of the facilities left to the disposal of the or the students look more like than it looks likes that of secretaries. A secretary is an executive assistant who possess a mastery of office skills, who demonstrate the ability to assume responsibilities without direct supervision, who exercises initiative and judgement and who make decision within the scope of assigned authority –NATIONAL SECRETARIES ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL.

          It when we have a knowledge of who the secretary is that we can assess the type of training. The secretary needs a good knowledge of general education, good knowledge of short hand, typewriting, office practice and administration, business law, law and practice of meeting, human resources management, accounting, data processing, industrial psychology, human relations, economies and a foreign language. 

                For shorthand, the students need good shorthand laboratories equipped with ear phones cassette players and recorder etc. for typewriting, they need good and modern typewriters ranging horn manual typewriters, electron/electronic typewriters to computers. This is to mention but a few looking at all the facilities needed for effective secretarial training without which you cannot produce a secretary. The students don’t need to hear about office equipment with their ears only but need to know how to operate them practically in view of the fact that the secretarial profession is a practical one. For more emphasis, if we re


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The Effects Of Lack Of Adequate Training Facilities On The Production Secretaries