The Impact Of Industrial Training On Banking Finance Students (a Case Study Of I.m.t Enugu)

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Title page                                                                                ii

Approval                                                                                 iii

Dedication                                                                               iv

Acknowledgement                                                                   v

Abstract                                                                                  vi

Table of content                                                                      vii


Introduction                                                                                      1

1.1                  Background of the study                                                                   1

1.2                  Purpose of the study                                                               3

1.3                  Significance of the study                                                                   3

1.4                  Scope of the study                                                                            4

1.5                  Limitations of the study                                                          5

1.6                  Research questions                                                                           5

1.7                  Definition of terms                                                                            6

Reference                                                                                 7



2.0                  Review of Literature                                                                8

2.1                  Historical background of industrial training fund

            and development of siwes – aims                                            9

            Reference                                                                                 16


3.0                  Research Design and Mythology                                             17

3.1       Design of the study                                                                 17

3.2                  Procedure for data analysis                                                     17

3.3                  Population                                                                               18

3.4                  Sample                                                                                    18

3.5                  Instrument used in data collection                                           18

3.6                  Administration                                                                        19

3.7                  Description of data used in gathering instrument                    19

3.8                  Data presentation and analysis                                                         20

3.9                  Industrial work experience scheme in banking and finance     22

3.10             Importance of SIWES

Reference                                                                                 25


Summary of Finding, Conclusion and Recommendation                  26

4.1     Summary of Finding                                                      26

4.2     Recommendation                                                           27

4.3     Conclusion                                                                     28

                      Bibliography                                                                  29







As a result of Increasing School Leavers Unemployment in the 1970s the Nigerian Government Introduced the new National Policy on Education in 1981. A major provision of the policy was the Introduction of the training of Banking and Finance Studies of Junior Secondary School (JSS) Level with emphasis on total acquisition of practical skills valve and knowledge that would enable Individuals live meaningfully in the society.

          One of the reason for the emphasis on Banking and Finance Studies is the fact that it is a skilled course which would equip its graduates with the needed skills for gainful employment even if they terminate that formal education at the Junior Secondary School Level. This is ensure that courses are taught according  to the curriculum and using appropriate methodologies for the subject. It is not possible to teach a student to operate a computer machine nor effectively, without the computer  machine nor is it possible to teach a student to operate a proportional spacing of typewriter without such a typewriter for teachers to teach Banking and Finance  subject. They must have a thorough knowledge of the subject and certificate in the area, so that they can demonstrate their skill properly for the students to understand and emulate. Noah (1971) and Thompson (1964). The writers stressed that the individual will acquire skills and reach the stated goal by watching on expect and by practisng this I believe that the individual in addition to this, should be given enough practise to enable him master the art.

          In other to enhance the study of Banking and Finance there is the need for student to go on field trip. For there will permit students to study equipment and the layout of office and store procedure and study the relationship between department. For effective and efficient work experience it is good that the Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) as a medium created to expose students to the realities of the world of work in the various disciplines. It enable students watch theoretical classroom knowledge with practical work environment through work or practise. Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme is aimed at the knowledge to technology for the advancement of the nation. Since it was recalled that SIWES programme was originally designed for processional courses. Such as Banking and Finance, Environment Studies, Engineering, vocational. From the above facts, it becomes clear that if the lofty dreams of the nation is to be feasible, the Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) should be encouraged all concerned to enhance the technological advancement of the nation.


1.2     PURPOSE OF THE STUDY         

This study is aimed at investigating the impact of Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme on Banking and Finance Students. The merits and demerits of the training to Banking and Finance Student. It will also printout


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The Impact Of Industrial Training On Banking Finance Students