The Role Of Budgeting In Tertiary Institution Management

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          This project is on the role of Budgeting in tertiary institutions management.  It focus on examining the relevance of budgeting in Tertiary institution.

          The problems stated in this project are related to the control of difficulties in co-ordination tertiary institution budgets.  The objectives of the project is to ascertain the role and systems of budgeting in tertiary institution.

          Above all the role of budgeting were found to aid planning, co-ordinating, directing, organizing communicating motivating, performing, evaluating, participating and controlling.  Tertiary institution should budget their activities to secure the best use of their resources and budgets should be well planned and adequately monitored.








Title page                                                                                ii

Approval page                                                                        iii

Dedication                                                                               iv

Acknowledgement                                                                             v

Abstract                                                                                  vi

Table of content                                                                      vii


Introduction                                                                                      1

1.1            Background of the study                                                         2

1.2            Statement of the problem                                                        3

1.3            Purpose/objective of the study                                                4

1.4            Significance of the study                                                         5

1.5            Limitations of the study                                                 6


Review of related literature                                                     7

References                                                                               13


Research design and methodology                                          14

3.1            Research Design                                                            14

3.2            Sources of data (secondary sources  only)                     14

3.3            Data Collection Method                                                 15

3.4            Method Of Data Analysis                                              15

References                                                                      16


4.1            Findings                                                                         17

4.2            References                                                                      19


Conclusion, recommendation and suggestion                                   20

5.1            Conclusion                                                                     20

5.2            Recommendation                                                           20

5.3            Suggestion                                                                     21

Bibliography                                                                  22







          During recent years, Budgeting is one of techniques involve in the process to meet the increasing complexities of the business society.

Budgeting has gained much recognition and is of general application.

Oxford Advance learners dictionary explained that budget is an estimate or plan of the money available to somebody and how it will be spent over period of time.  Government invested huge sum of money in reliabilitating and equipping tertiary institution to raise standard of education in the state.

          Education continues to be a top priority of the state Government, to wipe away the agony of sitting on the floor or standing up when receiving lectures, by providing the necessary things needed to make students comfortable in receiving lectures and other requirements such as provision of banking and finance department both for ND II and HND I

          At these juncture, the above reasons make the need for this research into the role of budgeting in tertiary institution very pertinent.



          Establishment of the instate of management and Technology Enugu stated 1967 in Enugu the college of Technology which offered courses in Engineering and Laboratory Technology up to the ordinary diploma level.  But one morning I came to school I saw a student of banking and finance and a student of electrical electronics fighting even HND I Banking and finance and ND I banking and fiancé students quarrelling over a department, I now ask a question on the reason, why banking and finance student are fighting with electrical electronic student and why ND I banking and finance are Quarrelling with HND I, the answer I received is that banking and finance does not have department that they have been given electrical electronics department to be used s a place of study until, they are able to build their own.  I now ask again, WHY, NDI AND HNDI banking and finance  are quarrelling over each other, the answer I receive is that the NDI students are sharing the class room with HNDI so during the period of HND I to receive their lectures NDI student will be in the class making noise.  Some time they might even enter into the class when their own time to enter has not come and these have been a very big problem on enemy one of them because of these issue of shameg class room,

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