The Role Of Financial Sector In The Promotion Of Non – Oil E

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          As a developing country, Nigeria is a net importer of capital. They need foreign exchange to finance exchange earnings from all, which contributes a major, part other total foreign exchange earning. Since the financial sector, in general and the banks in particular, are the nere centers of the Nigeria economy, they are therefore expected to play important role in promoting Nigeria’s non-oil exports Nigeria needs the financial institution to contribute, they have to operate so many loans scheme and contribute through stock exchange market facilities.

           In order to achieve this goal our financial institution such as commercial banks, central bank of Nigeria, merchant banks, institution have to export encourage the bodies that are engage in the export program by giving the assistance where ever it is needed most. That means the financial institution has a very important role to play of which this study will take look at that role.



          The next thing now is what are the problem they encounter in performing this role. Here are some of the problems.

          Lack of Awareness by Exporters:

          Most exporters do not know the services available for them in the banks and insurance houses, here they still do it all on their goods as they have very small market for their products. For a bank to clear case of low turn out by exporters reveal this fact and for insurance most of the remain under utilized.

          Corruption at the Borders:

          There is a high degree of corruption at our border. This meant to check and make sure nothing is smuggled out through the borders, resort to accepting bribes from the smugglers as a result most exporters don’t want to go through right channel. They export without proper documentation and banking assistance thereby leaving the separate department created by the bank to cater for export trade lying under tilized.

          Loan Default:

          In most financial houses they are faces with the problem of loan default mostly by small – scale exporters with inadequate knowledge of their business area. In some cases, things turn out to be quite different from what they anticipated and their income falls very short of estimate hence, they cannot repay their loan.

          Now Implementation of Some Export Promotion Incentives:

          Some of the export promotion incentives made available by government are yet to be implemented. For example the export credit guarantee scheme which is suppose to serve as guarantee for export credits. Since this is yet to take off, the banks are then faced with the problem of indent identifying credit worthy exporter’s credibility. This has made them reluctant in granting credit to just any exporter.

          Size Of Exporting Units:

          In most exporting firms in Nigeria are usually small or medium sized and not often in position to produce tangible or valuable securities, worse still, they do not keep proper books of accounts and management. Banks therefore, encounter difficulties in evaluating their performance towards using it as a guide to granting them credits.



          Poor Communication System:

          In Nigeria telecommunication Limited (NITEL) enjoys the monopoly of linking Nigeria with the world. In some case an exporter is in need for an urgent information of his business, in this case it’s banks is not handy with such information, it is supposed to call on it’s international correspondent or branch for it but with the ineffectiveness of our equipment at NITEL, this becomes either difficult or impossible as an urgent matter.

          Under – Valuation of goods:

          Most exporters under value their communited when trying to secure on insurance cover for his commodities so as to pay a lower premium. But case of theft or other firm of hazard occurring to the commodities, you find them attempting of inflate the value goods.



i.                    This is to evaluate the role and strength of the financial sector in promoting Nigeria’s non-oil exports.

ii.                  This study indent to contribute to the already existing knowledge in this light, possible measures that will make the financial sector’s promotional role more effective for an increase non – oil exports.

iii.                It is thus hoped towards future policy decision as well as act as a reference material for students of finance, economics and other related fields of study.



          This research work on the relationship on the cause and effect of mismanagement in a financial institution can be of immense value to the banks and all other financial institution. The result of this research work will enable the financial security effectively especially in eradicating fraud in a financial house.

          This research work will enable the financial institution to successfully and most efficiently carry on the function in accordance with the set goals and objectives of the financial institution.

            Moreover, this work will help to frighten the God fatherism syndrome and to provide way for qualified graduates or experience workers to carry on this jobs effectively.

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The Role Of Financial Sector In The Promotion Of Non – Oil E