Bank Fraud Causes And Prevention

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The need for an efficient and prudent banking industry for banking transactions in this country need not be over emphasized it is an accepted fact that majority of the populace of this country have this attitude of getting rich quick without really working very hard for it one their dream ways of achieving this lack luster dream is through fraud perpetration.  And with the belief that banks keep so mud money with them the act how effects the banking                           effects and preventions of bank fraud they will also be able to have lake on how such bank frauds are perpetrated and the major perpetrations of such frauds this is to keep them at alert because one do not know whose account in the bank that might be affected tomorrow.                                                            




fraud  is the number one enemy of the business world no company is immune to it is in all works of life in government in the export trade  in sifting transacting in the banking in insurance every where special organizations have been formed to combat it and Interpol tries to deal with it at  the international  level but it has not and cannot be eradicated it continues and its bearing in strength it is an expanding industry.


The banking industry in its part constitute one of the pillars on which the economy of any nation can be erected it is the central role of the banking sector as the grease that lubricates the economic machine of any nation that often prompt regular and at time justifiable search light on then performance or non-performance of the industry one thing is however certain when the banking industry sneezes the entire economy catches cold it is sufficient to state that whatever happens to the sector is bound to have some impact on the owners of shareholders o the investing public however the importance of the banking industry is not limited to national boundaries banks also play a major role in international trade and payments goods and services the attitude of a nations banking industry plays significant part in its balance of payments fortunes or misfortunes it is in view of all these that the integrity of the  banking sector should give any government a great concern and indeed the international community.

The banking industry has been seriously affected by the incidence of fraud most severe set back in their business is due to increasing fraudulent activities being carried out by some their employees.

No wonder most of these establishments have come to realize the importance of finding out causes of frauds and ways of preventing  their  however it is then necessary that adequate step and provision should be made to curtail the act of fraud in our banking industry.



The issue of bank frauds fiddles thefts defalcations and forgeries have in recent time assumed unprecedented proportions and dimension in our national psych.  The increase in these problems in the banking system in capable of  seriously undermining the growth development and stability banks in Nigeria.

The study therefore intends to find out solutions to these problems.

i  The possible breakdown or loopholes in the financial control of banks that brought about the occurrence of  frauds. 

ii.  Why the number of banks staff perpetrating frauds the banks increasing.

iii.  The reason for the increase in bank frauds generally.



The main objective of the study is to appraise the cause of banks frauds the effect and prevention mechanism being pit in place to curtain such fraud is banks to achieve thus objective attention would be paid to the following.

i.                    To identify the different cause why bank frauds and perpetrated.

ii.                  To critically analyze empirically the various control being put in place to curtail frauds in banks.

iii.                To identify methods of fraud management in banks.

iv.               On the whole the suggest and make appropriate recommendation in reducing the cakes of bank frauds.      


Through the deregulation of the banking system in 1986 resulted in the proliferation of banks relative growth of the industry.

Provision of improved services and higher wages of bank workers among other however one significance problem that followed up immediately is the issue of bank frauds this study will significant in the following ways.

i.                    The study will be of help to banks by assisting them further to re-examine their internal control system and policies with view of creating an environment where the perpetrators of banks fraud will be on the decrease.

ii.                  It will be of significant help to the Nigeria policies as it will assist them further in under standing the routine in banks enhance their investigation of frauds and make them to be better perceived by the industry as partners in fight against fraud.

iii.                In addition this study will be helpful to the central bank of Nigeria and Nigeria deposit insurance corporation which will bring to light the loopholes in the banking industry that encourages fraud and the possible ways they can help in reducing such acts especially in the area of policy formulation for the industry.

iv.               This study will be particularly valuable to all bankers company executive owners of business outfits  academic specially student of banking and finance accountancy etc and the general public on causes types and implication of banks frauds and other related matters.     



In the cause of carrying out this research a lot  problems were faced especially on the side of bank junior staffs who are afraid to grant the researcher an interview tearing that information disclosed may be used against the bank in term of fraud perpetration or bad image against their employee.

There is also the problem of time constrain strain and stress involved in the research work.

This is more in the area of time in carrying out simultaneously the research work with lectures assignment and test however due to time factor many people and banks could not be visited to obtain relevant information that will enhance this research work.

Finally the researcher won’t fail to recognize the fact that his research was limited to the available fund with regards to the present economic conditions of country it was not easy for one to get the necessary funds.                                  


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Bank Fraud Causes And Prevention