A Study On Management Problems Of Rural Water Supply In Anambra State Water Corporation

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This research work is aimed at finding the course of organization and management problems of rural water supply programme in Anambra state water corporation of the rural water supply. To guide this study, thirteen (13) research questions were formulated and tested with percentages. Based on the findings, some major findings include that the Anambra state water corporation have adequate material for implementing their works and services Nigeria had adversely affected the functionality of the rural water supply. Finally, it is found that the aim and objectives of rural water supply programme have not been achieved in Anambra. Based on the above finding, some major recommendations were made for effective implementations. Were made for effective implementations:

1.           The management of water corporation Anambra should pay staff their monthly salaries or wags in order to encourage staff for effective work.

2.           Management in assessing the candidates for recruitment should consider the qualification of the qualified once in order to avoid weak staff or incompetent once.

3.           The aims of the organization will be achieved if the management participates effectively with the above points.




Title page-       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       i

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1.1      Background of study        -       -       -       -       -       -       1

1.2      Statement of problem      -       -       -       -       -       5

1.3      Objective of the study      -       -       -       -       -       6

1.4      Research question   -       -       -       -       -       -       7

1.5      The significant of the study     -       -       -       -       8

1.6      The scope of the study     -       -       -       -       -       9

1.7      Definition of terms   -       -       -       -       -       -       10



2.0      History of Anambra state water corporation     -       11

2.1      The nature of rural water supply in the rural

community  -   -       -       -       -       -       -       -       13

2.2      Administration of Anambra state water corporation.       16

2.3      Management and organization of (A.N.S.W.C)  -       25

2.4      Operational and maintenance support facilities      -       30

2.5      Problems and prospect of (ANSWC) -       -       -       31

2.6      Management problems in Anambra state water corporation    -       -       -        -       -       -       -       42



                Design of the study -       -       -       -       -       -       44

                Population of the study    -       -       -       -       -       45

                Area of the study      -       -       -       -       -       -       45

                Sample and sampling technique      -       -       -       45

                Instrument of data collection   -       -       -       -       46

                Validity of the instrument        -       -       -       -       47

                Reliability of the instrument    -       -       -       -       48

                Method of data administration and retrieval    -       48

                Method of data Analysis -       -       -       -       -       49



4.1      Data Presentation And Analysis       -       -       -       50



5.1      Findings  -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       59

5.2      Conclusion of the study   -       -       -       -       -       60

5.3      Recommendation     -       -       -       -       -       -       61

5.4      Suggestion for further research        -       -       -       -       62

5.5      Limitation of the study     -       -       -       -       -       63

References       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       64

Appendix-       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       67

Questionnaire  -       -       -       -       -       -       -       68





Nigeria is blessed by nature with a lot of natural resources amongst which water in one of them. In 1980 the labored Health organization (LAHO) holds meeting at Lagos during the meeting, it was confirmed that Nigeria is blessed with abundant water resources, the excess of which has been causing flood and erosion in many parts of the country such as Orifite, Obosi, Ojo etc.

However the distribution of this water resources was not evenly spread over the country, life and other agricultural activities every year irrespective of the drought that frequently occur in the no their part of the country man has been obtaining water for domestic and other purposes since man’s creation later supply can therefore be said to be as old as man itself.

In spite of the availability of resources labored Health organization (LAHO) (1976) maintained that” its supply to the majority of the population especially the unbalances is very much inadequate” Anambra state of Niger Edited No 16 (1978) simply rejoined rural water supply as a wide category of scheme ranging from a well width bucket’s supplying water to a few isolated but to river pumping scheme from such simple treatment as communal stands pipes to tap in individual homes and provision for livestock and vegetable gardens.

Ilo (1991) however stated that various traditional means of obtaining water has been developed by individual and communities both in rural and urban areas.

The united nation Economics commission for Africa (1973)   confirmed that it was only about 20% of the population of Nigeria that have access to such facilities were not being served sufficiently.

Thus the need for the provision of adequate water supply and salutation is highly appreciated. And this had promoted the choice of the topic on the management problems of rural water supply in Anambra state water corporation, with a view to recommending solution, which if accepted would help to solve those problems and as well, facilitates, to the alleviation of the problem of eh people.

Water corporation Anambra state was establishing as a parastatal under Anambra state of Nigeria Edict No. 16 of (1978). The corporation was originally charged with statutory responsibility of supplying drinking water to all rural communities. It was formerly the water section of their East central state ministry of works and Housing. The general manager is responsible of the day to day running of the commissioner of the government board, is responsible for policy matter only.

Umeh (1993) stated that the corporation is presently operating eleven zonal officers in the local government of Idemili. He stated that the corporation is principally maintained form government subventions and budget allocation for capital projects and from internally generated revenue water tariffs, sales of maters, fees etc. for its day to day operations.

Most people in the rural areas of Anambra state also obtain theirs form an elaborate and well organized water venting system which is run by the private sector. About 275 Tanker Trucks collect water form private bore holes and sell it to house holds and business equipped with water storage facilities. May of these house holds an business resell water by the bucket to individuals who cannot afford large storage tanks or who cannot be reached by tanker trucks during the dry season, the private water vending system collects about 24 times as much revenue as the public water utility on an annual basis households in rural areas of Anambra state pay water vendors over twice the operation and maintenance cost of piped distribution system.



Rural communities in Anambra state such as Ojota, Oba, Oraifite, Newi etc many of them growing industrial and commercial towns have been adequate supply of potable water. The potable water supply inadequacies being experienced in the rural communities were brought about by many factors. Despite the huge amount of money being sum up into these rural water supply. Yet water is still very inadequate.





The purpose of this research project on the management problems of rural water supply in Anambra state water corporation is to investigate the following:

1.          To what extent are the aims and objectives of rural water supply programme being achieved in Nigeria with particular reference to rural communities in Anambra state.

2.          To find out the extent adequacy and suitability of materials and human resources for change in rural water supply programme in the state.

3.          To ascertain the extent to which the change in government and leadership affect the steady water supply.

4.          To find out the extent to which the management problems affect the functionality of the rural water supply services in Nigeria with respect to Anambra state.



To guide this study five research questions are formulated, they include the following

1.          What are the characteristics of rural water supply and socio-economic characteristics of rural household?

2.          To what extent are the aims and objectives of rural water supply programme being achieved?

3.          How adequate and suitable are the materials and human resources for change in rural water supply programme in the state.

4.          To what extent does the management problems affect the functionality of rural water supply service.

5.          To what extent does the changes of government and leadership affect the management of water corporation.


The issue of the benefit in effective and increased water supply in the rural areas cannot be over emphasized as it has been stated earlier. Inadequate water supply coupled by sanitation has been the bare of rural communities in Anambra state.

The growing industrial and commercial knows have been without adequate supply of potable water since the collapse of many boreholes and non-communities in the state.

It is however hoped that the research will highlight to the management of the water corporation problems in rural areas of the state of the state and provide information which if utilized will help in finding solution to the above problem

The information gathered form this study is also expected to serve as a basic for social  policy decision which will enable the government to design specific policies that will be beneficial to the communities and will improve and enhance the efficiency of water corporation.

It is also hoped that participation in this research project will help to broaden the knowledge of the researcher in the management.



As a result of time and inadequate water supply coupled by sanitation had been the bare of the rural communities in Anambra state.

Consequently, the research is limited to four villages state water corporation the study covered both the household and the staff of the corporation in to ensure that they are represented.





Management could be defined as a social process entailing responsibilities an operation of an enterprise in fulfill responsibilities involves.

Judgment and decision in determining plans and progress against plans and guidance integration. Motivation and supervision.

Corporation is a business organization made up of a number of owners who have right to do business as a single legal unit.

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A Study On Management Problems Of Rural Water Supply In Anambra  State Water Corporation