The Problems Of Staff Training And Development In Business Organization (a Case Study Of Nigerian Breweries Plc Enugu

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Training and development is a necessary factor in the attainment of organizational objectives of any organization. In every organization exists some form training and development programme. The manpower has to be trained and developed in terms of quality and quantity so that they can effectivey and efficiently control the commanding height of our profit. The business organization has risen to this by providing the national Council for management education and training and the centre for management development schemes. It is important because it directs training and development towards organization need and aspiration. In Nigeria Breweries Plc there is already a formalized system of staff training and development in the organization to help it attain it objectives. This project paper is set for highlight the problems of staff training and development in the company and also to offer solutions to these problems.


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1.1      Background of the study -       -       -       -       1

1.2      Statement of the problem        -       -       -       -       3

1.3      Objective of the study      -       -       -       -       -       5

1.4      Research questions -       -       -       -       -       -       6

1.5      Significance of the study -       -       -       -       -       7

1.6      Scope of the study   -       -       -       -       -       -       8

1.7      Limitation of the study     -       -       -       -       -       8

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2.0      Literature Review     -       -       -       -       -       -       12

2.1   Source     -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       12

2.2   Objective of training and development     -       -       16

2.3   Reasons for training and development in an organization       -       -       -        -       -       -       -       17

2.4   Determination of training needs      -       -       -       19

2.5   Allocation of resources for training and development purpose-       -       -        -       -       -       -       -       23

2.6   Training principles and techniques         -       -       25

2.7   Problems of training and development programme 29

2.8   Ways of improving the problems of training and development programmes         -       -       -       -      30



3.0      Research Design and Methodology -       -       -       32

3.1      Sources of Data       -       -       -       -       -       -       32

3.2      Area of study    --     -       -       -       -       -       -       34

3.3      Sample size determination       -       -       -       -       34

3.4      Instrument for data collection -       -       -       36

3.5      Validity of the Instrument        -       -       -       -       36

3.6      Reliability of the Instrument    -       -       -       -       36   


4.0      Data Presentation and Analysis       -       -       -       37

4.1      Testing of hypothesis       -       -       -       -       -       40


5.0      Discussion and Recommendation   -       -       -       56

5.1      Discus of Result finding   -       -       -       -       -       56

5.2      Conclusion      -       -       -       -       -       -       -       62

5.3      Recommendation     -       -       -       -       -       -       63

References       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       65




Business organization in Nigeria has been faced with the challenges of providing adequate effective manpower needs, development and management of the economic resources.

The liability of the country to make provision for the require manpower has resulted in the inefficient and underutilization of her abundant economic resources.

Haires speaking on the general poor development of Nigerian workers said that he is under used, under employment, frustrated and prevented from bringing his talents to bear on the well being of his employer, and the nation at large. The principal culput is not the worker but the leaders.

The above analysis, shows that the country is blessed with abundant human resources with which it can develop, but they lack effective utilization of these potentials for the transformation of their economic resources, essentially because of the inadequate planning and development of human resources. Training and development of manpower gives face lift towards venture.

Training and development is an important aspect in an organization from which both the employer and employee stand to gain a lot. As soon as employees are recruited and inducted, they must be trained and develop to fit perfectly into their jobs for which they have been employed and this can best be through the introduction of training and development programmes, the areas to direct our minds to when establishing such programmes are how can training  and development programmes be directed to meet the challenging needs  of the company economy and how can the increase productivity and the rate of industrialization of our environment.



All organization be it political, religion or business have pure determined goals and objectives which they intend to achieve and these are ends towards which organizational activities are geared organization strict to achieve their respective goals and purpose since this is used as a yardstick or standard for assessing their success or failure.

The major determinant of any organization in the presence of capable men and women with the right skill and knowledge to combine organizational goals and objectives.

The manager and employee must be well equipped in order to carryout these assignments and skill can only be imported through the training and development of the employees.

In Nigeria, there is shortage of skilled labour and the major challenge of the Nigeria management is to help develop the skills of the nations existing staff and at the same time device ways and means of utilizing the surplus staff.

Both the public and private sectors are besieged with the problem of inefficiency low capacity and other symptoms of poor jobs performance. These problems can be avoided and solved by early identification of adequate trained and development techniques and programmes fro different level of managers supervisions and other employees.

The researcher work is directed towards the problem of staff training and development programmes of Business Organization (Nigeria Breweries Plc), with a view of identifying the methods, problem areas and suggestions on ways of achieving a greater success in her staff training and development efforts.


Most modern organization have some training and development for its employees. Lack of it represents a serious set back in productivity but training and development is not without its own problems so the objectives of this usually is to.

a)           Determine the training and development set up of Nigeria Breweries Plc.

b)          Determine the problems encountered in their training and development programmes

c)           Offer effective and efficient solution to these problems.

d)          Identify staff training and development needs in Nigerian Breweries Plc.

e)           Design staff training and development programmes that will be suitable to the staff needs of the organization.

f)            Determine cost benefit of the training and development programmes.

g)           Identify the company’s selection process for training workers.



In carrying out this project, the following questions were asked, they include.

a)           What are the set up of training and development in Nigeria Breweries?

b)          What are the problems encountered by Nigerian breweries when carrying out training and development programmes?

c)           How does staff training and development needs are identified in Nigeria Breweries?

d)          Is the design of staff training and  development programmes suitable to the staff needs of the economy?

e)           What is the cost benefit of training and development programmes?

f)            How fair is the company’s selection process for training workers?

g)           Has training programmes created some positive changes in ultimate performance and productivity of the trainees?



The significance of the study lies on the fact that it will be of immense benefit as a reference tool to the organizers and executors of staff training and development programmes in Business Organization.

It will also be of benefit to the researcher who will be conversant with what training and development entails and the problems involves, there by prepare him/her for the outside world. It will be of immense  benefit to management of Organization.



This scope is restricted to Nigeria Breweries Plc Enugu. The study is designed to look into staff training and development in Business Organization.



The limitation of the study include time constraints and inadequate findings.

a)           TIME: Time has always been a scarce resources for students researcher and of the factors necessary for research is time. The time available for this research was too short. The researcher had not only spent must time in search for company that will permit him/her to understudy their establishment. He was also confronted with other academic obligation like regular class attendance, writing of assignment, quizzes, term paper and preparation for example.

b)            Inadequate funding: Another limiting factor to this study was finance. This research requires much fund. The research had to meet other in evitable financial obligations required to him in course of his academic world. Inadequate fund therefore affected the scope adeptness and smooth execution of this research work.  



Development:It is an Organization related learning experience preparing the individual for new future jobs and performance base on possible future directions for the organizations.

Training: Is a job related learning experience provided in order to improve performance on the current job.

Management: Is purpose use of resources of man, minutes, materials, machines, method and money. The key resources is man management thus is the effort of other people.














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The Problems Of Staff Training And Development In Business Organization