An Assessment Of The Effect Of Bad Management In Today Society (a Case Study Of Adaobi Plastic Industry, Aba)

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The Project has been highlighted into three chapters:



The Chapter One


This chapter is all about the introduction i.e. the general background of the subject matter, where detail definitions of the Managerial profession, its duties and qualities of a good manager and mallratement been received from their various employees are been treated.  Problems associated with the subject matters, where success or failure of any organisation depends on how weak or effective the management was.


This chapter also take critical look on impact of bad management as concerned the Adaobi Plastic Company.  Lastly the study take look on impact of mismanagement and recommendation were made and some certain constrains face by the researcher such as the attitude of the correspondents and financial difficulties were discovered.


The chapter two, here the researcher deals with the history of the subject area, the year of incorporation, the objective of the company which is to produce and market goods of high qualities.  The organization operational divisions.  The year which the company started production.  The first produce and subsequent introduction of other products which leads to expansion of the company into various branches.


The Chapter also takes look different views and findings of some school of thought and know problems of the society, such as economic, social and political.  Finally, it summarize the effect of bad management in the today’s society and gives solution to them.


The Chapter three, here the presentation of the data collected during the oral interview and its analysis were properly done.  Base on this data collected, it was understood that the increase in the role will help to up grade the level of effective.  Management.  And the study of effect of bad management as lead to the standard of management in the today’s society.  Recommendation were also given, if properly followed, the effect of bad management will be controlled. 




Finally, conclusion has been reach that base on the information, the standard of management has increases from the level of raw material to the level of production of goods in the market.














































1.1     General Background to the Subject Matter

1.2     Problems associated with the subject Matter

1.3     Problems that the study will be concerned With

1.4     The Important of Studying the Area

1.5     Definition of Important of Term

1.6     References






2.1     The Origin of the Subject Area

2.2     School of Thought With the Subject Area

2.3     School of Thought Relevant to Problem of the Study

2.4     Different Method of Studying the Problem

2.5     Summary

2.6     References






3.1     Data Presentation (Highlights of the Study)

3.2     Analysis of the Data

3.3     Recommendation

3.4     Conclusion

3.5     References




























1.0                                           INTRODUCTION



1.1                        BACKGROND OF THE STUDY



It is worthy to commence this piece of work knowing what management or managerial profession stand for.  This is the profession of trained personnel who have acquired managerial skill of administration plus enough knowledge and experience in office work to be cope with simple office tools and machinery.


However, management has been viewed or given different interpretations by different people or bodies.  For instance, it can simply refers to as the process that managers follows to accomplish organizational goals.  Again, it can be used or referred to as a body of knowledge.


Furthermore, according to Den yen J. C. in his book titled – Principles of Management, say that “Process of carrying out the duties required for the survival and attending of goals and objectives of organization.  according to HAROLD KOOTRIZ        and others sees management as the creation or establishment of an environment for effective growth endeavors.  It is also commonly used to designate a career devoted to the task of guideline and directing organization.

In addition, management is defined as the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources. From the above views or definitions, one can say that the management of any giving organization is an indispensable  tool for the achievement of its goals and objectives.


Besides, people called managers are seen from Harold Kootnz’s definition of management stated above are known for their experiences, maturity, neatness, physical appearance, consciousness, ability to work under pressure and ability to communicate efficiently.


More over, they are genuine people, this precisely make them to tolerate other religious beliefs,  short comings and ideas. In spite of the magnitude of service rendered by managers to their different employers, they are still subjected to one form of maltreatment  or another. Some of these are:


i.        they are not well remunerated



ii.       their female one’s (manageress) are some times harassed by their male employer.




In fact, proper management by the managers of a firm leads to the accomplishment of an organizational goal.







The success or failure of every business organization, depends on the management. Adversely, the position of management affects the organization and society at large. 


Besides, when we talk of the weakness of the management, we refer to the managers, how they carry out their functions and how they give directives or manages the company towards goal accomplishment. It is on this that we look into the Adaobi  plastics to examine the followings:

i.        To find how management is practiced in Adaobi company.


ii.       To see how the effect of such practiced on the Adaobi plastic company.


iii.      To see the effect of such practice on the external environment of Adaobi.


iv.      To recommend appropriate solutions if the need arises.








1.3                        PROBLEMS THAT THE STUDY WILL




The principle aim of this study is to examine closely the effects or the impacts  of bad management in our society today. Hence, the study will take a look on the  followings as it affects Adaobi plastics Nigeria limited, Aba.


(a)     To inspect closely if the bankrupt of Adaobi plastics in Aba is determined by poor management and whether it has any effects to the society.


(b)     To ascertain whether the scarcity of Adaobi products is a result of bad management.


(c)      To asses the impact of poor payment of Adaobi plastic workers is caused by poor administration of the company.


(d)     To see also whether the infer writing of Adaobi products have any effects to the society.


(e)  To know exactly if mismanagement can lead to liquidation of Adaobi plastic limited, Aba.







It is my hope that this study will go a  long way to be of immense benefit to establishments and the society in general. This research will dig out the effects and bad management imposed on the society today. Thus, aid managers to necessary amendment in managing any firm so as to maximize productivity for the benefit of the society.

In the same vein, the project will help the managers especially in the private sector to know their rights and duties to the establishment they are managing. More over, it will serve as indicator of managers whether to discharge their duties and carryout their functions very well or not. Lastly the study takes a look on the impacts of mismanagement, its effects and gives recommendations.



1.5                        DEFINTION OF IMPORTANT TERMS



This piece of work deals extensively on the effects of bad management imposed in the today’s society, and certain constraints which faced the researchers. I, decided to limit the research to the managers of a known firm in Aba metropolis especially the Adaobi plastic limited, Aba.


This study is faced with a number of factors. It would have had a bulk of materials and notes but time was not on my side. Therefore, we had no choice than to limit my study at Adaobi plastics limited, Aba metropolis. Also my research was faced with financial difficulties which weighted me down in the completion of this study.

 Lastly, the attitude of my respondents was immensely bad, in fact it is nothing to write home about.



1.6                                                     REFERENCE




Aguris  C. (1964):                   Integrating the Industrial and Organization, New York,

Practice Hall Inc.



Benchard  R. (1969):     Organization Development Strategies and Models,

America, the Dryden Press.



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An Assessment Of The Effect Of Bad Management In Today Society