The Impact Of Industrial Unrest On Management Efficiency (a Case Study Of Enugu State Water Corporation) Being A Research Project Submitted

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The study of impact of industrial unrest on management efficiency many have made an indebt study of the employees grievance as it affect the smooth running of an organization. After discussing on this topic motivation employees is the most suitable solution to forestall the industrial unrest.

Any organization with constant industrial unrest will never progress, not to talk of surviving among the competitors. Consider the extremes of both employer and employee for example is looking for his economy gain whole the employer is eager to achieve the organizational objectives. Any misunderstanding between the employer and the employee should always be given a very quick consideration. Employer should also treat employees as administration is a positive step towards achieving the managerial efficiency.

                      CHAPTER ONE

1.0            INTRODUCTION.


 The legal definition of unrest is dispute between employers and workman or between employers and employees or non employment with the conditions of labour of any person. Industrial unrest related to inter – organization relations about job value regulation that produces disagreement and conflicts, hence an industrial unrest can rise in any business organization providing employment of certain persons. At least one of the disputants must be a body of man.

 Industrial unrest is a brain – child of workers grievances and could be grouped into three farms, namely dissatisfaction, compliant and grievance.

 A dissatisfaction can be defined as any thing that disturbs the employee whether or not expresses his unrest in words or action. A complaint is a spoken or written dissatisfaction brought to the attention of the supervisor and in unionized farms the shop steward. In the language of labour relation and from the management angle, grievance is simply a complain which has been formally presented in writing, to a management representative or to a chronic official. But to most people the word grievance suggest a complaint that has been improved dismissed without due consideration by William 1980 personnel administration.

The industrial unrest of 1941 was as a result of economic difficulties caused by the first world war. The hand shop among the working class in urban centers led the railway working to demand for cost of living allowance of which the request was turned down and an industrial unrest follows. It was the Bridges committee’s report that granted the allowance. Another industrial unrest was given witnessed in 1945. At the end of the seemed world was workers expected a change in their economic fortunes, but this was not realized, prices of commodities were high and the economic conditions of the time was so hash that the union demand for cost of living increase over the award made in 1942. The government refuse the demand and a general industrial unrest ensured.

The strike lasted for 45 and was successfully in paralyzing all economic activities. It was Davis Commissions report that granted the award of a substantial increase in the cost of living.

 Another industrial unrest in Enugu in 1994 fed top the shooting of load miners. The load miners were on industrial unrest and aimed policemen were called in for settlement and 21 miners were killed in the unrest. In water corporation Engineers said what effort are being made by the corporation to recover debt award owned by the public and private sector to improve its revenue collection machinery considering that water corporation is not a charity organization and the hazardous process of waste disconnections. This is of the questions asked by the chief Executive on the area to motivate the workers by generating enough fund to pay the workers promptly. Many souls have died in our various hospitals because of Doctors and Nurses were on industrial unrest on demand for one condition of services or another.

From the economic point of view labour is one of the factors of production and such indispensable, if any meaningful production or service are to be made, employees should therefore be given their due remuneration by the management and employers of labour alike.

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The Impact Of Industrial Unrest On Management Efficiency