The Role Of Public Relations In Gender Conflict Resolution In Nigerian Organisation

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The study was on the role of Public Relations in Gender Conflict Resolution on Nigerian Organization literature was reviewed on gender conflicts in organization, discriminatory laws, customs and practices against women in politics and governance and women in and the media.


The study has the following objectives viz.:


1.       To find out the influence of gender equality campaign on the life of Nigerian woman in organisation.


2.       To find out the opinion of various classes of women on the issue of gender conflicts.


3.       To ascertain whether or not women are being discriminated against implicitly or explicitly in Nigerian organization.


4.       To determine the influence of gender conflict in the organisation.


5.       To ascertain the criteria of occupying management position in organization.  While two terms were defined as used in the study.


                   a)       Gender conflicts             and

                   b)      Nigerian organization.


The study covered Governmental media House (NTA) located in Enugu State Capital, Enugu


With the use of questionnaires given to the staff of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Enugu, the researchers were able to identify the major cause of gender conflicts in Nigerian organisation.







Title page





Table of contents



1.1     Background of the Study

1.2     Statement of Problem

1.3     Objective of the Study

1.4     Significance of the Problem

1.5     Research Questions

1.6     Scope and Limitations of the Study

1.7     Definition of Terms


2.1     Research Design

2.2     Sources of Data

2.3     Population of the Study

2.4     Sample Size Determination

2.5     Method of Data Analysis

2.6     Validity and Reliability of Instrument used for Data Collection

2.7     Description of Questionnaire



3.1     Language/Religious and Gender discriminations

3.2     Public Relation Role for Gender Conflict in Organisation

3.3     Organisation Gender Conflict and New Public Opinion

3.4     Women in Public Life and Conflict in Organisation

3.5     Right and Duties Marriage

3.6            Unequal Right, Sex Preference

3.7     Sexual Harassment

3.8     Summary of Findings

3.9     Conclusion

3.10   Recommendations







1.1                        BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

Gender conflict in Nigerian organisation has been on the increase, since women intensified the campaign for the gender equality in Nigeria.  The crusade to actualize the universal declaration on Human Rights, African Chatter on Human and peoples rights and the convention on elimination of all form of discrimination against women participation in public life and in decision making processes has increased in recent times.

In the African context, women are not to be heard.  However, the present economic realties all over the world have made it imperative for women to seek paid employment or be involved in various businesses to supplement the dwindling disposable income of their traditional role of tending to their families (i.e., rearing children is fast becoming out-modes.  Despite the increasing role of women in today’s family as cobreadivinners a lot of discrimination still exist against women, which hinders the optimal participation of women in public life and decision making process.  Women are discriminated against when it comes to employment both in public and private sectors of the economy.

Discrimination and the feeling of marginalization remains the greatest source of gender conflict in Nigerian organisation.

The get pregnant and get sacked policy of banks and several companies in Nigerian organizations is illustrative enough.

This policy hinders the employment of women who are having babies into the banking sub-sectors.  It also stipulates that a female employee must have worked for three years before being entitled to maternity leave.

Some organisation makes it compulsory for female employees space their childbirth period between three to four years.  Many women have been summarily dismissed from work on the grounds of pregnancy.

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The Role Of Public Relations In Gender Conflict Resolution In Nigerian Organisation