The Employment Creation Potentials Of Small Scale Business In Anthe Growth Of Business Education In Some Selected Higher Institution In Enugu Metropolis.ocha Local Government Area, Anambra State

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The purpose of the study was to determine the growth of Business Education in Higher Institution in Enugu Metropolis.

The study was based on the following:

1.       The scope of offering of Business Education courses in the various Higher Institutions in Enugu.

2.       The facilities and equipment available for the implementation of the programme.

3.       The professionality of lecturers that teach those courses.

4.       To make recommendations based on the findings.  In conducting this study, the researcher sampled some selected Higher institution in Enugu Metropolis.  Some of the major findings were that Accounting and Business Management were the most popularly offered courses in some Higher institutions in Enugu Metropolis and they pulled the largest number of students.  Only few schools in Enugu Metropolis were equipped with teaching facilities and equipment and majority of the available facilities were inadequate.


This project could not have been successful without the assistance, guidance and encouragement of some personalities whom our Lord directed to help me through my studies.

I hereby acknowledge almighty God’s great concern in my life, for without him this work would have not be possible, talk more of exist.

I appreciate the effort of my supervisor Mr. Nebeife D. O. for his co-operation, encouragement and continued interest in my project.

I also acknowledge the effort of the entire teaching staff of Business Administration and Management Department, in Institute of Management and Technology who in a way or the other helped me throughout the years of my academic pursuit in the department.

My gratitude and acknowledgement would not be complete without mentioning my parents Mr. and Mrs. Okafor Igwe, my lovely sister and husband Mr. and Mrs Simeon Akputa for their  great support in my studies.




Finally, I must acknowledge the administration of my Rector, Dr. EZENWEZE ONYISI for following up school calendar months.  We didn’t experience any hitch of strike action all through my stay as a student of I.M.T., Enugu

May the Almighty God bless you all.





Title page            

Approval page    






1.0            Introduction

1.1     General Background               

1.2     Problems associated with the subject matter       

1.3     Problems that research will be concerned with

1.4     The Importance of studying the area         

1.5     Definition of important terms          

1.6     Reference   



2.0            Literature Review         

2.1     The origin of the subject area 

2.2     School of thought with the subject   

2.3     The school of thought relevance to the problem of the search

2.4     Different method of studying the problem.

2.5     Summary   

2.6     Reference   



3.0            Conclusion

3.1     Data presentation

3.2     Analysis of Data           

3.3     Recommendation          

3.4     Conclusion

3.5     Reference   




In this chapter, it is going to cover the following:  Background of the study, statement of problem, purpose of the study, significant of the study, objective of the study, scope and reference.

1.1            GENERAL BACKGROUND:

The growth of any Business education programme, like the other education programme, is largely determined by the objectives of the programme, the provision of infrastructural materials and well defined curriculum contents in addition to the provision of well trained, adequately qualified and well motivated classroom lecturers.

More importantly business lecturers working in collaboration with other interest groups are often considered important because they are in much better position to advance on he curriculum content of business education as well as on the instructional objectives of the programme as derived from government overall philosophy and objectives of education.  In like manner such classroom lecturers are much more better.

There is therefore an urgent need for the expansion of the programme of business education in our higher institutions especially in Enugu Local Government Area.

The expansion does not however, mean much unless the programme maintenance, a corresponding high growth which of course is measured by the attitude of the government, schools, parents, public and lecturers towards it, as well as effectiveness of teaching the courses in order to effect learning hence the study of the growth of business education in some selected higher institutions in Enugu in Enugu Local Government Area.  The findings may serve as a guide to the administration in making necessary adjustments in planning the programme of business education.  This has been lightening by the fact that students of business education do not enjoy as many scholarships as students in other courses.

School enrolment in business schools does not enhance the production of enough graduates to meet the main power needs of the state.

This does not augur well for business education.  The various problems spot lighted above prompted the need for this research.



In Nigeria, the problems of effective administration has been a complex one.  Much has been written about mismanagement of resources.  In curriculum planning for business education programme, for instance, the business community which will be served by these schools, are not invited to the students financially, while funds available to business schools are not the most economical way.  The assumption that business courses can be taught without adequate professional training is a fallacy.

In this regard, Cooling-Geinz observed that the motion that anybody can teach training lecturers in the way that will make them professionally ready for those students”.  Lack of job prestige and poor occupational reward discourages many lecturers.  It also scares potential business lecturers away from profession.  Business education while other discipline has low status and prestige within the society.  This has constituted a threat to the advance of business education.  Many of the business lecturers now learn the teaching profession for the industries.  Even business education students feel shy to be associated with the discipline.



The main purpose of this study is to determine the growth of business education in higher institutions in Enugu Metropolis and which could be based on the following:

1.       The scope of offering business education courses in the various higher institutions in Enugu.

2.       Students enrolment in each of the selected courses in some selected higher institutions.

3.       The extent of professionalism on the part of lecturers that teach these courses.

4.       Government and public courses for business education programme in higher institution as selected.  After which the researcher will make recommendations for improvement in the study of business education in Enugu Metropolis.

5.       Facilities and equipment available for the implementation of the programme.




The significance of this work is to determine the efficiency of business education institution, the growth and development in the part growing industrialization of Nigeria as applicable to Enugu in particular.

To establish the defect in the set up of business education in our higher institutions, especially those around Enugu, thereby suggesting ways and scope of improvement and make corrections where need be.

This study will also help in finding ways of encouraging the present and future students of business education so that they could have meaningful personal relationship between the originators,  co-ordinators and supervisors of business education in Enugu metropolis.

This will also highlight the need for public education and awareness as to the needs of our state including the study of business in all government policies in planning of education and industry in Enugu.

The result of the study will stimulate meaningful discussion regarding future growth and development of business education and bring improvement in teaching condition of the students.



Information for this study were collected through the following sources:

1i.      Review of books, journals

ii.       Magazines and unpublished lectures, seminars and thesis.

2.       Interview of lecturers in some higher institutions in Enugu metropolis.

3.       Personal discussions with some business education students.

4.       Background knowledge of the researcher higher institution and school attitude to business education provided some useful information.

5.       Questionnaires from the major method used in gathering information to the respondents.  Some of the questionnaires were collected on the spots, others were collected at the later date.


1.       Growth of business education: 

The development of business education on some higher institution in Enugu Local Government Area.

2.       Business Education: 

                    Business education refers to a programme of instruction which educates individuals on the basic understanding needed by every consumers on economic system, but primarily prepares people for paid employment well advancement in business carriers.

3.       Business Education Courses:

This refers to those business courses taught ordinarily in higher school level – such as Business Mathematics, Typewriting, Business Method, Accounting, Book-Keeping.

4.       Business Courses:

Business education used interchangeability with business courses.

5.       Labour Market:

The enrolment in which wages are determined.  ND and HND programme result certificate holders, master degree certificate holders, B.Sc certificate holders, PHD certificate holders, etc.

1.6            REFERENCES


NOLAN, A. C. – (1981) Hyden, C. K. and Malsbury Principles and

Problem of Business Education, Calabar:  Century Press Limited.



U. UKEJE, B. O. (1978) Education for Social Reconstruction, Hong

Kong Macmillan Education Book Limited.




L. GAERRIDE – (1975) English for Business Studies, London:

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The Employment Creation Potentials Of Small Scale Business In Anthe Growth Of Business Education In Some Selected Higher Institution In Enugu Metropolis.ocha Local Government Area, Anambra State