The Need For Improved Customer Services In The Banking Industry

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The business organization operates in an environment  and through its interactions with the various elements of this environment, it justifies its existence. The customers is the essences of business. The business organizaiton is expected to continually to satisfy it customer hence this work gets out to investigate the need for improved customer services in the banking industry with particular reference to First Bank of Nigeria PLC. The method applied in this study is a combination of content analysis and survey research the data were sources through both instrument used availed the research the opportunity to have a first hand information.

The method applied in this study is a combination of   content analysis and survey research the data were sources through both primary and secondary sources  and the instrument used availed the research the opportunity to have a first hand information. The unit of analysis First Bank of Nigeria  PLC Garden Avenue branch and social artifacts   , and the data collected from the units are presented in tables and analyzed using chi-square (x2) method. Among he major finding of this research work including that the dissatisfaction experience by customers is due to the inefficiency of the bank staff there is a relationship between improved service delivery and bank efficiency and bank profitability. But owing to the limitation encountered further studies should be carried out to service between two banks  operating with the country.     






Title page                                                                                i

Approval page                                                                 ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                           iv

Abstract                                                                          v

Table content                                                                  vi


Introduction                                                         1

1.1      Back ground of the study                                       1

1.2      Statement of the problem                                       5

1.3      Purpose of the study                                               5

1.4      Research hypothesis                                               6

1.5      Significance of the study                                        7

1.6      Scope of the study                                                  9

1.7      Limitation of the study                                           10

1.8      Definition of terms                                                  11

Reference                                                                        14


Review of related literature                                   15

2.1      The concept of marketing of banking  service        15

2.2      Dynamism and marketing of commercial

bank service                                                            17

2.3      Customer service strategies and policies               19

2.4      Factors influencing banks service                          21

2.5      Management                                                           22

2.6      Performance appraisal                                            29

2.7      Motivation                                                               35

2.8   problem of marketing of bank service                    44

Reference                                                                        49


Research design and methodology                         50

3.1      Research design                                                      50

3.2      Area of the study                                                    50

3.3      Population and ample size                                     51

3.4      Sample and sampling procedure                            51

3.5      Instrument for data collection                               53

3.6      Validation of the instrument                                  54

3.7      Reliability of the instrument                                  55

3.8      Method of data collection                                       55

3.9      Method of data analysis                                         56

References                                                              57


Data presentation and analysis                             58

4.1      Presentation and analysis of data                          58

4.2   testing of hypothesis                                               69


Discussion recommendation and conclusion          75

5.1      Discussion of result and finding                             75

5.2      Conclusion                                                              76

5.3      Implication of the research findings                       76

5.4      Recommendation                                                    77

5.5   Suggestion for further research                             80

Bibliography                                                           81

Appendix 1                                                              83

Appendix 2                                                              84




Financial assets we all know the necessary prerequisites for nay meaningful economic development of any nation. This is so because the entire would economy  today revolves round business while business revolves round finance. Therefore the significant is the overall development of our economy. it is on this premise on appreciates the important roles played by financial institution most especially   the commercial banks whose major function is to organize mobilize and  making funds available for investment purpose by way of granting credit facilities to individual firms and government.


This Bank marketing has been defined by a media (1983) as “the creation and delivery of service that will satisfy the need of customers at a profit to the banks” from this definition, it is seen that the customers who is the ultimate target of bank marketing must be satisfied.  Banks must learn what satisfaction their customers seeks. The world “ creation and delivery” recognizes that marketing is an active creation process involving all the banks staff

Today the emergence of commercial banks as well as the role they play has been instrument to the rapid growth and progressive development of the economy. Banking as a service industry must adopt to the changing environment and requirement of the economy which it services and this it can do through effective marketing of its services. The Nigeria Banking environment is a typical on which lags behind in the application of modern marking principles to its service offerings.

The banking image in the country is considered bad because of the deterioration in  the banking service over the years and the very poor trend in banker customers relationship which is largely due to poor marketing. The major problem is that existing services are not being provided efficiently. There is a commonly held believe that service rendered to customer is a bestowal of favour and privileges.

G. Garli and M. Gilbert (1976) still maintains that the public impression of banker and the bank is very poor. A visit to any branch office will reveal long queues and struggle for the customers to get served. It can take an hour or more to  each the counter and sometimes get the impression that the counter staff is proud of the  long lines of people queue.

Gadzama M.W (1989) in his chairman’s statement of allied bank annual report stated that customers are treated with lack of  seriousness by the bank staffs. They believes it is right to deliberately delay customers as a result of their non-challant attitude to work. It is always a daily occurrence to hear abuses flowing from customer to bank staff over the protected delay in competing bank transactions.

Today with Nigerians attitude towards the idea of putting their money in the banks as opposed to keeping them at home banking institution face unusual marketing challenges. The level of competition  between banks is increasing as the level of financial competition sophistication of company’s of other banking needs the demand for banking service experienced an explosion that posed a challenge to the resources of the banking community.    


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The Need For Improved Customer Services In The Banking Industry