An Evaluation Of Leadership Styles And Their Effects On Employee Attitude (a Case Study Of Nde Enugu)

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1.1            BACKGROUND OF STUDY

According of oxford Advance learners Dictionary of current English by A.S Harn by fifth edition define leadership as a being a leader contest for the leadership of the labour part leadership problem.

Leadership is an area of managerial responsibility that is need of develop plans set objectives that help the organization cope with the future and make the demands guidance and director in doing their work. Leadership is paramount and important to the survival and effectiveness of organization, which consequently spends substantial to find and train leaders.

Leadership to the ability of and individual to influence others to work beyond ordinary level to achieve a goal or objectives. Leadership is generally defined as influence the art process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly towards the achievement of group goals.

This concept can be enlarged to imply not any the willingness to work, but also the willingness to interest or zeal and confidence. Confidence reflects or work experience and Technical ability such as paragraphy. To lead is to guides, conduct, direct and proceed leaders act to help a group to achieve objective with maximum application of its capabilities. They do not stand behind a group to push and to prods they do not stand behind a group to as to facilitate progress and inspire the group to accomplish organizational goals. Leadership has an off on the performance of any organization. It affects both organization the employees at all level tend of evaluate their jobs and their organization depending on the kind of leadership behaviour their basses exhibit for a leader to lead effectively and efficiently.

In a very basic sense, leadership to the followership and one must discover why the people follows. Basically people must tend to follow those who they see as a means of satisfying wants and their needs the task of leader to encourage people to contribute effectively and willing to words the  accomplishment of enteprise goals and to satisfy their own needs in the process. The leader must always be aware of the human problems as a sensitively to words and the  aspirations of those whom he supervise and a capacity for those analysis of emotional forces motivate their conducts.

Infact the leader is an architect of the performance and hence tries to increase the more of his employees always the  search for a defiant solution to the problem of leadership effectiveness on the organization and the best leadership styles employed to increase employee moral which prove to be endless pursuit of organizational theories. Research findings however to suggest that leadership effectiveness is not dependent on the source of power alone but with situational factors climate or any particular style

From the foregoing, the question is that how effective is the leadership style is bringing about a good reaction of employees towards organization work and their environment. It is the aim of this research paper to the question.





These problems manifest themselves in such areas as:

1.                 Theories of leadership would be highlighted in the course of this academic working .

2.                 An attempt would be made to expose the nature, styles, types and conditions of effective leadership in an organization.

3.                 This work would also find out why leaders are obeyed in various organizations.

4.                 It was a well known fact that  every format and non terminal organizations has leaders who directs the affairs of such organization toward the attainment of prior stated goals of such organization.



This study is manifest themselves in such as:

1.                 The study of this is to fine out to what extent of which leaders consequently spends substantial to train leaders.

2.                 To assertion to what extent to which leaders are effective in a organization.

3.                 To which extent the problem of consistency that leadership would be highlighted in the course of academic work.

4.                 It is well known that leader have the centralization of authority to directs the affairs of the organization.


1.4            SCOPE OF STUDY

The research to meant to cover all the organization in Enugu state but because it is not easy for research to visiting all the ministries in Enugu state do to certain constraints such as lack of time and many that is why the study has been limited to some selected ministry in Enugu state such as ministry of health, ministry of information etc. it is to make form better representation unequal number of employees and employers where sampled.

Top management cardre will be 1807 and Employees will be 150 from the facilities were to be sampled. Although there are many things investigate on the research as limiting their study on the following. The research will look into the concept of leadership nature of leadership, leadership as the process of management. Also the concept of power a it relations to leadership, leadership styles and finally approaches to the leadership theories and style.


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An Evaluation Of Leadership Styles And Their Effects On Employee Attitude