The Effect Of Employee Job Satisfaction On Organizational Productivity

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          It is pertinent to emphasis that a worker reaction at work helps to determine the output level of the organization.

          This is why the author spent time to study the extent of organizational productivity vis-à-vis the satisfaction derived by worker satisfied his effort will increase and the organizational output will equally rise a dissatisfied is likely to fall short of standard.

          Therefore the researchers concentrated on these motivational factors, which entered the output of organization.  The study revealed those motivational factors analyzed them and made some recommendation that if correctly implement will improve the condition of worker and enhance increase in organizational productivity in Nigeria.


4.1             Attraction of worker in the company

4.2             Workers are happy working with the company

4.3             The efforts of workers are recognized in the company

4.4             Whether worker are well paid in company

4.5             How banks staff and customer relate to one another.


Title page                                                                                 ii

Approval page                                                                          iii

Dedication                                                                                iv

Acknowledgement                                                                    v

Abstract                                                                                   vi

List of tables                                                                             vii

Table of content                                                                       viii


Introduction                                                                              1

1.1             Background of the study                                                 1

1.2             The statement of the problem                                           2

1.3             The purpose of the study                                                 4

1.4             Significance of the study                                                  5

1.5             The scope of the study                                                    6

1.6             Research question                                                           6

1.7             The definition of important terms                                     7

References                                                                      9


Literature Review                                                                      10

2.1             Review of the related Literature                                        10

2.2             The relationship between the job        

satisfaction and performance                                           11

2.3             The impact of dissatisfaction on

workers in an organization                                               13

2.4             Some motivational theories and

their implication in Nigeria.                                               14

References                                                                      19


Research Design and Methodology                                            20

3.1             Research design                                                              20

3.2             Source of data                                                                20

3.3             Population of the study                                                    22

3.4             Sample of the study                                                         22

3.5             Sampling technique                                                         25

3.6             Research instrument used                                                          26

References                                                                      27


Presentation analysis of data                                                      28

4.1             Data presentation                                                             28

4.2             Analysis and interpretation of findings                    34

4.3             Treatment of data                                                            35     


Summary and findings conclusion recommendation          37

5.1             Findings                                                                          37

5.2             Recommendation                                                            38     

5.3             Conclusion                                                                     39

5.4             Bibliography                                                                   40






Workers plight in the country today has left many well meaning Nigeria with many question some of these questions are how to satisfy our workers in their various establishments.

          More so how secured are jobs in the hands of employee in the public and private sector.  Is there anything like job security these day? Experience and observations have been witnessed mass retrenchment in all the sector of economy.

          Employees have adopted mass retrenchment as only visible solution to solve the problem.

          Obviously the truth is that there is no more job satisfaction among workers and employer.  The reasons being that unsatisfied feelings and measured nature of their job.  In the light of the above circumstance, it will be very difficult.  If not possible for workers facing the delima to dedicate and committed to their job.

          It will be very difficult for such employer to integrates their corporate objective with the individual workers.

          The moment workers objective colieded with organizational objectives this will led to bifurcation of objective.

This term bifurcation of objective is very dangerous in both productivity and industrial harmony.  It is simply means that workers personal interest are vigorously pursed.

          How ever this study is based on the first three human needs theory propounded by Maslow.  These are the physiological needs, safety needs, esteem need, belonging need of Abraham Maslow.

          It is important to hold a constant factor other than the nature of work in company device, from hob varying in level of skills and complexing, since job satisfaction is very greatly in the satisfaction and degree of commitment.



In the course of this work the researcher identify some key factors that will help identify the effect of employees job satisfaction on organizational productivity in union bank Nigeria Plc. Enugu.

1.                 To find out if the existence of job satisfaction the selected organization effects the organizational productivity.

2.                 To discover if there is any force in workers ability towards the organizational productivity.

3.                 To findout if management of various selected industry, have in any contribution to the plight of workers ineffectiveness in job satisfaction.

Therefore the researcher will center on the above identified problems and other factor, which might be discovered in the course of the investigation based on the effect of employees job satisfaction on organizational productivity view to identifying issues and prospect as the affects.

i.                    Provision of welfare

ii.                  In consistency, in pigment of workers salarics

iii.                Workers attitudes to work.

iv.               Wages and salaries administration

v.                 Promotional policy in selected industry

vi.               Features and prospects in encouraging workers.

More so, high lighten suggestion for general existing policies and amendment of existing policies and regulation where the needs arise.  This will enhance mutual understanding and peaceful co-existance between management and workers of the organization.


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The Effect Of Employee Job Satisfaction On Organizational Productivity