The Role Of Workers In Social Welfare Department (a Case Study Of Central Hospital Agbor Delta State)

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          Social welfare  services is a system  of law programmes and benefits which strengthens or assume provision for meeting social need recognized as basic for the welfare of the population and for the functioning of he social order.  

          They are services oriented while social workers in social welfare services carry-out  those services in the hospital that are considered as a integral professional part of the institution.

          The aim of this long essay is a analyze the ways in which social work in social  welfare department contribute to the maintenance of social order.

          Social welfare department is found in most hospital in Nigeria the social welfare services are rendered in the hospital in order to promote the optimum health of patient populations.

          The social welfare departments are usually interested in the social aspects of the patients illness treatment and rehabilitation’s .

          The social welfare department does not work with every patient coming  to the hospital, the department renders services only to those patients whose social situations are responsible either in causing the illness or in retarding the process of recovering.

          The social welfare department may have cause to render services to all patience if there is any reason to suspect that all the disease in which a potential social problem  is suspected.

          The department may have to render  services to all patients coming to the hospital with the confirmed cases of typhoid, , malaria or T.B.

          The social welfare department does  a lot ease the social problem that exist within the hospital or rather   find a permanent situation into resolving it.

          The social welfare department was establish in 1972 in the hospital by the colonial masters. It is in this department that social work practices is carried out extensively.

          The social welfare department at the central hospital, Agbor has a staff strength of two and the department at the central hospital, Agbor has a staff  strength of two and the department is headed by Mr. S. Okoh.

          All clients who need social assistance are treated alike with out prejudice, irrespective   of their social class ethics and religious background. The social situation of clients  in the entire discussion are critically and carefully understood, to ensure that the problem is know because the client might not   open up properly even after the first meeting  with the social worker.

          For the social  welfare department to be able to perform their roles, the social workers in the department must exhibit these qualities. 

A.               The social worker must perceive  clearly and understand the dynamic of human behaviour of the clients, so that the can help them develop self direction, problem solving mechanism which when applied to other area of social functioning, results in the development of antonomous functioning.

B.                He should not discriminate against any client or patient irrespective of his status .

C.               He should not be too flashy

D.               He should not be  greedy.

E.                The social worker should be able to accept the  profession and the client.

F.                His work must be carried out in confidentiality.



Central hospital Agbor was established in 1906  by the colonial masters. The purpose of establishing the hospital is to provide medical  services tot the colonial people and  others living in the  area especially the civil servants  and their families I he earlier period, service rendered were free, because it was used to provide social welfare service by the colonial people.  Though at present payments are made for every bit of services rendered.

          The establishment  has taken different names and undergone reorganization expansion and renovation  to it present 250 bad capacity.  It was once called and known as a clinic during the civil war, where the military personnel received treatment around 1967 and 1970.  At this stage, it had four blocks and an emergency ward. It has increased both in staff strength and in the development of buildings.  After 1992, when Delta state was created it also because a central hospital.  At the moment, it is a referal center and has a school of nursing attached to it. 

          The hospital is headed by a medical Director with secretary to the hospital, chief consultants and head of departments.

1.2            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY

This study is aimed at investigating the social welfare services and his benefit the merits and demerits of  the social welfare in which it contribute to the maintenance  of social order and the integral professional part of the institution.  


It requires  little reasoning  to discover that this research will be immense benefits to SWD, it will enable them to see the prospect of their effort towards the department.  It will also serve as a means of rediscovering the problem faced by the worker for possible modification to ensure the continuity  of the workers.  It will also help the (SWD) to know if their aim and objective are being fulfilled.

          Furthermore, this research will of immense benefit to business administration students.  It will enable the school of health to be able, to understand specific problems which may relate to the application of social welfare department.

          Parents and guardians will also discover from the findings of the project of problem facing the student of school of health as far as social welfare department is concerned.

1.4            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This scope of the study is not only for students of Business Administration and school of health.  It is extended to other department in the school  it is based on finding out accurately the significance and impact that social welfare department has played in the society and thus making the student that are in the field to pass out in this course excel professionally in the course.





1.5            LIMITATION

The period allocated to this project was very short, finance was another hindrance  for the researchers in carryout   the report as she wished.

1.6            DEFINITION OF TERMS

1.                 Social welfare: They are services oriented

2.                 Central hospital : Is a place where the poor and rich go when they are sick for them to be treated.

3.                 Learning: The process of solving problem and process of adjustment through constant  practices

4.                 SWD:  Social welfare department.

5.                 SFH: School of Health


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The Role Of Workers In Social Welfare Department