The Effective Communication, A Tool For The Achievement Of Administration Goals In An Organization: A Case Study Of Oyi Local Government Area.

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Effective communication in any organisation, regardless of its type and size remains critical, to the achievement of organisational objectives.This is more so, when any break communication will result in chase, misunderstanding and conflict. Bank PHB Plc lays great emphasis on the oral and written communication for the successful accomplishment of its goals and objectives. The objectives of this study therefore are; to find out different methods and channels of communication and how these can best be used in achieving organisational goals. It was to also find out the barriers and problems of communication and hour they can be solved. Consequent upon which, some recommendations were to be made on how organisations can improve their system of communication for optimum performance and higher productivity. The study adopted the descriptive method through structured means. The sute collected for this study were qualitative therefore, the research relied on descriptive analysis. A summary of the findings indicate that effective communication, is an important factor for any organisation, that wants to achieve its objectives. While it was also discovered that ineffective communication could led to difficulties such a break down in communication low moral, industrial conflict and low productivity.        




 Communication is the act of transferring information from one person to another; it could also be means of transmitting and conveying of ideas, attitudes, view and opinions from person to person, generation to generation. Communication to avery large audience, and vice versa.

        Social organization cannot survive without communication. You can imagine what the situation will be like if you gather people together and cannot communicate to them; the situation will be quite uncontrollable. Irrespective of how poor or rich and organization is, there exist some spectrum of communication, in all without it no organisation. It is so vital that without it, no organisation can succeed. Infact, communication is indispensable to human existence because one must need to communicate with people around him to share ideas, experience and feelings. An organization where channels of communication, or where it is not working well should need it or     have the already existing ones reinforced the employers   would like the feelings of the employee, customers and the general public communication to help streamline action and activities in the organization. The employees, mere especially would like to know the objectives of the organization in which they are working for. They will affect them are about to be affective. They will also   like to know what is expected of them in the organization, to abide the rules and regulation sand to make know to the organization their feeling, decisive, aspiration and efforts. The will also like to be recognize by other members of the organization especially management. An organization is deemed a goodone when its objectives are derived from those of its members and this can only be achieved by establishing  an effective, hence is well informed of the organizational plans and given at same time the chance to make own contributions to the advantage of the management and its entity.

        Every organization has a definite objective which is strives to achieve and live up to. For instance, legal institutions at their various levels aim at turning out good, disciplined and well behaved citizens for the country social, economic and political development, police and other law enforcement agencies have the objective of curbing and suspension of deviant behaviours and to bring order to sanity.

1.   The society – business organizations are set up for the provision of goods and service the people at the minimum cost and minimum profit. Educational institution, at their various levels aim at turning out literate citizens with high level manpower for the country social, economic and political development, voluntary and religious organizations like the red – cross boys – scouts, girls guides, boys brigade and girls brigades and various churches areset up moral instrument, character moulding and offering humanitarian services to the needy.

According to Ukeku (1983: 20) human resources are the most important tools of every organization, since without them, other resources cannot operate.

These personnel who are the vehicles through which organizational objectives are attained have to be property managed for effective performance, Aenyer (1970:20), it is concerned with the direction and control of an organization it involves planning and direction of work of others.

 These managerial functions cannot be successfully executed in the absence of communication. It is particularly, important in the function of directing and leading. It is only when people can open up and burst each other with a share of their true self. Hence, communication is the life wire of the organization.

2. Communication function - is the means by which organization, activity is unified, social inputs are fed into organization, behaviour is modified changes are effect information is made productive and goals are achieved. A personnel officer or a superior officer engages in communication with an individual with the purpose of changing his behaviour. Hemay have discipline or corrective objective in counselling situation which has

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The Effective Communication, A Tool For  The Achievement Of Administration  Goals In An Organization:  A Case Study Of Oyi Local  Government Area.