The Practice Of Staff Selection And Induction In Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc

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The study, the practice of staff selection and induction in Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Enugu was chosen by the researcher to investigate the following:-

-                     To find out if the Staff of Union Bank are induced.

-                     To find out the people’s responsibility for staff selection and induction in Union Bank.

-                     To determine if the staff of Union Bank understand the kind of induction exercise conducted in their bank.

To determine the effect of staff selection and induction on the employees of union bank who has benefited from the programme.

Also the method of data collection for this project are the use of questionnaires and oral interview which are classified as primary data, while the use of journals, textbooks, magazines classified as secondary data.  Also in determining the sample size for this study, the researcher used Yaro Yamani.  Formula for determination of the sample.  After thoughtful investigation, the following are the findings.

That Union Bank of Nigeria Plc do not adequately provide the practice of staff selection and induction.  That absence of selection and induction of staff will affect staff performance.

That induction and selection are conducted once a year.  That there are inadequacies in selection and induction programme in union bank.  That staffs are satisfied with provision of induction programme that selection and induction are based on qualification that the there are no challenges that pose against selection and induction of staff. 

Based on the findings above, the researcher then conclude that the practice of staff selection and induction should be introduced in our banking industries since majority of the respondents do not say no to the practice of staff selection and induction.


Finally, from the findings and conclusions the researcher then recommends the following: that the practice of staff selection and induction should strictly be introduction in our banking industries that selection and induction in Union Bank Okpara Avenue should strictly be based on qualification.

The management of the bank should maintained the level at which they eliminates discrimination during selection and induction process.

The bank should strictly provide adequate practice of staff selection and induction as against the tested hypothesis since there are no challenges that pose against the programme.



Title page

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Table of content



1.1             Background of the study

1.2             Statement of the study

1.3             Purpose of the study

1.4             Purpose of the study

1.5             Hypothesis formulation

1.6             Significance of the study

1.7             Scope of the study

1.8             Limitations

1.9             Definition of terms




2.1             Literature review

2.2             Background of Union bank of Nigeria Plc

2.3             Meaning of selection procedure

2.4             Concept of staff induction

2.5             The need for staff selection & induction on programme

2.6             The type of staff selection and induction



3.0             Introduction to the study

3.1     Research design

3.2             Area of the study

3.3             Population of the study

3.4             Sample and sampling procedure

3.5             Instrument for data collection

3.6             Validation of the research instrument

3.7             Reliability of research instrument

3.8             Methods of data collection

3.9             Method of data analysis




4.1             Presentation and analysis

4.2             Testing of hypothesis

4.3             Summary of result




5.1             Discussion of results/findings

5.2             Conclusion

5.3             Recommendations

5.4             Implication of research findings

5.5             Suggestion for further research

5.6             Reference


Appendix I





The practice of staff selection and induction in most organization had been seen as most importance functional activity of personnel department in the organization which the purpose is to a collection of familiar items or persons from which some are taken or accepted and also to give employees at all level sufficient instruction and guidelines to enable them to be productivity, effectively and efficiently for promotion.


According to Agbo (2001) in the larger organization, there is likely to be several different jobs and position vacant at a particular time and there are many applicants who are interested in employment with the organization so that the selection program should be designed to provide qualified personnel on a continuing basis for a wide variety of jobs while the matching of talent and job specifications at best is often a compromise, it is essential to building an efficient and productivity work force.  Applicants who have been selected carefully usually learn job tasks easier, become better producers and are usually happier in their jobs than those who are selected on causal basis.  Obviously the induction and selection process is intimately connected with the over all manpower system.

Some organization particularly those with limited promotional opportunities emphasize selection.  They seek fully trained employees capable of staring to work at once, many professional organization example, schools, consulting firms, banks etc fit into this category with short-run job.

Graham (1981) defines “induction” as the process of introducing employee to the activities, customers and tradition of the organization.

Nevertheless, the progress of much organization being it service oriented or otherwise depends on their level of productivity.

The high productivity and efficiency is depends on the quality of employee or staff recruited into such organization.

This is highly affected by the policy of the organization as regards staff selection.  It is apparent that the management of any organization should map out a nice strategy in selecting their staff.  This will enhance both the quality of the staff and their performance.

More so, it does not end in selecting the staff.  The performance of some on depends freely on his conversant with the new environment as well as their work rules.

The essence of induction is to familiarize the staff with the new environment in their place of work (offices).

After staff selection, induction and recruitment, the newly recruited staff and strangers in the organization are look like novice.  This will definitely affect their performance.

Induction is then carried out to expose them to the environments, the organization work rules and a lot of other needed information.  It was on this background that the researchers have chosen to carryout this research on this topic, the practice of staff selection and induction using Union Bank as her case study.

The concept of God father in Nigeria today is absolutely eating into the bone marrow of every system in the society including the practice of selecting and induction staff.

The issue has remained WHO Do You Know? WHO is Your God Father and not quality or merit anymore, it should be realized that the Banking System is expected to be above board in selecting their staff.


Their practice should be different from other service organization because of nature of work.  Quality and competence should be their watchword.  Godfather syndrome should not be welcomed.  It is on this basis that the researcher has decide to place the emphasis in this study on the practice of selection and induction in this recent time, which has prompted many organizations in closing very appropriate places for conducting seminars lectures for the benefit of the staff.


This study will be carried out using Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, formerly known as Baclays Bank International, which come into the country in the year 1971 as one of the commercial banks.

Baclays Bank was formed by a goldsmith family in Britain as an up giant of the goldsmith receipt used as a exchange on the dealing involving trade by barter.

However, the era of indigenization open (second phase) in 1917 made in mandatory that foreign owned company should diversity their ownership based.  Bank which were classified among the service sectors be longs to the owners ratio of participation of 60% Nigeria quote in “Union Bank” came into existence until when the name was changed from Baclays Bank to Union Bank of Nigeria Limited in 1979 and then they came a quoted company in 1990 when it went public.



The business challenges of an organization will be to realize the impacts of staff selection and induction, most especially in Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.

The problem of the study is to understand how staff selection and induction should operational in Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, setting.

It is easy to advocate policies but often difficult to implement them.

How does a business integrate staff and induction in its management with all the functional departmentalization that are found in the organization?  This study will address the issues.


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The Practice Of Staff Selection And Induction In Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc