Construction Of Steel Cupboard

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          A workshop cupboard is a facility designed from mild steel for the storage of various materials, like book material and non-book materials e.g. workshop tools, labouratory wares and reagents, etc; after operations in a chemical labouratory, mechanical workshop, or else where.

          The construction of a workshop cupboard requires the consideration of lots of characteristics of the materials, which are used for the construction, such as physical and mechanical; chemical properties, service requirements, its fabrication process as well as cost of production.

          For the constructional project, every necessary technical knowledge was employed; ranging from selection of engineering materials, to constructional procedures which includes sketching, drawing to scale, marking out, cutting, sand preparing, bending and folding, welding and painting, all geared towards the achievement of the construction of a steel cupboard.

          In the constructional project, mild steel was chosen as the material of construction not because of its corrosion resistance, but for such properties as cost, strength and ease of fabrication.



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Table of Contents



1.0     Introduction



2.0     Literature Review

2.1            Historical Development of Cupboard

2.2            Types of cupboard

2.3            Comparison of wood and steel for construction of cupboard.

2.4            Steel making

2.5            Steel and its classification



3.0     Material Selection

3.1            General Properties of Engineering Materials

3.2            Metal and its properties

3.3            Ferrous metal

3.4            Non-ferrous metal

3.5            Properties of steel

3.6            Wood and its properties

3.7            Glass and its properties

3.8            Material of construction



4.0     Constructional Procedure / Method

4.1            Sketching and drawing

4.2            Marking out

4.3            Cutting

4.4            Bending and folding

4.5            Welding

4.6            Painting / organic coating



5.0     Discussion

5.1            Description of the modern steel cupboard

5.2            The Base

5.3            The Sides

5.4            The Back

5.5            Partition / Rack

5.6            The Rollers

5.7            The Stopper

5.8            The Lock

5.9            The Door

5.10       Precautions on usage



6.0            Conclusion



7.0            Recommendation







1.0              INTRODUCTION

          A cupboard is a set of shelves with a door or doors in front either built into the wall of a room or as a separate piece of furniture, there are so many kinds of cupboard such as office cupboard, labouratory cupboard kitchen cupboard, linen cupboard, etc.

          Cupboard is generally used for storing materials in the labouratory, offices, kitchen and homes such as books, foodstuffs, cloths, files, dishes, audio and video cassettes, glassware, chemical reagents, etc. cupboard can be made with different types of materials such as steel, wood, glass, and some other kinds of metals.

          In the constructional project, steel as a material of construction has a lot of advantages over wood. It is not attacked by termites or insect and lasts longer (i.e. are durable) than that of wood that is commonly used. Steel cupboard is usually a rectangular piece of steel fabricated for the purpose of storage. Since steel cupboard cannot be broken. Since steel cupboard, then the material kept inside it is preserved. Though metals are known to corrode of which the primary causative agents are air, moisture and some chemicals but when the cupboard is not exposed to moisture by adopting preventive measure like organic coating (i.e. painting) to increase its resistance to corrosion.

          During the construction of the cupboard, the research considerations were the material availability, its durability, quality affordability and the maintenance and replacement of the parts of the cupboard or the shelf. Hence, a research was carried out on the Engineering property of the material of construction. Steel used for the construction is environmental friendly, hazardous and resistant to insect attacks. This is the area in which the cost of production was made, by adopting some amendment with the aim to achieve the steel cupboard; in such a way that it becomes a modern steel cupboard of a standard size which can contain quite some number of materials like books, files and some labouratory materials.

          The research was done also, so as to obtain the greatest design with the desired structural material for the cupboard to maintain its quality for a long period of time without having any fault or damage, hence, it is important to produce facility hence, it is last longer and the quality been of a great importance in the construction of the steel cupboard.

          The various parts were arranged and shaped, connected in such a way that it will provide an efficient and economical solution to the construction problems. The cost was also considered so much because the cost usually involves quality of the material. But in designs and construction, it is possible to produce a quality steel cupboard with reduced or less cost. And the labour cost of fabricating the material was involved too, during the construction. The steel cupboard was fixed with rollers stands and stoppers for stability at any point it is kept and for easy mobility, which was solidly welded. All these factors were taken into consideration so as to produce a quality and durable steel cupboard that is affordable. The cupboard was constructed to the test of maintenance and durability.




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Construction Of Steel Cupboard