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          The project work “Construction of standard steel cupboard” was constructed at the mechanical workshop. During the construction, various hand and machinery tools (equipment) such as electric welding machine, hammers, guillote, folding machine, spraying machine, milling machine, steel rule, hard saw, center punch, scribbers, tri-square, drawing board and other vital and useful tools was used.

          However, before the standard structure of the steel cupboard was (produced), various procedures was strictly followed effectively which are as follows; marking and sketching operation to obtain the required dimension of 4.6ft by 3.6ft by 2ft also the dimension for door, plan and back was also measured and cut out as follows; 2ft by 1ft6, 3.6ft by 2ft, and 3.6ft by 4.6ft respectively.

          Moreso, the cut sheet was welded appropriately and filing operation was carried out to obtain smooth surface. Then to void destruction of the cupboard through corrosion, chemical; attacks and other environmental agent and for esthetic surface, painting operation was done. To avoid accident and injury during the construction, safety precautions were taken. Such as wearing of eye goggles during filing operation, respiratory mask was also wearied during spraying and so on. The steel cupboard constructed can be used to preserved books and other valuable items.

















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          This art or science of procuring and adapting metals to satisfy human wants are practically unlimited, therefore, the satisfaction or the creation of storage structure was initiated. The storage structure is known as cupboard.

          Wood is formally used in the construction of all size of cupboard because, it is reality available. This kind of storage structure constructed with piece of wooden materials has a lot of disadvantages attached to it, such as easy access of thieves, destruction by termites etc. however, as technology advanced, the introduction of a metallic cupboard was called to play. A cupboard in its proper term is a well shaped, structure, which could either be rectangular, square, or oval in shape, used for the storage of available at homes, and officers. Reniff defined cupboard as a rectangular shaped structure of carbire that accommodates, or it is used to keep details for future see. Moreover, to the layman, a cupboard could be defined as a shelf, which was made with doors where documents or structures are kept. Thus, with this scope, a cupboard could then be associated with the storage of relevant object. Considering the importance of cupboards of the human race, many types of cupboard have common to be known, each type of cupboard depending on its, demand. The steel cupboard was generally accepted for office uses, while the wooden cupboard filled for must domestics uses steel has its variety of characteristics which make it far better than word. It is not attacked by termite or simple chemicals, and it last longer than wood and some other metals. It cannot be broken into pieces with ease like the wooden or glass cupboards, thus, materials, which are kept in it, are kept says.

          Metals, however, are known to corrode by the effect of air, moisture and some chemicals. These can be presented especially on steel by processes like painting and coating, so that the cupboard made of steel stands the chance of such protection. Steel generally has a quality that makes it non-hazardous and resistant to termite and chemical attack. In the construction of a steel cupboard, wide ranging research work is carried out to obtain the best possible design, with the desired type of structural material for the cupboard, being put to use. This is due to the fact that there is a wide variety of materials that could be used for construction. The wood class of construction materials consists of all the construction materials contained from plarts (stems and branches). Wood is generally known to be composed of 44% carbon 6% hydrogen, and about 5% of oxygen and Nitro gin, thus, it could be referred to as an organic substance.

          The second and very important class refers to the metals. These include iron (cast iron, wrought iron, malleable iron, pig iron), steels (cast steels, low carbon steels, mild steels, high carbon steels), alloy steels (stainless steels, magnetic steels, tools steels), aluminium and alluminium alloys. This class of construction materials has a very high range of advantages over wood, as they are stronger and more machinable. They offer properties like electrical and thermal conductivity, high tensile strength, ductility and reflectibility.

          Steels are generally considered for most construction procedures. Mild steel is usually the most suitable for fabrication processes that involve cutting, bending, folding etc. because it is easily machined and can be handled with risks of wear and tear. It is taken as a better option in the fabrication of a steel cupboard, as there processes are involved in the construction process. It is usually resistant to insect and chemical attack, and is resistant to corrosion and resisting agents. In essence, the steel cupboard has wide ranging application and importance. It is useful in the preservation, storage and securing of document (paper, and non-paper materials). Labouratory wares and equipment and chemical species.


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