Construction Of A Wooden Book Shelf

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          A bookshelf is a component fabricated for the purpose of storing or packaging books, files and other important documents.

          The main aim of constructing this project is to produce a wooden bookshelf which will provide a lasting solution to the problem facing libraries, offices, churches and homes in packaging and storing book items and other items.

          In search for storage facilities for books, and other important documents in libraries, offices, etc, a concept to produce durable bookshelf was initiated.  Therefore, the construction of this shelf will help the prospected user(s) to be packaging their documents well an safe.          There are different kinds of engineering materials which could be used in this type of construction apart from wood.  These are: metal, plastic, and glass.

          The construction was facilitated by some simple machine (tools) such as harmmer, saw, tape, scriber, jack plain, sandpaper, sprayer and materials such as nails, hinges and gums.  As a matter of fact, different operations were performed sequentially to realize the finished product (bookshelf).  Such processes are: making out, cutting/sewing; planning/smoothening; grooving and sunking (where necessary); joining; spraying.  

          Mahogany wood was utilized in the construction.  The wood was cut with sawing machine having measured it with tape to rescuer the desired measurements thus: 48 inches height: 42 inches length: 12 inches breadth.  It was then smoothened to give a nice outlook.

          With gum the skeleton was formed before nailing.  The skeleton was so formed before partitioning so that it would support and create reinforcement to the shelf and make it stand firm at the expected position while nailing and fixing the doors with hinges.

          Sequent to this, it was appropriately nailed and gum was blended with sawdust to smoothen rough and gapped places on the shelf before sandpaper and sprayed with sprayer.

          Conclusively, the glass doors were fixed which embellished the job exceedingly.

          As a matter f fact, the construction was designed to meet the requirement of Nigerian Standard Organization (NSO) in the construction of bookshelf.  This is for the fact that the materials used were the high quality ones.  Not only this reasons, the standard measurement was also employed as indicated above.

          It is necessary here to summarize the costing of the project as given in detail in recommendation part of this write up.  Thus, cost of material was nine thousand nine hundred and severity naira (N9,970.00).  Running cost was one thousand and two hundred naira (1,200.00) where as workmanship was three thousand eight hundred and thirty naira (N3,830.00) to total the sum of fifteen thousand naira (N15,000.00).













Title page

Letter of transmittal

Approval page




Table of contents




Chemical properties of hard wood

Corrosion resistance

Fabrication factor

Cost factor

Description of the wooden shelf

Objectives of the project


Literature review

History of wooden shelf

Types of shelf

Application of wooden shelf

Comparism of wood and steel for construction of a strong shelf

Material of construction


Hard wood

Soft wood




Construction methodology/procedure

Marking out

Cutting operation


Planning operation











Cost analysis

Cost of material

Cost of machine

Cost of labour

Total cost of project

Cost reporting






          There are two important questions that requires an answer before an engineering material is chosen for any purpose.  They are, what function does the component have to perform, what are the essential requirements of the component in order that it can fulfill those functions.    The engineering materials can be broadly grouped into two main categories metals and wood.  These materials are used for different purposes either as individual material or a combination of materials for a certain requirement of the desired finished product.

          Hence, the construction of an engineering component like the workshop material that can serve the purpose for which the bookshelf is fabricated.  Thus a wood, specifically mild wood is chosen for this project due to a number of properties as regards to the analysis of its function and requirements which are considered based on common characteristics as follows: center of mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, fatigue resistance etc.  Certain behaviour in specific environment eg. Corrosion free, ability to be formed or fabricated to desired shape and dimension, as well as its cost factor.

          However, there can be other requirements which though not essential, are desirable for instance the surface finished of the component must be alternative, which might be accomplished by painting or spraying using a quality paint or spray that resists certain environment impact of behaviours.

          Nevertheless, the choice of fabrication process depends on a number of factors possibly in:- the quantity of the items required.  The dimensional accuracy.  The surface finished required the size of the item.  The cost factors, etc.

          As a result of these consideration, the method chosen for the workshop bookshelf fabrication is a simple wood joining process, which incorporates: cutting, marking out, nailing, spraying and various fastening system:

          Furthermore, the basic components and properties, fabrication factors and also cost factor of the basic material (fine wood) for workshop bookshelf construction are fully illustrated in the subsequent sectarian.  Other material which are employed for specific purposes are saw, hammer, nails, scriber, tape, gum, sprayer, handle and key, down drawer and glasses.

          This write up hence has the primary objectives of guiding and providing students, designers on fabrication engineers with the idea of the property requirement of a material or the construction of a workshop bookshelf on regards to making a prudent choice to enable one achieve a desired component with adequate services requirement and durability.



Corrosion Resistance:   This is the ability of the mild hard wood to resist corrosion in a chemical reaction of a material with air in the presence of mixture and chemicals. Corrosion makes the materials to fade quickly leading to failure.  But by the ability of mild wood to resist this chemical reaction makes it desirable for the workshop bookshelf fabrication where it gives optimum resistance to corrosion attack.



          Fabrication forming or area process of making the wood into the desired shape, and retains its properties.  As indicated earlier, the choice of forming or fabrication process depends on a number of factors more importantly the cost of the process.

          In general, this material (wild wood) and the fabrication method are chosen on the basic of the lowest total cost ie fabrication and material cost which is consistent with the required level of performance for the component.

          Also, the commercial form of supply of materials eg wood sheet etc which affects the used together with the materials also affects the choice of material and fabrication process. 

          Thus, of the two main methods of producing a component, namely forming and wood joining, the letter is preferred because of the various involvements with other materials as well as for specification and dimension amongst other factors which are no doubt sort of cover, a wood sheet with a higher thickness was chosen for it so that it can with stand attacks by insects and can accept a strong treatment which mighty be given to it.

          The frame is the skeleton of the whole system, this frame was first erected together before the sheets of the sides, back and partition which withstands the stress that will be exerted on it by the sheet and the load.



          The objectives of the project cannot be over emphasized since by its name, the uses are obviously remarkable.

          Nevertheless, the workshop bookshelf helps the users to packing their books at the end of their uses.  This means that it serves as a preservation unit.                  With the availability of the bookshelf, it is easy for uses to get any documents or book he want  since they are stored in the book shaft in unit.  Apart from the important and utilization of the book shaft, the project generally would serve as a guide to technicians and student who embarks on research and project reviews.

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