Construction Of A Standard Wheel Barrow

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          This project, fabrication of a standard wheelbarrow is aimed at constructing a strong standard wheelbarrow, which can be able to convey a certain quantity of load from one place to another. The wheelbarrow cab be used in different areas of life like in Agricultural sector, industries etc.

          The standardization or the strongness of the wheel barrow depend on certain characteristics and properties considered during the construction like the physical, mechanical and also chemical properties of the material.

The selection of galvanized mild steel is not only because of its resistance to corrosion but also because of its cost, availability and easy machinability of the materials.

          However, during the construction all Technological knowledge was employed to make sure that the aim of high efficiency was achieved. Also the fabrication procedures which include; marking out, centre punching, cutting $ folding, wilding and assembling of the parts was strictly adhered to.

          Finally, after the construction the tape was use to make the measurement. The length of the standard wheel barrow is 99.1cm and the upper width is 91.4cm also the lower with is 73.1cm. It has a conveying capacity of 150kg.



Title page

Letter of transmittal






1.1     Introduction


1.2            Scope/objective of the project



2.0            Literature survey

2.1     Historical review of wheel barrow


2.2            Theory [mechanism] of operation of wheel barrow.

2.3     wheel barrow a d other classes of lever.


2.3            Efficiency of operation.

2.4            Uses / importance of wheelbarrow

2.5            Materials of construction.



3.1            Procurement of material for construction

3.2            Marking out / centre punching

3.3            Cutting and folding

3.4            Welding operation

3.5     Post welding surface treatment


3.5            Painting



4.1     Costing of a standard wheelbarrow

4.2     Discussion

4.3     Recommendation






          A wheelbarrow is a simple machine which at the description of a large open container with a wheel are two handles that one used outside to carry objects it can also be said that it is a small hand cart with one wheel and two shafts. The container serves as the loading point, the wheel helps its locomotion while the two handles are two points through which the application of forces (effort) are made possible.

          Wheelbarrow was an aftermath of the industrial revolution that took place in the Asian country precisely China in a millennium ago. It was purposefully invented for conveying relatively small materials or loads from one place to the other. Apparently, from the above one can easily deduced that wheelbarrow is one out of many types of conveyor such as tractors, which are use in conveying load. Wheelbarrow finds its application in agriculture where is being use in transporting both farming materials and agricultural products. It is also use in laboratories and industries in conveying materials, chemicals and loads in and around the environment.

          Viewing from the point of classification of machine lever wheelbarrow can be classified as a second-class lever. This classification is base on the fact that it has its load in between the effort and the fulcrum. Finally, wheelbarrow is regarded as a machine due to the fact that it makes the execution of work more easier compare to when the work is done with bare hands. It is also regarded as a machine from the fact that little application of and effort produces a lot of work.



The main objective of this project is to provide a basic knowledge on how a strong and reliable medium sized wheelbarrow can be fabricated in the workshop. It also aims at reviewing the underlying literature pertaining to wheelbarrow which new students or researches who are without proper background owning to their not being taught at the secondary school level, can easily consult.

Against this backdrop the project has looked at its subject matter from the most basic perspective so as to enable new students in the beneficiaries.

This experimental work will cover discussions and write up on the literature, mode of operation, origin, types and the processes involved in the fabrication of  a medium size wheelbarrow.












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Construction Of A Standard Wheel Barrow