The Means Of Imparting Co-operative Education In Nigeria Schools

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In 1973 IMT integrated co-operative education into the schools curriculum as part of the course to be studied in the institution. This was a wide range of ignorance on co-opertive education in Nigeria schools of higher learning and this was (IMT) as the pioneering institute of cooperative education. The best to be used among existing means of imparting cooperative education, the problems of departments in carrying out this takes effectively and the benefits of cooperative education of graduates of cooperatives department (IMT).










Title page                                                                         i

Approval page                                                                 ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                           iv

Abstract                                                                          v

Table of contents                                                             vi



1.0     Introduction                                                  1

1.1      Background of the study                                        3

1.2      Statement of problems                                            4

1.3      Objectives of the study                                            7

1.4      Scope and  limitation of the study                  8

1.5      Research question                                                  8

1.6      Definition of terms                                                  9



Briefly history of co-operative education in Nigeria  12

2.1   history of co-operative education in                       14

2.2               Genuine need of the department                        17

2.3               Review of relation literature  of

cooperative education                                             18

2.4               Some reasons for cooperative education training 21

2.4.1         Need for self preservation of the cooperation      21

2.4.2         Commitment of the cooperative by history

of cooperation                                                 22

2.4.3         Need for self  reproduction of cooperatives         23

2.4.4         Need to orate a conducive overall

environment for cooperative                                   23

2.5        Aims and objective of cooperative education        24

2.6               Condition which favour adult leading motivation 26

2.7               Teaching/learning methods available

(participative/traditional)                                       28

2.8               Some of the participative methods used in IMT 30

2.9               Traditional method as a means used in IMT      35

2.10            Other means through which cooperative

education could be imparted                                  38

2.11   Benefit of cooperative to people                             42

2.12           Relationship between cooperative education

and schools                                                             44



Recommendations and conclusion                        47

3.1      Summary of findings                                              47

3.2      Recommendation                                                    49

3.3      Conclusion                                                              51

Bibliography                                                           53

Appendix                                                                 54





Advanced learners dictionary defined education as a process of training and instructing, especially of children and young people in school. Colleges etc. which is designed to give knowledge and develop skills.

The institute of management and technology (IMT) incorporated the study of cooperative economics and management (C.T.M) into the school curriculum in the year 1973 in order to add to the qualitative teaching task of developing  efficient man power which would carry out the co-operative practice and improve on the nation economy.

Basically we shall be looking at the best possible ways by which we can improve on the teaching  process of co-operative education in the institute of management and technology (IMT) since we already know that co-operative education is the process of teaching somebody about co-operative ideas or how to carry out cooperative ideas.

However, co-operative education act as a means development which should not over looked the goals and philosophy of co-operative development can be said to be imperceptible without the presence betters means of imparting  this co-operative ideologies in the institute of management and technology (IMT) Enugu. 

Therefore, the importance of this study can not be were stressed if we must improve on the quality of cooperative education been given to under graduates especially in institute of management and technology (IMT) Enugu.

Therefore, the importance of this study can not be were stressed if we must improve on the quality of cooperative education been given to under-graduates especially in Institutes of Management and Technology (IMT).



Cooperative education started on Nigeria since 1943 with very little success to show for it, it has suffered great neglect if compared with the level of cooperative education in the advanced countries where cooperative triumph. This could be as a result of the level of literacy of individuals, institutions and establishments toward cooperative education. The institute to higher learning which was supposed to have been the preacher of cooperative education there by given sense of belonging and wariness to individuals education with keen interest.

All these ugly incidence continued into the institute of management and technology (IMT) curriculum as part of the courses to be studies in the institution, this was exactly after twenty years of cooperative education been introduced in Nigeria.

The institute of management and technology  (IMT) been the pioneering institute of cooperative education have come a long way in giving it a face life to cooperative education  in Nigeria which other existing higher institution have failed to accomplished over the years.

Nevertheless, inspite of the fact that IMT cooperative Department is the first in Nigeria’s institution, these have been a very low turn-up of students coming into studying this course which is one of the problem the study intends to emphasize. 

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The Means Of Imparting Co-operative Education In Nigeria Schools