The Role Of Non-governmental Organizations (ngo) In Community Development (a Case Study Of Dec. Enugu)

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This study examined the role of Non-governmental organization (NGO) in community development. (A case study of DEC, Enugu). There of heterogeneity rather than homogeneity with Non-government organization, making the tack of developing, consistent and workable policies to be difficult. In order of such policies to be developed, dear understanding of the characteristics and roles of various Non-governmental organization needs to be known and requires the development of analytical tools and evaluative criteria. For the purples of this study which out line and distances issues requiring consideration on the formation of policies and sets preliminary agents for research action, six hypothesis were formulated. The  population of the study is 1268 members and sample size of 228 members were selected using Yaro Yamani statistical techniques. Data were gathered using secondary and primary data. Data collected and interpreted using percentages and tables. Formulated Hypothesis were tested using chi-square (x2). From the data analyzed, the following were ascertained. The Non-governmental organization helps in capital formation for investment, encourages women empowerment through human rights, social justice empowerment and community development however, based on the findings, a number of recommendation were made.




Non-governmental Organization (NGO) have increasingly been promoting or promoted as alternative health care, poverty alleviation, women education, social justice, community development and some goals but hampered by government inefficiencies and resources constraints.

However, the reality of  (NGO) are more complex not only is the distinctive between government and NGO may also suffer from resource constraints and management inefficiencies, similarly to those that government provides. Some registered NGO operate as profit provides in practical policy development must reflect the strength and weakness of the NOGs in a particular setting and should be build on terms of resources mobilization, efficiency and/or quality.

Policy development will always require a strong government presence in coordinating, regulating, legislating, supervising, educating, financing and giving technical assistance and on NGO sector responsible to the policy goals of government.

Hence this research shall focus on investigating “the role of  Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) in community development with a particular emphasis on development education centre (DEC) Enugu”.

NGO, been a non- governmental or profit making organization, they pursue an issue(s) of interest to its members by lobbing persuasion and/or direct action, in the area of international economics. NGO play an increasing role defending human rights and the environment and fighting poverty.

Development education center. Enugu as a non-Government Organization registered as a trustee in October, 1991 with the corporate affairs commission Abuja, Nigeria has proved a lots of functions towards community development such as:

-              Education

-              Poverty alleviation

-              Water and sanitation

-              Economic empowerment  

  Observations have shown how NGOs helps enormously towards developing the communities and people are willing to join the organization due to its benefits. As the research goes on, we shall see the extent the NGOs have given boast to development of communities.



The basic problems which this research work wants to solve are stated below in s veritable manner:

1)          Can the community develop without adequate financing from the NGO?

2)          Can the NGO perform optimally without adequate finance?

3)          Can it be that the activities of the NGO helps in community development?

4)          Is it true that the NGO provides sustainable financial and for the community growth?

5)          Lack of good knowledge of the importance of the NGO might be worsening the problem of community development since the government alone cannot solve the problem.

6)          Inefficient workers and poor training of staff of the NGO can hamper their efforts in community development?
poor standard of living,  low monthly earnings of the staff inhibits their efforts towards promoting the community

7)          Could it be that the activities of the NGO are very relevant to justify their efforts in community development?

8)          Is the extent of development in the community proving that the NGO is really doing well?

9)          Should the strength and weakness of the NGO be built on their advantages over government organization?

10)      How can the NGO work well towards community development?



The general objective of the study is to find out the impact made by Non- governmental organization (NGO) towards community development.



1)          TO identify whether it is necessary for the development of a community.

2)          To know if Non- governmental organization reasonable impact in developing the community.

3)          To know the various ways through which Non- governmental organization contribute towards community development.

4)          To examine the possibility of achieving a better development through collaborated efforts of the NGO.

5)          To make investigation on the economic status of the community in independence layout and evaluate the impact of Non- governmental organization in their assistance.

6)          To known the obstacles facing community development in independence layout.



Always beneficial to achieve the aim/objective of which an action is taken and very insignificant to waste precious time carrying out a research that will not be valuable. This Research was conducted t benefit different people, including:

-              The students who would use it in future for investigation.

-              The members of the Non- governmental organization especially the Development Education Centre (DEC) branch, to know the extent they are participating towards community development in the area.

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The Role Of Non-governmental Organizations (ngo) In Community Development