How To Increase Grasscutter Production Through The Activities Of Co-operative Society. (a Case Of Imo State)

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In the course of this research work topic “How to increase grass cutter production through the activities of co-operative societies”, was appraised.

This was done to order to survey the past programmes and policies constituted by government to mobilized people into small scale business in (grass cutter production co-operative) as a way of facilitating the attainment of self/sufficiently through co-operative society.

The general constrains that militates the achievements of the objectives and how it affect the co-operative society, was identified   this include lack of trained staffs workers, inadequate processing facilities, lack of land Acquisition, poor extension services/ignorance etc.

Finally, to curtly this constrains, improved co-ordination between the state and local government authorities, should come incessant change of government, should be avoided and more train manpower personnel deployed as this is the only way to achieve the objectives of constituting this co-operatives.     



Since grass cutter production on parts of the livestock in co-operative society in the bedrock of Imo State economy much empires work has been carried out in the state through the activities of co-operative and it is expected equally that a lot of contributions and research must be carried out which gave rise to this research work. In this direction, therefore much attention has been paid to the neglect and reasons for the non-performance of the grass cutter production in co-operative societies.

Grass cutter production through co-operative societies is still a completely percentiles with a large number to small-holder producers in Imo State. And there has been no significant agrarians modernization and revolution this particular section.

Imo State through the activities of co-operatives societies has been an agrarians economy, deriving the bulk of her potential meat and self employment from this particular sector (Grass cutter production) until the mad-rush of its citizens for a white color jobs. To this end therefore the grass cutters co-operative producers was not able to meet with its desired objectives as using grass cutter production to increase economic growth and transformation of the state.

Similarly, one observes that co-operatives in the state is still semi-sub-existence and the output from grass cutter production can neither satisfy the teaming population nor provides the essential facilities needed in the production sector. The sales of the village major livestock like grass cutter which has in the part supported the financed of co-operative especially those into this grass cutter production has virtually reduced.

According to the report on the Imo State livestock journal, it stated that the producers to grass cutter in co-operative society have produced a large number of the workers or employees equally contributed immensely in their duties.

Having realized all these, the government has been the great importance of the society co-operatives grass cutter production and try to organize people into this system with a view of ensuring massive grass cutter production, attainment self-sufficiency and self employment in the state.



Despite the efforts being made by the government at federal, state and local levels, towards boosting grass cutters produce, employees that is co-operators and their low productivity there still persist grass cutter in the country. Membership growth is more rapid than grass cutter growth tend, this has sharply, reduced the per-capital benefits of increased grass cutter production and the associated increase and income.


Nigerian has embarked on various programmes and policies casting millions of hundreds of naira aimed at relieving depressed in co-operative societies. In the view of this, grass cutter producer co-operative was constituted as to organize the small scale business, who are still in manual labour type of production into co-operative which has failed to produce a large number of grass cutter. Considering the end result all the government effort in grass cutter production through co-operative has not actually had made significance improvement in this sector as much emphasis is now being place on this livestock.

These call for urgent re-examination of the role of these co-operatives in increasing grass cutter production and making co-operatives society to take it’s prime position in the national economy of this country and in Imo State in Emekeukwu in particular in danger.


The general purpose of this study or research report is to undertake or study of the existing co-operatives societies and their effect in improving the development of grass cutter production specifically the study has the following objectives.

a.           To examine the impact of produces of livestock (grass cutter) co-operative societies.

b.           To examine the organizational (co-operative organization) set up and the operations of the co-operative movement in Imo State with particular reference to grass cutter production in Emekeukwu in Owerri North Local government area in Imo State.

c.           To determine and investigate the problems facing the grass cutter production sectors.

d.           To suggest easy, simple ways and means for enhancing the effectiveness of these societies attempt at grasscutter production and also assisting further research into contemporary issues o the matter.


This study will attempt to examine the polices of Emekeukwu in Owerri North co-operative societies on grass cutter development which are ever changing and the importance, of putting together of our small scale business of increase grass cutter production. The constraint in achieving the desired development in cooperative and proffering of possible solutions to overcome them, shall also be examine in this project report.


In this research work, hypothesis stated are:

1.      H0:    Inadequate assistance from the government through co-         operative societies has not helped the grasscutter          producers.           

          HI:     Adequate assistance from the government through the         co-operative societies has helped a lot in grasscutter         production.  

2.      H0:    The grasscutter producers are not well educated on how          to carry on their business.

          HI:     The grasscutter producers are well educated on how to          carry out their business.


Grass cutter production as parts of Agriculture sector in co-operative society is important as it contribute in sustaining any economy. Moreover bringing together this sector henceforth any effort geared at carrying out research aimed at improving the grasscutter producing, in co-operative societies should be unseeded worth which and any suggestion the improvement of this sector of co-operative should have bearing on the sector. This is therefore the most appropriate time to study the grasscutter productions sector in co-operative considering the prevailing economic condition in Imo State.

Presently our employee/workers (co-operators) are adequately reanimated despite the fact that they bend over double trying to make the state self-sufficient self employment and self reliant in grasscutter production: for the fact that they are organized through co-operative increased productivity will enhance the profit maximization on them. Then grasscutter production will once more look attractive in the state.

Based on the finding of the study and the suggestions proffered, it is strongly believed that the policy makers/government would encourage peasant people to join the co-operative society.

Moveover, health programmes and policies on co-operative organizations should be mounted, it will enable the managers of co-operative organizations to adequately organize the co-operative society for increased in grass cutter production.

Furthermore, collages of co-operative schools and researchers who wish to carryout research in the field have been provided a springboard from where they can take off


Most terms which are used in the project report may be unfamiliar or may have peculiar meanings and connotation. These include:

a.           Grasscutter productivity: This includes the index of the ratio of the total output to the values of the total input used in the grasscutter production.

b.           Byelaws: We imply the registered byelaws made by a co-operative society which governs the activity of such society and which is made by the society in the exercise of any power conferred by the co-operatives societies law.

c.           Small Scale Individual Organizations: The implies individuals whose total cultivatable farm land is not more than a hectare and whose farm land labour requirement is largely supplied by his family. The title he sells is sold in a localized market he requires low imitated capital investment and small holding with the simple technology and at least 60% of his annual income from grasscutter production.

d.           Co-operative Society: This means a firm of organization where people voluntarily associate together as human beings, on the basis of equality for the promotion of economic interest of themselves.

e.           Productive Co-operative: Here there is a full integration. The co-operative absorbs all the members business enterprises that is members economic responsibilities are born by the co-operative found in kibbutz, Israel.

f.             Productive promotion Co-operatives: This is co-operative by integration. The farmer depends on the society for his production activities. There is a strong link between the co-operative and members in the areas of management marketing credit and decision making.

g.           Auxiliary Co-operatives: This type provides individual services to member. The co-operatives main function are to provide credit supply and market and storage. They have no hand in the supervision and management attains of member plot.


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How To Increase Grasscutter Production Through The Activities Of Co-operative Society. (a Case Of Imo State)