Design and implementation of a computerised information system for a multi service rental co

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Most rental service firms today still use manual information system because their information needs are of moderate size and managers of such firms have probably been enjoying the manual system as regards to their relatively and comfortable low level of transaction activities.
With the high level of social activities been experienced, It is only the rental firms with very large information or high capacity of rental service with rapid rate of renting per item that are likely to survive pressure, and therefore should link information system to business strategy. With this pressure, there is a need to improve corporate effectiveness through their own involvement in system planning to ensure that business strategy is developed in the context of the computerized environment.
Among the many rental service centers, majority adopted a great variety of manual information system for management activities most of which are single file system. This single file
system does not offer opportunities for easy manipulation of data to provide managers an insight into transaction reports such as to rapid statistics for operation analysis, it does not provide instant access to information for controlling and directing the firm. At this point we can see that the world of rental service business lacks conclusion data in the relative effectiveness of manual information system versus computerized information system.
Different rental service centers at various level of activities with different critical level will agree that stress, confusion and errors increase with increase in volume of information as the transaction activities rises, and there is a great point where manual information system will not operate successfully.
In this respect, computerized rental service management information system has been developed to provide BRAHAM RENTALS with consistency, comprehensive and reasonable accurate information for planning directly and controlling the activities for which they are responsible and for making timely and effective decision.
There are problems faced by the management of BRAHAM RENTALS , this problems can be attributed to the fact that they use manual information processing in their activities. These problems include:
* Errors and inaccuracy since all computations are done manually.
* Updating activities are time consuming very poor and lacks accuracy.
* Lack of adequate information for decision making.
* Inconsistency and redundancy are often encountered in the information processing system for the generation of management information.
* Processing of information is usually time consuming and most times with undesired out
This project work is prompted by the problems of Braham Rentals to find a lasting solution to these problems.
The purpose of this study is to design a computerized information system that will replace the manual procedures of carrying out operations in the existing management information system of BRAHAM RENTAL SERVICES.
The designed system will be able to:-
1 make entries of all transactions made.
2 Make necessary equals of relevant information about all the transaction made between the firm and the client.
3 produce reports for managerial use to make good plans, Direct and control the activities in the firm as well as. Taking effective decision to suit any decision.
The aims and objectives of this project is to design a computerized rental services management information system for BRAHAM RENTAL SERVICES that will aid in the following:
* to reduce the average response time to management enquiry concerning transaction status.
* To produce timely accurate and up to date report for management purpose.
* To aid the administration and management to eliminate avoidable inefficiency.
* Finally to explore all capacities of computer in the area of speed, efficiency and security of data.
The scope of this covers the normal operational procedures of data processing and information about all rental transactions made on BRAHAM RENTAL SERVICES. The project scope extends from the point of customers booking of items to the point these items are leased.

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Design and implementation of a computerised information system for a multi service rental co