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The project “Online Hotel Booking System” is a system based on accessing the internet to book for rooms in a hotel. The purpose of this study is to develop and implement an online hotel reservation system for hotels, that will replace the manual method of booking for hotel rooms. The previous system for booking rooms were faced with so many problems like, delay in processing the customer booking or paying for rooms that is below or beyond his standard, causes difficulty for emergency booking.

            The objects-oriented analysis and design methodology (OOADM) was therefore used to analyse the system in order to discover the various objects involved and how they interact with one another so that a new and improved system can be defined.

            The use of online view of room rates and uploading of available rooms and facilities was used for the new system so that the customer can view and make his choice before arrival, and also in the case of emergency travelling. This new system assisted the hotel owners in managing their hotels, because they can also regulate the receptionist moves and avoid fraudulent activities. It also increased the efficiency of the hotel managers and also their profit margin, once they have a better and good facilities.



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Table Of Content



 1: Introduction

            1.1:Objectives Of Study

1.2:Scope Of Study

            1.3:Significance Of Study

            1.4:  Statement Of  The Problem

            1.5:  Limitation Of The Study

            1.6:  Definition Of  Terms


2.0 : Literature Review

2.1: Introduction

2.2: Theoretical Background

            2.2.1:  Technologies Required For the System

            2.3:  Review Of  Related Literature

            2.3.1:  Summary Of  Related Literature



3.0:  System Analysis And  Design

3.1:  Introduction

3.2:  Description Of The Existing System

3.2.1:  Problems With The Existing System

3.3:  Analysis Of  The Proposed System

3.3.1:  Requirement Document

3.3.2:  Object Oriented Analysis  Use Case Diagram  Class Diagram  Activity Diagram

3.4:  Design Of The Proposed System

3.4.1:   Database Design  Data Organization  Data Relationship  Data storage  Data Retrieval

3.4.2:  Input Design

3.4.3:  Output Design

3.4.4:  User-Interface Design



4.0:  System Implementation

4.1:  Introduction

4.2:  Architecture Of The System

4.3:  Procedural Design

4.3.1:  Program Flowchart

4.4:  Deployment Environment

4.5:  Deployment Platform

4.6:  Some Screenshots Of The System

4.7:  System Documentation



5.0:  Summary, Conclusions And Recommendations

5.1:  Summary

5.2:  Conclusions

5.3:  Recommendations




The manual method of booking for hotel rooms in Nigeria is characterized with numerous problems. Some of these are :customers having little or no information about the hotels within their vicinity; A guest checking into a hotel room that is either too expensive or too unbefitting for his/her personality;Prolonged delay by the receptionist in retrieving certain information about any particular guest that checked into the hotel whenever such information being demanded by the manager;The foul play that sometimes occurs when information about the guest that checked into a hotel are not officially documented by the receptionist etc. All these problems and more would definitely mke a hotel experience a down turn in business

The main purpose of this work is therefore to develop a web application program that would circumvent all those problems encountered in the manual hotel booking system,so that customers can easily go online with their mobile phones,tablets or laptops in order to browse the relevant information they need about the hotels within their locality so that they can book for the appropriate suite that is within their budget.


Ø  Customers can easily go online with their mobile phones or laptops to browse about hotels within their vicinity.


Ø  Guests can be able to book for rooms within their budgets after seeing and accessing these hotels within their vicinity.


Ø  Receptionists can easily access customer’s information online without delay or with little delay.


Ø  Fraud done by the receptionist by not regiustering every customer will not occur because the customers details will be online and can be accessed by the managers too.



This study is aimed at finding out how effective the online room reservation or booking system will improve the operations of room reservations in hotels. However ,out of the several departments that makes up the hotel, this research project is restricted to only one section ( room reservation) section.



Guests, Receptionist, Managers and hotel owners would benefit immensely when the new system is implemented, in the sense that:

Ø  Guests would experience faster access time with the system.


Ø  Front desk office attendants (receptionists)would also experience minimal efforts in attending to guests, as they would only need to access the guests details through internet.


Ø  The managers can easily carryout an inventory to know the total number of guests that checked in or out of the rooms,and those that booked in advance.


Ø  Increased efficiency in the operations of the business would definitely bring about increased profitability.


Ø  Customers having little or no information about the hotels in their vicinity.


Ø  A guest checking into a hotel room that is either too expensive or too unbefitting for his or her personality.


Ø  Prolonged delay by the receptionist in retrieving certain information about any particular guest on demand.


Ø  Possibility of fraud by the receptionist in not documenting officially information about some guests that checked into the hotel rooms.



I was faced with the following constraints which also limited the researchers effort in the developing of a comprehensive software needed in room reservation.

 TIME CONSTRAINT:  This project work has one semester time limit,it would have been desirable for a longer period of time, for the development of a software for hotels.


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An Online Hotel Booking System