The Role Of Information Technology In Marketing Of Goods And Services In Nigeria

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The role of information technology in marketing of goods and services in Nigeria information technology produces better means of living, since data are easily and comfortably conveyed through online. The introduction of information technology will have better prospect in marketing of goods and services. Certainly this is bound to lift the Nigeria market to a more efficient and effective one. The objective of this work includes; finding out the means through which information is gotten and stored in the commodity market. Another objective is to find out how they are being applied in-marketing of goods and services etc. This research is designed using descriptive survey. The sample size for this study has to do with (30%) marketing managers (20%) researchers and then (50%) respondents and all are equal to 100%. The sample technique used is random sampling technique and then the method of data, under primary we have questionnaire and personal interview while under secondary we have libraries newspapers, periodicals etc. The data analysis techniques used includes frequency distribution, bar charts, pie charts and tables which would be used to analyze, interpreted and illustrate results from survey questionnaires. The findings of this work includes: i) There is vibrant growth in the marketing of goods and services in Nigeria and requires information technology to grow more and perform creditably. Another finding is that

the introduction of information technology like computer and other related devices, data processing are made easier. The recommendation to enhance information technology in Nigeria includes: the need for all the marketing managers to come together as a body in other to establish a law to guide the practice of marketing in other to determine the caliber of people and the practitioners in the practice. Again a workshop should be organized in the market to advise all the practitioners on the need to introduce information technology in the market. 





1.1                    Background of the study

Information is a vital tool in almost all fields of human endeavour and based on this one can simply say that a free flow of information is a necessary condition for a healthy business organization. This is so, in that the dearths of information in an organization, will heritably lead to inefficiency of that organization and subsequent collapse of the system. This explains why information technology has been much such after by both private business and government parastatals.

Even ordinary individuals go about seeking for one means or the other through which they can receive information like in the installation of computers and internets in their offices. Even in the installation of cable in different hours, these were done due to mach quest for information.

Over the years, governments as will as business organization has been experiencing a chain of technological innovations particularly in the areas of communication. This is as a result of much quest for information technology which is due to the complex and competitive nature of every business. This has led to the introduction of the latest technologies especially as they regards to communication case transaction and dissemination of information.

No one doubts the value of information technology (IT) in a modern day economy because the world is increasingly growing into a global village and the degree of interaction and inter dependence occasioned by this lined, can not be possible without line flow of information.

Arguably, the impact of information technology is mostly felt in the sphere of marketing of goods and services in a globalize lined economy, prospects exchanges international and multinational agencies and all these, cannot be possible without efficiencies and modern information gadgets. 

In Nigeria, the management and marketing of goods and services generally, are still in their lowest, it is not that the individual or cooperate bodies in the country do not need them, rather the information to determine the choice, the range, the price and the availability of commodities are simply lacking, more over, the ever increasing marketing agents are not helping matters. These bodies of persons are bare literates who conveniently do the traditional methods of information management.

It is the submission of this paper that the awing gaps (i.e. the dearth of information in the Nigerian marketing of goods and services) can only be filled by a mansion introduction of information technology.

We also contend that when this is done, the nations marketing of goods and services will not only compete admirably with other viable industries in the country but also that the incidence of none-professional marketing agents would have been properly checked.


1.2                            Statement of the problem

The marketing of goods and services in Nigeria, is still developing, the development is hampered by two major problems which are as follows:

a)         Lack of adequate information which determines the availability, range, nature and price of goods and services in the Nigerian market.

b)         The incidence of non-professional marketers in Nigeria.

Therefore, this paper seeks to address the two impediments in the Nigerian marketing, since we have already found out that the dearth of information in marketing of goods and services has led to the inefficiency of the market.


1.3                            Purpose of the study

The aim, is to determine the relevance of information technology to an effective practice of marketing management.

To achieve this aim, the following objectives, will be established:

i)           To find out the means through which information is gotten and stored in the commodity market, before this time i.e. the old method of information storage.

ii)          To find out how they are being applied in marketing of goods and services.

iii)        To find out the latest technology which has been widely introduced within the market.

iv)        To find out the impacts or roles which it has created so far in marketing of goods and services in Nigeria.


1.4                    Significance of the study

This study is of particular importance to marketing managers who are the main operators in the marketing of goods and services interest. This is because they have the fundamental knowledge and technical know how, which is needed to operate in this aspect of marketing.

The need to ascertain the means of disseminating information that would enhance the efficiency and productivity of marketing managers is essential when one realizes the importance of goods and services to humanity. It will retrieve the importance of the information technology innovations in the areas of computer, telephone, internet etc. which could help in solving the insurable problem of information dearth which has remained the bare in the marketing of goods and services.


1.5                            Research questions

i)           Is information technology important in the marketing of goods and services.

ii)          Do you think that the presence of information technology, gives a better result that the absence of it in marketing?

iii)        What are the problems militating against effective research operations in the marketing of goods and services in Nigeria.

iv)        What are the impacts of goods information technology on the performance of the marketers.


1.6                    Scope/delimitation of the study

The research is confined to the relevance and extent of information technology in marketing of goods and services in Nigeria. The work does not consider the extent of information so far outside Nigerian shores. However, a comparative analysis is made where necessary.


1.7                            Limitation of the study

This study, is limited to Enugu state due to some limiting factors which include the following:

a)         Transportation problems encountered while traveling to and fro the different towns and state in the study.

b)         Unwillingness of some respondents in answering certain questions. The attitude of some of them were non-chalets and found it difficult to release necessary information needed for this research work due to the level of crime in the country.

c)          Language barrier: all these not with standing, the research is carried out to the best of our knowledge and ability.


1.8                            Definition of terms

a)         Goods and services

These are tangible and intangible good that are produced and purchased in order to fulfill the needs and desires of consumers.

Goods are simply any tangible product that can be seen and touched.

Services are intangible support that is provided to the consumer in some managers.

b)         Goods and services market

This is a market, which deals with rights and interest in goods and services. It is also a market through which buyers and sellers of a particular goods and services comes together to determine a prize at which a certain goods and services can be exchanged.

c)          Technology

This is the application of applied science to practical problems especially in the industrial process.

d)         Information technology

Oxford dictionary defines information technology as the use of electronic equipment or device especially computers for showing, analyzing and distributing information of all kinds including words, numbers and pictures.                                                              


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The Role Of Information Technology In Marketing Of Goods And Services In Nigeria