The Investment Of Insurance Fund In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Union Assurance Company)

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Investment can be defined as management of policy holders fund and assets of the company for further benefit guaranteed. The objective of investment is to put ones available fund to use or land it to otherwise in the hope of earning income or  returned dividend. The information for the study was collected using primary and secondary methods of data collection. For a primary data collection, while existing literature relevant to the topic was consulted for the secondary data. The research used chi-square statistical model to analyze the data. Two major findings were made: three major recommendation were proffered. That the investment of the prudent investment decision. Recommendation that the company should not invest in new company because they do not have financial data. The insurance decree should be reviewed and free hand been given to the insurance investment managers to inflation.



Title page






1.1     Background of the Study

1.2     Statement of the Problem

1.3     Objective of the Study

1.4     Research Question

1.5     Research Hypothesis

1.6     Significance of the Study

1.7     Scope and Limitations of the Study

1.8     Definition of the Terms






2.1     An Overview

2.2     The history of Insurance in Nigeria

2.3     The development of Insurance in Nigeria

2.4     The growth of insurance investment

2.5     Federal government regulation on the investment

of insurance fund.

2.6     Meaning and Need of fund investment

2.7     Difference in premium assets and investment

2.8     Problems of investment of insurance fund

2.9     Some way of mitigating the problem

2.10Principle of investment

2.11Investment Decision Making

2.12Importance of Investment management

2.13Investment regulation and management





3.1     An Overview

3.2     Source of Data

3.2.1       Primary data

3.2.2       Secondary data

3.3     Population of the Study

3.4     Sample size and Sampling Techniques

3.5     Instrument used in Selecting sample size

3.6     Validity and Reliability of the Instrument used.

3.7     Method of data Presentation and Analysis




4.1     An overview

4.2     Data presentation

4.3     Data Analysis

4.4     Testing of Hypothesis

4.5     Discussion of Findings



5.1     Summary of Findings

5.2     Conclusions

5.3     Recommendations

5.4     Suggestions for Further Studies



Sample questionnaire




1.1     Background of the Study

Investment can be defined as management of policy holders fund and assets of the company for further benefits guaranteed. In the contract  however, according to the oxford Advanced learner’s dictionary 6th edition investment is defined as the act of investing money in something. The objectives of investment is to put ones available funds to use or land it to others in the hope of earning income or return of dividend.

The security exchanged for investment must be considered good enough to ensure the safety of the capital investment. Therefore, the investment behaviour of insurance is an attempt to maximize portfolio returns. The insurance company obligations are two types namely: outstanding claims, or loss reserves this necessitates the need to invest insurance company fund in order to meet this obligation and also to increase income. For the purpose of this study there are two categories of insurance business.

·        Long term business consists of life business while

·        Short term business consist of non life business. The investment principles and practice in long term business are as follows earned other them the policy period. Life fund is dependent on the investment income for the solvency of the business. Investment policy is as important as underwriting policy. Since investment is usually on long-term bases the effect of inflation is some how taken care of. But in short –term investment, the contract is usually annual and there is loss in building up fund. An investment income is not account in accessing premium income is not constantly reliable, catastrophic risk is ever present and during depression. The claims ratio is increased.

However, having know that the purpose of investment of insurance fund is to put available fund of others into use or lend it to others with the aim of making profit or dividend.


1.2     Statement of Problem

The following challenges led to this research work, they are:

·        Poor pattern of investment in Union Assurance company.

·        Lack of prudent investment decision by the management of the company.

·        Lack of development capital market and excessive administrative expenditure.

·        Low income and poor maximization in the company.

1.3     Objective of the Study

The aim of this research work is to evaluate the investment of insurance funds in Nigeria with particular reference to Union Assurance Company, the specific objectives of this research work and listed below.

·        To evaluate the pattern of investment in Union Assurance Company in the past.

·        To know how far the organization achieved management efficiency due prudent investment decision.

·        To examine the state of development of the capital market and the administrative expenditure.

·        To examine the reason behind the state of low income and poor profit maximization in the company.

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The Investment Of Insurance Fund In Nigeria