The Concept Of Opinion Leadership And Its Influence In The Marketing Of Fashion Products In Anambra State (a Case Study Of Onitsha Metropolis)

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          This work is aimed at assessing the influence of the concept of opinion leadership on the marketing of fashion products in Anambra State. ( A case study of Onitsha metropolis).

          The researcher study was conducted in Anambra State usjing Onitsha metropolis as our case study.

          The research study also designed to find whether and how managers of various fashion firm perceive and use opinion leaders in the marketing of their products.

          The researcher selected two market from Onitsha metropolis, man market from Onitsha North and Ochanja marmket from Onitsha south to collect information from the dealers of fashion products.

          The data were collected through both primary and secondary source using personal interview and observation questionnaire as necessary.  The researcher interviewed both dealers and consumers.

          The data collected were analysed, and the populated hypotheses tested using Chi- square.

          The following findings were made namely:

          That opinion leadership does not positively influence the quality of fashion product offered in Onitsha.

          The following recommendation were recommended:

          That a fresh study be conducted using a bigger sample and covering a wider area and population.

          The researcher strongly suggest that our marketing firm should insist on using credible opinion leaders who will always deliver the right message, information pertaining the firms fashion product to the market.












Title page                                                                                ii

Certification                                                                                      iii

Dedication                                                                               iv

Acknowledgement                                                                             v

Abstract                                                                                  vi

Table of contents                                                                     viii


Introduction                                                                   1

1.1     Background of the study                                                         1

1.2     Statement of problem                                                    3

1.3     Objectives of the study                                                  4

1.4     Statement of hypothesis                                                          5

1.5     Significant of the study                                                  6

1.6            Scope of  the study                                                                  7

1.7            Definition of terms                                                                  7


Literature Review                                                          9

2.1     Overview of opinion leadership                                              9

2.2     Factors influencing opinions                                          11

23      Peer group influencing fashion                                                14     

 2.4    Overview of fashion                                                      17

2.5     Factors that influence fashion                                        20

2.6     Overview of marketing                                                  23     

2.7     Influence of opinion leadership on marketing                25

2.8            Influence of opinion leadership on the

marketing of fashion products.                                               26

2.9            Influence of opinion leadership on the

Market of fashion product in Onitsha.                                    28     


Research Methodology                                                 31

3.1     Source of Data Collection                                              31

3.2     Population of the Study                                                 32

3.3     Sample size determination                                             32

3.4     Sampling Technique                                                      33

3.5     Research instrument                                                      33

3.6     Data treatment and analysis                                          34

3.7     Allocations and administration questionnaire                         34

3.8     Limitation of the study                                                  35


Presentation analysis sand interpretation of data.                            36

4.1            Presentation Analysis of data                                        36

4.2            Testing the hypothesis                                                   48


          Summary of findings, recommendation and conclusion59

5.1            Summary of findings                                                     59

5.2            Recommendations                                                                   60

5.3            Conclusion                                                                     61

Bibliography                                                                  63

Appendix                                                                       66







The     concept of opinion leadership emerged from a study conducted by lazar field   and his colleagues on the influence of mass media on individual voting behaviour in the 1940.

Presidential election in United state contrry to expectations, it was found that influencing did not flow directly from a  medium (press, radio e.t.c) to an audience but was channeled through    an intermediary who was designated the “opinion leader”. It was this finding which gave rise to two step model of communication which states  that certain members of the population act as fillers and amplitiers for messages and todays, this has formed the main focus and strong hold of the concept of opinion leadership.  Common observations and many community studies shows are certain people who are mostly concerned about particular issues as well as most articulates about them and other therefore go to them for information and advice.

          Furthermore, indept studies recently have consistently found that the individual who transmit other is also more likely to receive information from others.  For example, a person who frequently expresses opinion about sports equipmenet will also be more likely to listen to other opinion about such equipment.

          The balance of evidence between these studies is that opinion leaders actually abound in ourrr society and wherever the exist, they take it upon themselves to mould and change attitude and behaviour of others in areas where they wied influence. In  marketing context, the use of opinion leader is without question constitute major  target for marketers especially in the area of fashion diffusion.  This area of interest has been acclaimed to be most fitted for the effective use of opinion leaders.  For instance, an astute fashion firm that can get a famour.

Personality such as a television star, a woman group leader and an outstanding society girl in a university to waer and endorse xa new style of clothing for women will probably have little problem in moving her merchandise since people in their respective group or social clases may try to identify with them thereby increasing the market share and further push up the profit potentials of the firm.  Today, evidnce has shown that opinion leaders are found in all starta if the society therefore it behoves the marketers to identify and reach opinion leaders with those personality characteristics relevant to their respective business and make use of them in the marketing of their product.  This will go a long way to complementary the use of 4ps (product, price, place and promotion) towards achieving the desired effect especially in area of serious competition that abound now in our society.



There is a general understanding that fashion firms in the country have not been making maximum use of opinion leaders, despite the immense benefit associated with the use of them in the marketing of cfashion product.  This could be attributable to the fact that many firms marketing manager are still ignorant of their existence or are aware but still nurse the felling that the use of 4ps of marketing is enough toget their products across to the customers.  What actually prevents them from making use of the opportunity and how can they be stimulated to recogniiiiise the immense use opinion leader could be to them.  These constitute the problem areas, which the researcher wishes to look into so as to better the situation of the fashion firms, and also help to bring the role and influence of opinion leaders to the limelight.


    1.3          OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

                             The researcher is designed to find whether and if so                         how managers of various fashions firm perceive and use                         opinion leaders in the marketing of their products.

1.                 To show how different people perceive or view opinion leaders and their activities.

2.                 To find out what specific influences they have on peoples adoption process.

3.                 To find out whether fashion houses make use of opinion leaders in the marketing of their product

4.                 To find out to what extent it has spured and helped the fashion firms in their business.

5.                 To make recommendations.


1.4     STATEMENT OF HYPOTHESES                           

Based on the above objectives the following hypotheses would be tested.

Ho:    Opinion leadership do not positively influenced the quality of fashion products offered in Onitsha.   

H1:    Opinion leadership positively influences the quality of fashion products offered in Onitsha.

Ho:    Opinion leadership does not positively influence the price 7 fashion product offered in Onitsha.

H2:    Opinion leadership positively influences the price of fashion products offered in Onitsha.

Ho:    Opinion leadership does not positively influence the profitability  of fashion products offered in Onitsha.

H3:    Opinion leadership positively influence the marketing activities of fashion product   offered in Onitsha.

Ho:    Opinion leadership does not influence the marketing activities 7 fashion products in Onitsha.

H4:    Opinion leadership positively influence the   marketing activities 7 fashion   product in Onitsha.



This study is not a mere academic exercise.  It holds immerse benefits, it will be of significance to the following:

Firstly, the consumers of fashion products will equally benefit if the company adopted the finding of the study. The products will be available to them at the right time and at the right price.

Fashion firms and Onitsha metropolis will gain immensely from the as it explore the impact of concept of opinion leadership performance of their operations and suggest more success oriented) ways of enhancing their performance.

Finally, both the researcher and reader will benefit from the study as the information contained would widen their scope of understanding and knowledge in th area of study which stir up further investigations.   


          1.6     SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This study concentrated on opinion leadership and its influence on the marketing of fashion product.  However, because of time, money and other constraints emphasis was placed on Onitsha metropolis.


          1.7     DEFINITION OF TERMS

                   OPINION LEADER:

Igbodi (1990) said that opinion leader could defend as an individual who frequently exerts influence on other through word of mouth communication.


According to ODO (2003) said that gate keepers are the people in the organization who have control over the flow of information to others.  They are also people who first pick messages from sources and in turn pass them to the audience or members of their group.

                   OPINION LEADERSHIP

According to Agbagha (1995) opinion leadership reffered to as the initiatives and leaders of thought in any given society, whose act as an influence on others.  Opinion leadership are also those by virtue of their placements and or experience in society or group are looked upon as initiators 7 actions and innovators and also for general direction and guidance.





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The Concept Of Opinion Leadership And Its Influence In The Marketing Of Fashion Products In Anambra State