The Role Of Public Relations In Enhancing Customers’ Sati Station (a Case Study Of Nigerian Airways Enugu )

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This study is aimed at pointing out the function of pubic relations officer in customer’s satisfaction in Nigeria Airways Enugu.

        Research method: The data for this study were collected through questionnaire.

        Thereafter the data collected were analyzed using chi – square method (X2) =  (0  -e) 



        Which served to out qualitative characterizes

 In the data into numerical form and relationships.

        The research finding the essentials of public relations officer in an establishment.

        The effect of public relations in promoting the image of an organization. 





Title page                                                                  II

Approval page                                                            III

Dedication                                                                 IV

Acknowledgement                                                       V

Abstract                                                                     VI

Table of content                                                                 VII


INTRODUCTION                                                      1

1.1        Background of the study                                      9

1.2        The objectives of Nigerian Airway                          10    

1.3        Statement of research problem                             12

1.4        Objective of the study                                          14

1.5        Significance of the study                                      15

1.6        Research questions                                             17

1.7        Research Hypothesis / Null Hypothesis                   17

1.8        Conceptual of Operational Definition                      18

1.9        Definition of terms Operational                             20

1.10    Assumptions                                                       21

1.11    Limitation of the study                                         22



2.1        The origin and concept public relations                  23

2.2        The place of public relation in an Organization                27

2.3        Publics                                                               31

2.4        Corporate Image                                                32    

2.5        Social Responsibility                                            34

2.6        The pubic relations practitioner                             38

2.7        Summary of Literature review                               40


RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                    43

3.1        RESEARCH Method                                             43

3.2        Research design                                                         43

3.3        Expression Instrument                                                

3.4        Measuring Instrument                                                 45

3.5        Method off data analysis                                      46


4.1        Data analysis and interpretation                            47

4.2        Table 1:  Measurement on image problem

 of Nigerian Enugu                                              49

4.3        Table 2: Measurement on the role played by the public relations                                                              50

4.4        Table 3 :- Measurement of the basic steps

 top  be taken                                                    52

4.5        Table 4:- Measurement of effects of

 political interference                                           55

4.6        Discussion                                                          57


5.1        Summary and recommendation for further study    62

5.2        Recommendations                                              65

5.3        Conclusion                                                                 68

Bibliography                                                               71



In any organization, the need to maintain the image of the organization is in our contemporary societies a private one hence this  study survey the role of public relations in enhancing consumer’s satisfaction. We set out to find   whether Nigeria Airways Enugu, has in any  way satisfied or disssatidied the total number of  people or customers that  have been satisfied or dissatisfied by the organization. This study will also x – rays how far the PR roles have helped or will help to co-ordinate the organizations perception of the Nigeria airways image when determined are bed, them the researchers would be in a better position to advise and make necessary recommendations in order to enhance it’s image. And also, to contribute to the knowledge of mass communication and indeed to the acknowledge  of geniality of Nigerian in their quest for the effect of customers satisfaction in government and in parastatals. 

        The Nigeria Airways is a public interest and business enterprise and as such is required to succeed.   

        As a public institute devoted to the servicing of the public interest , it must have its customers, satisfactions as its prime motive  to  enhance and achieve public co-operation and acceptance. As a business institute, the Nigeria Airways must use business principles to operate in such a way that  it be comes economically strong enough to  depend and sustain its independence against crumbling. 

        Against the background the Nigeria Airways, instituted  the public relations department to help foster the activities of the organization in order to achieves it aims and objectives. This is so because no business oriented organization can make any meaningful achievement without the it is easy identifiable that the basic philosophy underlying public relation practice is prime importance in all spheres of activities. The public relations man engages himself in doing he has done. This involves winning friends, keeping them and influencing them, as well as others it also involves looking good by building and sustaining good image or goodwill through good deeds that will wim favourable consideration for Nigerian Airways Enugu among members of the public.

        Public relations by definition according to frank Jefekins states “that public relation is the process of assessing consumer wants establishing communication fastening good will so that consumer wants or needs can be profitable satisfied”. I

        Another definition of public relations according to the editors of public relations news, PR is a philosophy and function of management, which evaluate public attitudes, identities the policies of  an individual or organization  with public interests and execute a programme of actions to earn public understanding and acceptance”.

        From these definitions, it is obvious that the public relations man blends the public interest with that of the organization for optimal achievement. It also identified the need  for the public relations man to evaluate the public attitude and conception of the organization with the area of attaining and eliciting favourable actions  where necessary. As a result of this, customers satisfaction in the activities of Nigeria Airways, Enugu among others should pursued. One way of doing this is to map out a programme of action that is, customers oriented and favourable to the generality of the people.

        In actual sense, Nigeria Airways, Enugu cannot exist in a vacuum. It cannot grow if it neglects the existence of its customers it must function as an institution ready to compute the customers.  This includes expressing her policies and practices through communication for general awareness.

        However, this communication function can best be formed if public relations manager is given its appropriate place in the management of Nigeria Airways, Enugu.

        Sincerely speaking, the  Nigeria Airs, is fast recognizing the enormous function which public relation would perform if allowed into the strategic decision making level of the organization. In this contemporary society, the public scrutiny and accountability is on the increase. It is imperative therefore, that good public relation should enhance good will and customers satisfaction in the organization.

        The image of the  Nigerian Airways, Enugu depends on the her behavior and financial performance her making policies and the quality of her products or services, the management style, approach and the resultant satisfaction. The protection and maintenance of the Nigeria Airways Enugu image is the fundamental responsibility of public relation. As the conscience of the organization and its public and monitors the diffusion of the programmes of the organization to know when it impinges public opinion and warfare.  

        George Flangan stated that “if an individual contact and experience with  co-operation is extensive, his proposed image of the coronation is likely to be  strong, positive and relatively stable if , on the other hand, the individual’s familiarity with corporation is slight, as is most of the case, the mage will probably be weak, (negative) Lazy and unstable” 2

        The only meaning drawn from this statement is that, if the level or degree of customer’s satisfaction in any organization is high; the customer tends to maintain more cordial relationship and vice-verse. It is the image of  the organization that attracts popularity among the potential customers. In this sense, the only image that can last long is the one that its stand is valid, true and authentic.

Candidly no organization can satisfy its mummeries customers with out being perceived first by the customers or trusted and dependable, so far Nigeria Airways to maintain the line of dependability, its policies , performance and pubic reactions have in his interaction with a company constitutes to the attitude he forms about it.      

        The dependability of the organization depends on the degree of the comfort given to  her customers and her good will. As regards to these facts Walter asserts “ No administrative scheme is workable with put good will and good will aboout strange practices is impossible new development in Nigeria Airways, Enugu, that is not communicated to the potential customers in clear terms and with clear evidences show so as to elicit favourable actors to attain mutual understanding will be an effort in futility.

        It is therefore important  that Nigeria Airways Enugu should acquaint it self with the customers for cordiality through continuos and systematic public relations practice. It is essential that all public reaction activities of the Nigeria Airways are within the frame work often agreed and understood the corporate personality.

        The modern business organization, quick to recognize the changes in the environment, has adjusted. It has more comprehensive and positive programmes by responding to community  expectations and pressures. This, for short, is the spring board of the concept of goodwill and customers satisfaction.

        However, the activities of Nigerian Airways and prospects c an better be under of view of its origin. To this end, below is the mark off point of Nigeria Airways.




The history of the organization would traced to 1945 when it was incorporated as West African Airways corporation (W.A.A.C) to understate operation which the Royal Airforce left behind at the end of would war “., was then jointly owned by former Bristish colonis manly; Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Sier Leone. The African Airways corporation (WA.A.C) was managed by West African Transport Authority (W.A.A.TA).

        On attainment of independence in 1957, Ghana pulled out to set up its own Air line, the Ghana Airways, leaving Nigeria, British overseas Airways cooperation (BOAC) and Eldr Dempstr lines as the owner of what remained (WAAC) .

        The Federal Government took total controls of the business in Augusts 23, 1958 by buying out the shares of its partners, the B.O.A.C and Elder Dempster lines. In this sense the airline because 100 percent Nigeria owned and the name changed to Nigeria airways limited. In the same vain, after some years Nigeria Airways Enugu was established. 


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The Role Of Public Relations In Enhancing Customers’ Sati Station