The Role Of Public Relations In Improving Nigeria International Trade A Case Study Of Eleganza Plastic Industry Onitsha

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          We all believe in communication we also say that any management which endorses good communications in house and externally in enlightened. Why anyone should be regarded as enlightened in simply propagating and explaining their own policy or point of view escapes the researcher. As Henry Tames put it “it must be part less to work in the dark, or pursuing a relentless chche- hidden train of thought to made you light under a bush”.

          Public relation as one of the making promotional tools (promo tools) is now an important part of modern business management is not realized. This is because PR is often suspect, and is equated in the eyes of some members of the public with an attempt to deceive, to “pull the wool over our eyes: yet this is the very opposite of its real purpose, which is to explain that which may not be fully apparent and to remove that which may not be fully apparent and to remove prejudice and misunderstanding, based on ignorance of the facts.

          In the highly competitive world in which we are however, It is not enough merely to be virtuous one must be seen to be virtuous. PR takes account of this need to focus public attention on all the favourable aspects of a company’s activities. By so doing, it endeavours to create a good climate of opinion in which the organization can pursue its legitimate aims.

          The task of PR therefore is to ensure that the organization is seen to have an effective and valuable influence upon the well being of the trade or industry in which it operates. A good public image is not something that occurs accidentally it requires conscious effort, and that effort needs to be channeled to be effective.

          Good PR is synonymous with good communications this requires knowledge of communications media, especially the press, radio and televisions. This study attempt looking into the problems that hinder the utilization of PR at the international marketing level by focusing on multinationals and exporters in Nigeria. It is done in the light of the fact that face of the world is changing rapidly and with it the tasks of the marketing executive.

          For the modern business organization, public relation’s role is often vital. This is because it is as much apart of management as human resources management or financial management. But it should be noted that for organization to attain its main objectives only well – managed public relations activities”, as was stressed by Dr. Nwosu.

          We can probably all think of organizations, which manage their P.R. well. They are the organizations we trust and are familiar with, with which we fell comfortable and would want to do business. For a marketing executive, the interesting questions how do these organizations with respect and convene people that they are organization to support Dr. Jon White will simple tell you that performance is part of answer. By this answer we can decipher that people will go back to organization which have proven themselves and their products and service reliable. But there is more support at time of crisis, because it has failed to build and sustain important relationships for occasions when they are needed.

          Attempts also, will be made to explore the ways in which PR is used to establish and maintain relationships in International business. Relationships do not necessarily develop along satisfactory lines, rather their development has to be managed to support the interests, objectives, aspirations, products and services of the organization. In recent years, multinational and exporter companies in Nigeria are increasing doing business with overseas partners and associates in their national image abroad the implication is that they are compelled to deal with people of different nationalities, language, customs, senses of value, social and economic views. The question that may arise from this is how do they win the support of all these people (public).

          PR as a means of marketing communication pervades all aspects of our socio- economic life. The meaning is conceived by various organizations in different ways.

          Some organization conceives the meaning from functional point of view as image-maker or hidden persuader and so on. However, in this particular contest the purpose of all that is labeled PR is to influence the relevant public opinion or attitude at the international marketing level in such a positive direction as to ensure good will and mutual understanding in order to achieve the marketing concept objectives.

          Finally, the approach to public relations adopted in this study is intended to be practical and to provide multinational and exporters in Nigeria with guidance towards making proper decisions regarding effective management of international marketing activities.



          There are so many problems facing international marketing all over the world in general and Nigeria in particular from the recent happenings, we can decipher that those problems have been preventing international marketing from optimizing its goals of earning sufficient foreign exchange which enhances the per capital income and national reserve of the country.

          When we look around the world, we can see the fast changing economic, political and social climate every country (nation) wants to succeed, to be heard, to be seen, to be involved in one reasonable thing or another, in order to succeed. We can see the former union soviet socialist Republic (USSR) disintegrating towards capitalistic reforms, south North Korea going towards industrial cum scientific revolution, south African founds transitional programme that will achieve good will and mutual understanding with the outside world and a lot of others. No matter how large or small, however, every nation in the world, including our own, must take very much into account what its own limited resources, It must gain their co-operation. There is need to get other nations to know more about us, what we are doing and what we have to offer.

          In the face of the global economy today. It is on record that Nigeria, is rated to be thirteenth (13th) poorest country in the world the great “Giant of Africa most foreign countries are scared to do business with Nigerians. Again, we have the current “419” syndrome which is making us look dreadful to our foreign visitors and prospective business associates. The political instability in the country does not help matters. According to recent report by Sunday mail “overseas suppliers have reduce level of shipments of automotive component to Nigeria customers as far has griped them that the present political crisis can lead to civil unrest.

          The question that might be asked is what are multinationals and exporters in Nigeria doing all these problems? How are they coping in the face of all these problem?




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The Role Of Public Relations In Improving Nigeria International Trade  A Case Study Of Eleganza Plastic Industry Onitsha