The Construction And Fabrication Of A Candle Moulding Machine

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The candle molding machine is a vital device which cannot be done without, in any nation. This is because of the indispensable role candle plays, especially when there is no either source of light.

In order to enhance adequate supply to both urban and rural consumers, the production of a candle molding machine is important.

The major component of the candle molding machine are: the castled aluminum body, the adjustable screw, which serves as a separation between the too moulds cop and drag (male and female).

The reason why there is no cooling system is because the body is made of non – ferrous metal (aluminum) which does not create much vacuum for heat addition as much as steel do and also the mould has operate in opening system which admit natural air inside the mould when opened to cool the max and enhance the quick solidification of the wax. The mould due to its opening system, it works more efficiently under cool whether condition.


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1.0     Introduction                                                                            1

1.1     Background Information of Candle Moulding Machine                    3

1.2     Problems of the Project (Candle Moulding)                                      4

1.2.1  Lack of Research Materials                                                     4

1.2.2  Cost Involvement                                                                              5

1.2.3  Time Factor                                                                             5

1.2.4  Market Demand                                                                      5

1.2.5  Thread Centering Mechanism                                                  6

1.3     Aims and Objectives of the Investigation

on Candle Moulding Machine                                                 7

1.3.1  Production of Cost of Production                                           7

1.3.2  Improvement on the Pouring Mechanism                                8

1.3.3  Improving Market Demand                                                     8

1.3.4  Improving of the Thread Centering Mechanism                      8


Literature Review                                                                                       10

2.2            One Structure System                                                             11

2.3            The major problems foreseen in such a system are                 11

2.4            The threading device                                                               12

2.5            The feeding channels                                                               13

2.6            Cutting Device                                                                         13


Design Concepts and Analysis                                                                   14


Mode of Construction                                                                       32


Cost                                                                                                  43


Conclusion and Recommendation                                                     48

References                                                                                         50



1.0            INTRODUCTION

In every developing nation like ours, it is supremely pertinent to acquaint ourselves with fabrication of machines and components. The clamour for indigenous technology should not be a lip service but should be pragmatic, so that our abundant local raw materials can be affectively utilized.

One area effort has been made is in the fabrication of candle moulding machine. Candle is one of the domestic items which all and sundry is cognizance of the indispensable role it plays in our various homes. We should not depend on the importation of such vital domestic item –candle.

However, there are already exiting machines for moulding of max into candle. Most of them are complicated in their design and their operation require the knowledge of skilled men and personnel to supervise the operation. Not only this, the cost of importing them here is not a taken, consequently, a candle moulding machine which does the same function of converting max into candle stick has been developed.

The candle mould is not costly, not complicated in design and does not require the knowledge of skilled men for its operation. It is manually operated and can be used in our college industries but owning to the limited number of mould cavities it is more advantageous in our home to produce candlestick when the need arises.

This project, aims at giving solutions to the problems encountered in the previous related project at most economic level. In our material selection we put into consideration of various materials that can be used to produce the fabrication and with which the machine can function satisfactorily at maximum level of safety.





The candle moulding machine shares the same principle as the giant ones produced before it. Likes the gaint ones, it works on the principle of casting. Candle making can be described as the casting of wax into stick form. The molten wax is poured into the mould cavity and is allowed to solidify.

The machine has a moulding box (made of aluminum) having 15 cavities with each cavity making 15mm diameter and mm       length  approximately.

There is adjustable screw which move the mould in horizontal axis and also open and closes as each cast. Due to its opening system the solidification is enhanced quickely.

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The Construction And Fabrication Of A Candle Moulding Machine