Employers’ Perception Of The Hnd Secretarial Graduates In Selected Companies In Enugu Urban

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          Employers perception of the HND Secretarial graduates in the selected companies as titled this research work has through the introduction expressed the statement of problems eg, why are HND Secretarial graduates left to be roaming about the street.  Why are HND holders always been left employed? Why are they always placed at the subordinate position etc and purposely find out how employers of labour perceive the HND secretarial graduates : to find out the effects of these treatment by employers of labour on HND Secretarial Graduates and other employers unfriendly attributes towards these graduates.

          Using the questionnaire methodology of data collection at a total of 110 questionnires administered and collected and using analystical tools such as tables and percentages.  The findings indicate that HND secretarial graduates are perceived in different ways by employers like, saying that they are intrained graduates, executive assistant shorthand typists etc.  also employers were of the opinion that HND Secretarial graduates should possess personal qualities.  Employers use interview and selection tests as the tools for selection of secre and also have unfriendly attitudes towards their secretaries like nicknaming and abusing them.  Based on the above, the study recommends that employers should stop abusing their secretaries in order to raise their morale in their work places, emphasis should not be placed on the possession of shorthand and typewriting fot eh selection of secretaries, etc.

          In conclusion, the attitude of employers of labour towards the HND Secretarial graduates goes to show that employers neglect the profession not knowing what it takes to train a HND Secretarial graduate, hence the issue of roaming about the street unemployed can be anested if the recommendations are implemented.



          Before the study of psychology perception has been in existence.  We study perception to be able to explain our observation of the world around us.  We cannot understand the human perception of the world unless we also understand something about the world as a set of physical structure.  No amount of physical energies nor physiological structure can teach us perception.  The study of perception is primarily psychological.  The main aim of psychology was to explain all the possible thought of ideas we have by their origin in the past and present sensory experience.

          Perception begins with recognition and this process of recognition is a large part of perception.  Technically, a percept is a set of sensations plus the images that the sensory inputs evokes.

          It is very important in the study of organizational behavour, the managers perception of his workers, determines the type of motivation and method of communication that will exist in the organization.

          Primarily, perception is a visual process which indeed we say that we “see” something, what we actually mean is that we perceive or understand it.  As a result of this, employers’ perception of the HND secretarial graduates is indeed the way they see or understand them.

          Selection of HND secretarial graduate is vested in the hand of employers / executives in most organizations.  The HND secretarial graduates are always subjected to testing, interviewing and other forms of evaluation for purposes of employment or promotion.  Sometimes, those who evaluate them have never been secretaries and do not have adequate knowledge of the dept and breadth of secretarial training.  These employers use wrong tools in measuring the effectiveness and capabilities of then secretaries and do not know the valid test which will act as an accurate predictor of an effective performance.

          Most employers look at HND secretarial graduates as skilled shorthand typist and therefore, design the criteria for their evaluation from that point of view.  For example research studies show that in majority of cases of recruitment, speeds in shorthand and typewriting are the only criteria.  To them a HND Secretarial graduate does not perform any other function other than taking down dictations in shorthand and transcribing them on the typewriter.  The employers are consistent in the use of these


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Employers’ Perception Of The Hnd Secretarial Graduates In Selected Companies In Enugu Urban