The Challenges Of Word Processing To Secretaries In Some Elected Financial Institutions In Enugu State

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          This project is on the challenges of word processor to secretaries in some selected financial institutions in Enugu state. Questions have been asked on whether word processor had a problems in secretarial practice or not? Will the introduction of word processor not make additional demands on the secretary in terms of skill training and finally, will it not straight away leads to redundancy and subsequently loss of job for some secretaries.

          The project comprises of five chapters. Chapter one deals with background information, statement of problems research questions, scope of study, significance of the study and definition of terms.

          Chapter two deals with review of related literature, word processor, functions of word processor, word processor as an aid to decision making, word processor and achievement of organizational goals and challenges posed by word processor to secretaries.

          Chapter three deals with the method use in collecting data. The findings of the researcher was that word processor has indeed posed a lot of challenges to secretaries. One of the challenges is  that secretaries have undergone training in order to keep abreast with the use of machine.

          In chapter four, dealt with data analysis and presentation. Simple percentage was used to analyzed and interpret the data collected.

          The researcher discovered that word processor does not constitute a threat to secretaries, instead she used it as part of her tools and processing of information which aid decision making.

          My recommendation is that the employee of labor especially secretaries should endeavor to provide word processors and engage their secretaries in an in service training on how to use the machine.



Title page

Approval page




Table of content



1.1            Background of information

1.2            Statement of the study

1.3            Purpose of the study

1.4            Scope of the study

1.5            Need for the study

1.6            Significance of the study

1.7            Definition of terms




2.1            Word processor

2.1.1    Functions of word processor

2.1.2    Word processor as an aid to decision making

2.1.3    Word processor and achievement of organizational goals

2.1.4    Challenges posed by word processor to secretaries

2.1.5    Misconception/threat of word processing

2.1.6    Types of word processing

2.1.7    Word processing personnel

2.1.8    Word processing personnel chart

2.1.9    Advancement opportunity and word processing career path




3.1   Research design

3.2     Area of study

3.3            Population of the study

3.4            Sample and sampling procedure

3.5            Instrument for data collection

3.6            Validation of the research instrument

3.7            Reliability of the research instrument

3.8            Method of administration of the research instrument.




4.1     Hypothesis




5.1            Summary of findings

5.2            Conclusions

5.3            Implications

5.4            Recommendations

5.5            Limitations of study

5.6            Suggestion topics for future researcher.






          The business world is witnessing a new industrial revolution based on the new information technology. This new industrial revolution refers to all new technologies on micro electronics or computer systems, fax, systems and other information based system that people use as a means of storing, retrieving and communicating vast amount of data and information quickly e.g the word processor.

          Office method and services are daily getting complete and the volume of word to be handled is increasing also. The quality of service to be handled is increasing, like reaction or response time expected of the office work is now shorter than it has been in the recent past.

          There is therefore the need for office administrator which includes the secretary to cope with the increasing quality and quantity of services required.

          However, the availability of these word processors can be used to improve the administration and management of both the public and private sectors. Just like most other technologies introduced in industries and other organization, the word processor are capital intensive, labor saving and cost saving. 

          They could therefore be used to enhance productivity. According to Aanson (1992) “increased productivity result from increase dexterity and also by saving of time cost and moving from one work to another to invention of mechanic that abridge labor which man to do the work of many.

          The technology has been integrated into one and is assuming an increasing high profit in organization in the nation. Both government administration, business performance and its level of usage and cost growth

          In parallel, the technology confirms to evolve at a remarkable speed. The result is that whilst word processors make increasing demand on technological expertise on the user, it is also fast becoming a key concern for various businesses organization in terms of  how to acquire and sustain the technology to use it properly and efficiently.

          The researcher seeks to analyze, introduce and suggest ways of using the word processor which are available as a result of advancement in technology. Hence the topic “A survey of secretaries using word processor with an aim to identifying the problems and prospects (using Union Bank as a case study)”

          The use of word processor in a modern office provides the secretary with the necessary tools needed to have their entire routine task performed automatically. It leaves them free to creative productivity and promotes the best climate for maximum efficiency. Hence we say that the word processor represents an evolution of office equipment not a revolution. It will also look the extent the word processor has been effective meeting the need of the business world.



          Manual data processor much of the information that is handled in an office is processed by hand or manually. The receipt prepared after payment and the sales slip completed in a department store are of information prepared manually.

          Every organization data processes are done manually. In some small business most of the records are hand written. In some companies, none of these activities would be done manually but in other all of them are, the trend today is towards ever-greater use of anon0manual methods of processor, but manual continue to be used. For thousand years, all business company was processed manually. This wasn’t always a satisfactory method because it was so slow. Then came the typewriter, computing machines, duplicators, (machines that make copies and other mechanical devices. They speeded up word processor enormously. It was necessary to write every thing by hand even business letters. This was a slow and costly process and usually no more than one or two copies could be made of a business documents at a time. Secretaries will do many work like processing activities including the preparation of letters and reports, financial statement and dozens of other papers. The introduction of electronic word processor not too many years ago made greater speeds possible and also made possible many special used pf the computer. With many copies of a document could produced at a time.

          While the secretaries received office workers of the burden of writing everything by hand, computing machines freed them of most of their hand computation chores. Not only are computing machines faster, they are also more accurate.

          The speed of operations has greatly increased performing many thousand of work or calculation in a second but in manual word processor you use hand mind and brain.

          Reduced cost is ability to utilize a wide variety of input and output media gives the user greatly increase flexibility in data input alternatives and output formats. Manually when large numbers are involved coupled with long and difficult equation, the tendency to miscalculate is high

          Word processors have electronic keyboard with alphanumerical keys as well as the function key or manual keys for inputting data into the system. Manual keyboard other than the hand and pen and even where is a keyboard, the keys are manually operated. Typographical error is corrected by operating special command keys. Manual erasers or correction fluids may be used. This makes work very untidy and rough.

          Deleted or erased letters may be called or retrieved, but with manual typewriter, this is not possible word processors make text preparation quick and easy. They facilitate editing correcting, revising and making other changes without retyping the letter. They encourage natural flow of creativity without worrying about what the final printed document will be like because the word processor or the computer take care of it. This is not possible with manual typewriter. Word processor makes text preparation quick and easy. They facilitate editing, correcting revising and making other changes without retyping the text.


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The Challenges Of Word Processing To Secretaries In Some Elected Financial Institutions In Enugu State