The Problems Of Male Secretaries In Female Dominated Profession

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This project work is intend to identify and proffer solutions to the problems, male secretaries encountered in what is assumed to be a female dominated profession. The research is intended to the of value not only to those in the profession, but also male persons who are aspiring to become secretaries. Relevant literature were reviewed. Information were also obtained on personal experience from practicing male secretaries, questionnaire, asking specific questions regarding those problems were administered. In methodology, survey method was simple percentage and all the population were used and there was no sample size. From the analyzed data the following findings emanated. A greater percentage of male secretaries though, did not take to the profession as their career first choice but they enjoy being a secretary. The male secretaries do not have any complain being a secretary. The moral of male secretaries is affected mainly by poor societal acceptance as well as limited career prospects. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that government should air-in-an enlightment programme in Radio or television to disabuse the mind set of the public about the view on the male secretary in the profession and greater responsibilities should be given to them to make the job more interesting and unavailable.   







Title page                                                                                 i

Approval page                                                                         ii

Dedication                                                                               iii

Acknowledgement                                                                   iv

Abstract                                                                                  v

Table of contents                                                                     vi

List of tables                                                                            ix


INTRODUCTION                                                          1

1.1   Background of the study                                                1

1.2   Statement of the study                                                   5

1.3   The objective or purpose of the study                             5

1.4   Scope of delimitation of the study                                  6

1.5   Significance of the study.                                                6

1.6   Research question                                                          7




2.0  LITERATURE REVIEW                                          8

2.1   Business attributes                                                                11

2.2   Personal attributes                                                         13

2.3   Personal quantities of a secretary in the office               15

2.4   Summary of literature review 


3.0  RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                 24

3.1   Research design                                                              24

3.2   Area of the study                                                            24

3.3   Population of the study                                                  25   

3.4   Sample and sampling procedure                                    25

3.5   Instrument of data collection                                         25

3.6   Validation of research instrument                         27   

3.7   Reliability of the research instrument                            27

3.8   method of data collection                                                28

3.9   Method of data analysis                                                  28

3.10Decision rule                                                                   30


4.1  DATA PRESENTATION OF RESULTS                         31

42.   Summary of findings                                                         49



5.1   Discussion of results                                                      50

5.2   Conclusion                                                                      51

5.3   Recommendation                                                             52

5.4   Suggestion for further research                                       53

5.5   Limitation of the study                                                    54

Reference                                                                                  56

Appendix I                                                                               57

Appendix II                                                                               58 







Table 1

Response on how secretaries are faring in their career

Table ii

Response on how secretaries are enjoying their profession

Table iii

Response on secretaries relationship with their boss.

Table iv

Response if there is any complains in being a male secretary

Table v

Response on how courtesy demand of a secretarial profession.

Table vi

Response on the edge female secretaries has over male secretaries.

Table vii

Response on how the low numbers of male secretaries

Table viii

Response or those working as a secretary.

Table ix 

Response on boss delegation of duties to secretary.

Table x

Response on how people feel about male secretaries.

Table xi

Response on how directors treat secretaries

Table xii

Response on how secretarial profession should be made on for the female fender.

Table xiii

Response on how bosses treat their subordinate

Table xiv 

Response on how male secretaries regret for practicing the profession.

Table v

Response on how male secretaries contemplate leading the profession.

Table xvi

Response on how condition of service commensurate with their comtepart

Table xvii

Response on how subordinate remunerated for work.

Table xviii

Response in advancing to managerial passion

Table xix

Response on how they identity themselves with their boss.

Table xx

Response on additional responsibilities of secretaries.   











The problems of male secretary have often been a topic for discussion. Studies have shown that for a long time, the topical average male person employed in the secretarial profession has been assumed to be in a field meant for the female gender. This problem become more compounded as the society generally holds this view. Even authors and publishers of secretarial books deficit every examples of a secretary with a female photograph. One field that may well appeal to he college woman is the secretarial profession. No other profession offer to woman so wide variety of occupational areas other to than secretarial profession.

        Bollo (1994) stated that, this assumption has over the years been proved wrong as we now have women in almost every field that can be through of.

        Many business executive both in the private and public sectors of the economy particularly those in higher level position identify a secretary as a capable confidential secretary who takes dictation, knows the work intimately enough to assume responsibility for the independent performance of all kinds of routine tasks, thus relieving the executive.

        One way or the other, the male secretary find himself in a fix. The nature of being their own boss and not having to answer “Sir” to bosses some always and will continue to be a psychological problem. There are some exemptions to this problem that is, these men who are out for the job in spite of talks of not being man enough to stand on his feet, but those men who come out of this shell to say they are secretaries  are mostly greater with empathy. As a result of this empathy, there is the tending of them getting bored of het job leading to discontentment and frustration.

        Beamer (1962) stated that, looking at the public encountered by male secretaries from another perspective is their boss’s suspicion of any disloyalty, a suspicion which is easily aroused by the secretary talking to someone else about his work. The boss of someone organization do not employ men as their secretaries because they assumed they would compete with them and possibly go offer their job.

        In other to reduce male suspicion of their competitors, careful separations were made at first between the work of male and female secretary. It was then discovered that women’s dexterity patience and docility made them more ideals to act as secretaries. This again added to the male secretary problem, the male secretaries complain of being over stressed. Stress as we all knows is an unhealthy hazard and this may lead to ill-heath and on the long run affect his productivity.

        Today’s  male secretary also acts as maid on different ways and at different stages in his carrier to different bosses, which at times make him work like an office household servant.

        On the home front, the male secretaries like any other busy man who works cate to see that jobs are completed on time. In other to avoid delays in organization policies. They may find themselves in difficult situation with their wives. The fact that he might have to travel out of station for days will no doubt affect his family responsibilities. This results in nagging screening and calling of names.

Tower (1963) stated that:

I love my job, my boss is great

My office is beautiful, but I late to work

Because after road

I have another job waiting for me at home.

There is the problem of considerable low job satisfaction due to discontentment and alienation in any form resulting from lack of freedom to exercise control over his job. This mostly arises if the boss is a female and the male secretary has the parochial belief that the male is always the boss.


In the past, the secretarial profession has been mainly a female dominated field, which had not been penetrated early by men. Men started taking to the profession when it became sophisticated technological find more challenging venture.

        The problem therefore, is to find out the reason for female domination of the profession as it was in most cases not the male first career choice.


The purpose of the study is to find out ways and means of solving the problems which affected the male secretaries in profession with particular reference to office technology and management.

1.     To find out female secretaries are more attracted to customers that the male secretaries in an organization.

2.     To find out whether female secretaries are also submissive to work when compared to male secretaries.

3.     To find out some of the male secretaries that never have the intention of reading the course are greeted with empathy.

4.     To know whether many are given time for male secretaries to exercise freedom in doing their jobs.

5.     To find out of most of the male secretaries doesn’t devote their time in doing job. 

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The Problems Of Male Secretaries In Female Dominated Profession