The Study Of Computer Literacy And Its Effect On The Job Performance Of Modern Secretaries In Power Holding

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Since the inception of computer this present age, a lot of changes has been in the business organizations, demonstrative work and communication  filed as well. The  main aim of this study includes, whether use of computer has affected employment considerably in the secretarial sector, this study is to determine  computer literacy and it effect on the job performance of modern secretaries in power holding company of Nigeria headquarters Enugu . population of the study was drawn from all professional secretaries in power holding company Nigeria limited headquarters, No5 Okpara Avenue, Enugu, Data were collected using questionnaire, interviews and oral questions the findings revealed that the use of old equipment makes secretaries work difficult and untidy even wastes time and most secretaries in the organization find it difficult to acquire new skill required to operate the computer because of management refusal to train and re-train them to be computer literate secretaries encounters many problem, like problem of calculating figures with computer not typing letter with computers, the researcher recommended that organization should provide on the job training facilities for the secretaries in order to help them improve technologically especially when new machines like computer, or word processor is introduced. The government should help the organization were secretaries are trained by providing adequate. Computer equipments and highly skilled trainers to enable them achieve aims as secretaries.                                        






Title page                                                                                 i

Approval page                                                                  ii

Dedication                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                            iv

Abstract                                                                           v

Table of contents                                                             vi


INTRODUCTION                                                      1

1.1      Background of the Study                                                 1

1.2      Statement of the problem                                                6

1.3      Purpose Of The Study                                              7

1.4      Scope of the study                                                   8

1.5      Significance of the study                                          9

1.6      Research question I hypothesis                               9


LITERATURE REVIEW                                          11

2.1      Definition of Computer                                            12

2.2      Computer And Emerging Technologies, Generations

 Of Computer And Changing Technologies                      22

2.3      Historical Development of computer                                26

2.4      The Importance Of Computer Literacy                     28

2.5      Importance Of Computer Literacy On Modern

Secretaries                                                               30

2.6      Summary of Literature Review                                         31


METHODOLOGY                                                     33

3.1      Research Design                                                      33

3.2      Area of the study                                                      34

3.3      Population of the study                                            34

3.4      Sample sampling technique                                     34

3.5      Instrument For Data Collection                               34

3.6      Validity of the instrument                                                35

3.7      Reliability  of Instruments                                               35

3.8      Method of Data Collection                                       35

3.9      Method of data analysis                                           36

3.10  Decision rule                                                           37


DATA PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS                                 37

4.1      Presentation And Analysis                                               37

4.2       Summary Of Findings                                                  44



5.0        Discussion of Finding                                                            45

5.1       Conclusions                                                                           46

5.2         Recommendations                                                               46

5.3       Suggestions For Further Study                                             47

5.4       Limitation Of The Study                                                        48

References                                                               50

Appendix 1                                                              51

Appendix 11                                                            52









Table I:     Indicates how computer literacy  facilitates

speed of operation of certain office functions   37


Table 2:    Indicating the extent computer literacy

helps in calculating figures                              38


Table  3:   Indicating the extent computer literacy

 assists secretaries in calculating figure to be

 sent to customers                                           40


Table 4:    Indicating the extent computer  literacy could

help in getting information to be

translated into official correspondence            41


Table 5:      Indicating the extent computer literacy assist

modern secretaries to cover routing meetings.          43









Since the inception of computer this present  age, a lot of changes has been made in business organization administration works and communication filed as well. The main aim of their study includes, whether the use of computer has affected employment considerably  in the secretarial sector.

Its as study to determine, computer literacy and it  effects on the job performance on modern secretaries in power holding company Nigeria  P. L.C Headquarters Enugu.


1.1      Background of the Study

Today, the business world is undergoing a far reaching but fortunately bloodless revolution due to the advancement in technology the business men, companies and business center, infact every being has seen the impact that new modern technology is having on peoples laves. One of the technology that have the greatest impact on our society today is “computer technology” the rapid growth’s in computer with its attendant, socio economic and political effects are being felt  daily. Telecommunication efficiency would thus be impossible without the Automatic electronic computer. Computer facilitates scientific research, development, and international business, also depends on it.

In a very real since, the computer is a vital tool for management  decision making processes.

Technology has evolved the functions of the secretary to rely on different types of improved and standardized equipment.

It has devised varied stages and concept far factitive productivities within and outside the organization. The single availability of both the human resources and technological  equipment facilities is in-complete for any stage  and level of implementation .

However, an effective combination of both factors will achieve the desired goals or result.

Lucy (2001), has this say about the computer as one of the technologies, it the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pectoral, textural and numerical information by a micro-electrics based combination of computing and telecommunication while Ononagbo (2002) noted that “computer as one of the information technology, is now a revolution which has penetrated almost all filed of human activities thus, trans forming our economics, it is clear that the issue of study of computer literacy refers tot eh host of system, equipment and matierla  essentially which are used to achieve the set goals of a secretary functions of an office such as obtaining staring, processing and destruction will productivity.

Computer has become a house-hold name this under scores the need for a secretary to be computer literate no matter his or her course of study. If offers a great assessorial in industrial operation control, automated manufacturing system and so on.

Thus, a change in technological advancement a secretary is expected to have among her basic qualifications a good knowledge of computer. As can be seen almost every divestment for the position of a secretary today.

Anikene (2008) the Abacus could not help as much as expected and this was eh reason for John Nappers (ascot) invention of logarithm a tabular system of Libran. Jams Riffy 1879, Charles keffering – 1909 continuous the inventions towards finding improved method of computing by developing.

-              Digital computers

-              Calculating Machines

-              Recording machines

-              Computing machines

-              Accounting machines

The ability to deal affectivity with information technologies  in business, industries and increasingly in our homes has created a need for what has  been called “computer literacy.

The introduction of computer technology has provided a number of offices equipment and machines such as:

-              Computer

-              Word processor

-              Scanning machines  

-              Transcribing machines

This break through in technology has helped the modern secretary in the following ways.

-              Ralf of work monitory and frustration.

-              Serving  of time and labour

-              Efficient  services

-              Management oriented function

Despite this signification potential and advantageous evidence, shown computer success in various industrial enterprises in develop economics it has been discovered that most business organization still depend on the conventional   techniques of short sighted decision making  process.

Individuals have openly expressed the fear that those wonderful machines would replace secretary and therefore create unemployment  to secretaries.

The roles of the secretary is clearly seen because the receiving of mails, issuing the incoming and outgoing mails and typesetting designing of letter head is done by the secretaries through  the use of computer.                      

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The Study Of Computer Literacy And Its Effect On The Job Performance Of Modern Secretaries In Power Holding