The Appraisal Of Materials Handling Management In Manufacturing Firms In Nigeria

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The need for effective and efficient inventory control. Recent advancement and technology in business activities have generated the need for inventory management and control. For more than a decade now, inventories were handled by a clerk in a routine manner without applying the techniques of inventory but in a recent time, proper attention has been given to inventory management and control.

In  the effect of inventory control adequate care is taken in the assessment of the items cum materials to be hold in stock, decide the extent of stock holding of items individually and finally regulating the input and issue of stock into and from store cum warehouses. Any management that neglects inventory control will definitely run into costs that will generally reduce its corporate profit. Shortages in inventory will interrupt production and will further lead to losses. On the other hand if there is unintentional excess of stocking of materials in inventories, the organization’s funds will be tied up in stock instead of using it  for profitable purposes. It is of these fact that any organization will decide on how much and how often  to place order in order to minimize the cost involved and equilibrate the total cost resulting from excess stocking and under stocking. Therefore the importance of the effect of inventory control in the modern enterprises cannot be over emphasized.

The brief history of ABC transport, associated bus company limited operation of ABC transport  commenced operation in road passenger transportation on February 1st 1993, as an off-shoot of rapid identities with a view to running a model road transportation system in Nigeria. In March 2003, capital alliance private equity (GAPE) acquire 30% shares of ABC transport with  the acquisition, capital alliance (Nigeria) because stake holders in ABC transport, a partnership that repositioned the company for  greater performance. ABC Transport Operates luxury bus services according to transportation, its services are specially designed for distinguishing. Evers who would otherwise use our services. The operations within Nigeria is carried out in ultra modern terminals with considerable languages in various cities like Lagos (Jibpwu and Estac), Aba, Owerri, Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Okene, Onithsa and Umuahia etc. ABC buses are double with the company’s trademark the reindeer. The choice of the render as the company’s trademark. Symbol was made after a careful study for peculiarities of the animal, which is strong fast and moves in hard. For the company’s trademark achievement in transportation, ABC transport was adjudged the best transporters in Nigeria by  the chartered institute of transport Nigeria and has since their consistently won the national bus operator of the year award along with other accolade s by renowned bodies.


Most organizations do not realize the essence of importance of maintaining an efficient and need for inventory control mechanism and because of this, many of these organizations cannot find their feet in business. Some of the factors that contributed to their inability to find their feet in business also include, lack of proper inventory of loads, tieing of capital, loss through obsolescence and deterioration. At  the same time, shortages of materials have arises at the time when they are urgently needed and with this operators are delayed. It is based with the effect of inventory control of the modern enterprises even as it applies to the ABC transport and also profer solutions through this work.


Inventories are stock of finished goods and raw materials kept for strategic reasons by organization. Inventory are necessary to run the organization more efficiently by keeping the operation at a fair level, rate and maintain optimum stock levels. The objectives include determine the following; who makes inventory decision in the ABC transport? If the systems in use in the ABC transport are working in line with the organizations goal? And where this is not the case, to help suggest ways of improving on their performances, this study will help the ABC transport to recognize the problems invent in the management and control of inventories in the organization and on how to solve the problems.


The following research questions will be used for the project.

(a)       Does ABC transport patronage reduce risk of transport adulterated passengers.

(b)      Does the ABC transport provide variables than general company.


This study will be of benefit to  the following persons or group of persons:

(a)     The Government: The government will be able to know how resources are being managed and controlled in the modern enterprise.

(b)     The Modern Enterprise: The modern enterprises will be able to identify areas to intensify the effect of inventory control measures.

(c)      The Management; They will be in position to access if the inventory target or goals of the organization are being achieved.

(d)     The Researcher: Any researcher who may so desire to carry out further research on the topic or related topic.


The researcher concentrated this work in the ABC transport due to the problems which are encountered in the course of studying numerous organizations as it regard to finance.  Thus, this study is limited within the continues of the operations of the ABC transport.

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The Appraisal Of Materials Handling Management In Manufacturing Firms In Nigeria