Accounting System Of Co-operative Societies In Enugu North Local Government Area

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Most critics hold that there are paucity of accounting records maintained by co-operative societies.

          This study therefore investigate the level and the adequacy of accounting records of co-operative societies.  To determine this, the fundamental objective of the study among others are.

1.                 To identify and disclose whether adequate accounting records are kept by co-operative societies.

2.                 To determine the impact of the present level of accounting record’s on profitability and viability of co-operative  societies.

The entire cooperative societies in Enugu North local government area (registered) was the study population from which 98 was selected. A set of structured questionnaire was administered to the sample out of which 72 responded.  Oral interview were also used to collect useful data and information which could not have been portrayed by the questionnaire.

          The collected data were classified, analysed and interpreted by the use of tables, percentage, product moment of correlation and chi-square (test of goodness of fit) was used in testing the hypothesis.

          From the analysis of data the major findings are that.

a.                 co-operative societies do not really maintain adequate accounting system.

b.                 There is weakness in the internal control system of co-operative societies.

c.                  Co-operative societies make use of their members as their accounting staff usually the secretary.

d.                 Most co-operative societies do not company with the established accounting standards.

e.                  The present level of accounting records in co-operative societies affect the profitability and viability of co-operative societies.

Based on the findings some of these recommendation were made.

i.                   co-operative societies should employ experienced competent and trained accounting staff to improve their accounting system.

ii.                 The accounts of co-operative societies should be audited by external auditors like corporate organization.

iii.              The management of co-operative societies (committee) should receive management training and also every member of the co-operative should be educated.


          The growing complexities and challenges of the global co-operative societies has in recent times increased like wilel fire.  The queve which is almost a culture in the country, fraudulent activities etc there, the need now arises on how these problems can be solved.

          The research work is designed to analyse the role of co-operative societies and operational performance in local government areas reference to Enugu North.

          It also helps other people to know the full meaning of co-operative societies in Nigeria and what they should achieved on it.  Before forming co-operative society they will make sure that they investigate the level of adequacy of accounting records of co-operative societies.

          It will heep them to know that they should tried to keep adequate accounting records of books and also to determine the impact of the present level of accounting records on profitability and viability of co-operative societies.

          An oral interview is used to collect useful data and information which could not have been portrayed by the quesionnarie.  Form the analysis of data my major finding is that co-operative societies do not really maintain adequate accounting system; also that co-operative societies make use of their members as their accounting staff usually the secretary finally that most co-operative societies do not comply with the established accounting standards.
















Title page                                                                                ii

Approval                                                                                 iii

Dedication                                                                               iv

Acknowledgement                                                                             v

Abstract                                                                                  vi

Proposal                                                                                  viii

Table of contents                                                                     ix


INTRODUCTION                                                                 1

1.1            Background of study                                                     1

1.2            Statement of problems                                                   2

1.3            The objective of the study                                              2

1.4            Research hypothesis                                                      3

1.5            Significance of the study                                                         4

1.6            Scope and limitation of the study                                  5

1.7            Definition of terms                                                                  6


 LITERATURE REVIEW                                                    9

            Definition of Accounting                                           10

            Objectives and importance of accounting information       12

            Importance of accounting                                         14

            Definition and meaning of accounting

system/composition of system.                                               17

            Accounting system.                                                   18

            Importance of maintaining adequate

accounting system                                                                   23

            Definition and meaning of co-operative societies      26

            Origin of co-operative society in Nigeria.                           30

            Problems of co-operative societies                                     32


RESEARCH METHODOLOGY                                         34

3.1            Sources of data                                                              34

3.2            Sample use and determination of sample size                35

3.3            Method of investigation                                                          36


4.1            Presentation and analysis of data                                  37

4.2            Data analysis                                                                 37

4.3            Test of hypothesis                                                                   48

CHAPTER FIVE                  

5.1            Findings                                                                         57

5.2            Conclusion                                                                     59

5.3            Recommendations                                                                   60

Bibliography                                                                  62

Questionnaire                                                                64













          Co-operative societies are part of the aim of government, they are nutured by the government the government believe that through co-operative societies that the standard of living of the masses will improve.  They are meant to enhance the economic and social well being of the populace as this will help to record economic growth and subsequent development, that is why the government sponsor and run some of the activities of co-operative societies. For instance the government employ co-operative field staff to disseminate the gospel of co-operation, to nuture co-operative by giving them directives and prepare them for registration and also to audit the accounts of co-operative, societies.

          Co-operative societies are business organization though in the class of non profit seeking form of business organization whether a business is profit oriented or non profit oriented, it should hare an accounting system.

          Against this background, this research is designed to study the accounting system of co-operative societies how the information presented by the accounting system is utilized.  Ie whether it is used in making decisions for the businesses.



Some of the problems attendant to co-operative societies which militated against the accounting system of co-operative societies in Enugu North local government area are as follows.

1.                 Paucity of accounting records and information

2.                 Lack of fund to employ trained accountant to manage the accounts of co-operative societies.

3.                 lack of management education to the committee members who are managers of the societies and the general members who potential committee members.



The objectives of the study are as follows:

i.                   To identify and disclose whether adequate accounting records are maintained in co-operative societies.

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