Banks Participation In Industrial Development Of Nigeria (a Case Study Of Union Bank Nig. Plc)

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Banks participation in the industrial development  of nigeria (a case study of  union bank Nig plc)


The researcher intends to identify and evaluate the services rendered by banks in Nigeria so as to  ascertain the adequacy and efficiency of these  service  to the industrial development of Nigeria  of  otherwise to recommend appropriate steps to be  taken by those banks in contributing its quota in the industrialization process in Enugu  state and Nigeria as a  whole.

To achieve this the researcher  will undertake the project work by making a case study of  union bank of Nigeria Plc Enugu main office.


In pursuances of this research the researcher employee the use of primary and secondary data, oral interview an personal observation will also be used.


Based on the primary and secondary data that will be collected form union bank in Enugu state it will be observed that some of the services rendered by these banks only  will exist in theory by providing answers to the research question that will be in chapter one.  In view of  these findings, it will be recommended among other things that these banks commercial  and merchant banks should be staffed with professional staffs. These professional staffs will adhere strictly to the modalities worked out by the federal ministry  of finance and central bank of Nigeria (CBN) to prevent any bank distress and failures.

On the other hand, the researcher recommends that the  industrialist should be realistic when preparing their estimates and values of project they intend to executive, and they should give time figure of their  financial statement  and make sure that the funds or loan that will be extended to them will not be diverted to private ventures. 

It will be the belief of the researcher that if all these recommendation are strictly herd to and is implemented, the problems military against the industrial development  of our country will be reduced if not totally eliminated.








1.1            BACKGROUND OF STUDY

A country wealth development and advancement by its level of industrialization, a country becomes famous among other countries of the world when it has been able to attain to a remarkable degree in industrialization. In view of the above we have deemed it necessary to embark on a research project on “Banks participation in industrial development of Nigeria. This is an attempt and effort to draw the mind of every Nigeria to ask himself certain silent questions like.



How far has our country advanced in industrial development

What are the things necessary for the industrial development of our country?

Why have certain financial bodies not participated fully in the exercise?

If we are able to give answer to these question and if we are able to identify the problem I encountered in the process and also to  give solutions to these problem both collectively  and individual  then, there is hope that within a short time. Our country Nigeria will be able to develop ten times more than it has done in the long past.

A developing country as Nigeria is characterized by a high degree of subsistence products   with very limited application of technology. As a result manufacturing industries are relatively low and the agro- based industries are paramount.

Industrialization should apply to all sector of an economy implying the application of science and technology to raise the worker, in other words all sectors of the economy (mining, agriculture, manufacturing, industries, commercial service should advance.



Industrialization means the development of industries, applying science and technology in order to provide work for the growing population and raise the standard of living by increasing per capital net income and improve balance, of payment situation. Industrialization is aimed at impact restriction and increasing export.

For our country to attain any degree of industrialization, it must overcome a series of obstacles and difficulties because it has had its development plans disrupted by series of military interventions and civil war. It should be noted that there is no limit to the degree of development a country can attain if and only if its reserves are full y utilized. Whether our country is developed or not depends on the existing level of wealth and material welt are. The measure of development of any country is based on its per capital income. That is dividing net national income by the total population to get capital income.

Nigeria has high rate of population increase but has land still available for agriculture expansion. Its per capital income are as a result of its chronic under-utilization of resources rather than substantial utilization. Although Nigeria is now spending on industrial projects, the stage of industrial development is still at its lower level. Nigeria is still developing and so it is per both in income and in capital and its resources are not yet fully tapped. It is therefore most patient to state at the juncture that for nations resources to be fully utilized the aid of science and technology must be sought.  

There are three major things that requirement to achieve success  in any venture in life viz time interest and money. Behind every successful business


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Banks Participation In Industrial Development Of Nigeria