Funding Of Federal Parastatlas (a Case Study Of Fedreal Radio Coperation Of Nigeria In Enugu State

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Federal parastatla are set up by the federal government of Nigeria to archive some certain objectives. Some of this objective is to provide the goods and services, which the private sector cannot provide because of lack of inventible capital funds.

Nowadays, a good number of the federal parastatla perfumers below average including ht federal radio cooperation Enugu, which is the core of the study. The study is aimed at appraising the funding other federal radio cooperation in Enugu with a view to asserting the subventions allocated to it for it to enable her carry out the numerable functions. It is wordy to note that the ability of nay parastatals to archive a performance rest squarely be adequate funding by its beneficiaries. In other word, the objective of any parastatals cannot be realized without an adequate funding.

The appraisal gave raise to the adequate review of the work of the federal radio cooperation Enugu that include informing, educating and entertaining the members of the society. In reviewing the subject, information relating to the subventions allocated to the FRCE was collected through the secondary data completed by the interview method and application of questionnaire method.

Some of the data colleted were presented in a textual form. They were carefully analysed and interpreted out of which certain recorder where made


Some which are;

1.     The subvention were made available by the federal government to FRCE which is a federal parastatals are inadequate to cope with her objective

2.     The adequate funding is one of the major factors that can enhance the productivity and efficiency.

3.     The efficiency and operation cost of the broadcasting service is capital intensive and as such require adequate funding

4.     That as a result of inadequate funding by a commercialization and privatization allowed the commercial to raise the parastatals augment against the subvention giving to her



Based on the findings, some reaching concl

usion were made and recommendation preferred to should be available to the FRC Enugu to enable them archive the objective for which they are established.

If the recommendation is adopted, there will be greater performance and efficiency in the federal parastatals including the course federal radio cooperation Enugu station.





Funding of the federal parastatals is the provision of finance of the parastatals of special purpose. In a taste are federal parastatals, funding could be provided of the maintenance of plant and machineries and development of manpower needs, purchase of vehicle, payment of salary and wages, etc. the ability of any parastatals to archive its objective rest on squarely on whether it is adequately funded by its beneficiaries.

The federal government of Nigeria establish some of the parastatals of the accomplishment of some of its objective which are of immense benefit to both the federal government and its citizenry. Some of this parastatla include both limited to the following


(i)                            Federal radio cooperation Enugu Nigeria (FRC)

(ii)                         Nigeria coal cooperation (NCC)

(iii)                       Nigeria television authority (NTA)

(iv)                       Nigeria Electric power authority (NEPA)

(v)                         Nigeria rail way cooperation (NRC)

(vi)                       Federal air port authority of Nigeria (FAAN)

(vii)                    National Orthopedic hospitals and others (NOH)


These federalparastatals are established to provide goods and service, which the private sector cannot provide as a result of irresistible capital fund. The parastatals are therefore 100% owned by the federal government of Nigeria.

Sequel to the business activity of these parastatals including their performance reference, the research intends to investigate whether the federal government provide adequate or inadequate capital fund of their efficiency operation.

In an effort to save time and as well minimize the cost that is usually associated with carrying out this type of research project such as this, the researcher has chosen the federal radio cooperation Enugu station as a case of study. At the ends of the study, the adequacy of the parastatals for their efficient and effective cooperation.



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Funding Of Federal Parastatlas