Improving The Efficiency And Productivity Of Nigeria Civil Service. (a Case Study Of Enugu State)

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This research project theme is improving the efficiency and productivity of the Nigeria civil services. A case study of Enugu state.

This study school administration identities the efficiency and productivity of the Nigeria civil service as well as the competencies needed for effective administration of the Nigeria civil service.

When you talking about the civil service in Enugu state, certainly and basically, you are talking about the power house or the administrative machinery of the state. The civil service of any given state is obviously  known or represents the major way the state government uses in achieving the efficient implementation of the government policies and programme.

Unfortunately, the inefficiency of the administration organization or government department over the years led to the inefficient implementation of government good intensions and low productivity in the states, the research questions are as follows:

>       What are the problems facing the effectives management administration of the Enugu state civil service.       

>       What are the prospects to these problems.

>       What are the competencies needed for effective administration of the Enugu state civil service.

And in drawing a result to this study, one ought to know that the two major words in the project topic are interwoven, this; efficiency and productivity efficiency is the relationship between what is accomplished, as defined by Harrington Sumerson. While productivity is the ration of result obtained to the resources expended in obtaining them.

I carrying out this study, the research neither make use of the library materials, newspaper, aid state allocation with the very senior servants. Further more, personal survey outside metropolis will be also made.     



Title page

Approval page




Table of contents



1.0            INTRODUCTION

1.1     General background to the subject matter

1.2            Problems associated with the subject matter

1.3            Problems that the study will be concerned with

1.4            The importance of studying the area

1.5            Definition of important terms

1.6            Reference




2.1            The origin of the subject area

2.2            Schools of though within the subject area

2.3            The school of though reliving the problem of the study

2.4            Deferent methods of studying the problem

2.5            Summary

2.6            References



3.0     Conclusion

3.1            Data presentation highlights to the study

3.2            Analysis of the data

3.3            Recommendation

3.4            Conclusions.






At the federal level, the Nigeria civil service is the most important sector of the nations economic systems. At the same time, when viewed from the state level, it is seen as the most important sector of the state economic system. Specific ally using Enugu state as a case study one can observe that the civil service of the state is performing below expectations.

This ineffectiveness not with standing one sees it as a testimony that much priority is given to the administration and general welfare of the state. If the civil service perform sub-optimally, our health, education and general welfare must be adversely affected, productivity in private organization dwindles, profits position becomes poor, social responsibility of business manager and entrepreneur becomes neglected, employees are paid off taxes stop flowing into the government pursue and contribution to the nations growth generally are affected.

Besides efficiency and productivity in the civil service lies a multiplier effect on the service and profit making activities of business enterprise. According to walker an economist, productivity and profit are linked firmly with progress because progress requires growth of both to adequately meet the aspiration of today’s business.

The Enugu state private sector is brought because  of the activities of the small scale industrialists and merchants and the existence of large manufacturing companies like Niger gas at Emene in Enugu state, the Enugu, Anambra motor manufacturing company (ANAMMCO) Emene (a joint venture between the private and public sector with the government holding the equity and controlling share).

The state private sector is this important on its own, but not as important as civil service which employs the greatest labour and spends more than 60% of its total revenue. The important of the state civil service will be appreciated not only considering the amount of capital it spends or amount of labour it employs but the number and kind of service it renders to its people, such as health, education, agriculture, information rural development and general welfare.

In fact, it is a center of great importance because other activities of the state depends on it the important of the Enugu state  civil service, likewise other states cannot therefore be over emphasized. Its efficiency or otherwise will affect the general well being of the people off the state. Thus, education health


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