The Effect Of Local Government Administ-ration In Economic And Social Development. (a Case Study Of Idemili Local Government In Anambara State)

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This project gives a description of the practical knowledge and working experience acquired by me, during my staying my school and some research made so far.

In that case I started the project with a brief description of the introduction/ back ground statement of problems objective of the study its significance and etc.

Furthermore, my special achievements is that I gained some practical experience that can and forwards work in nay local government/ company the project covered for the 2 years duration of my course in ordinary national diploma (OND) in business administration and management dealt more on the effect of local government administration in economic and social development which comprises chapter 1,2, and 3.



This project was not that a sole effort. There are people whose contribution in one way or the other were so helpful in  making this dream a success.

I should first of all thank the Almighty God for all lies favours and blessings on me especially the good health he granted me all through my study and particular during the times of this work.

I would like to use this medium to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor Mr. Nebeife for he patience constructive criticism and inspiration which urged me on and his suggestion of inestimable value.  However, I acknowledge the effort of my mother who was my greatest source of inspiration and for her ability to see me through this stage of my education caeer.  I shall ever remain grateful.

I am also grateful to the entire staff of Idemili local government council especially the public relation and the community development inspector officer for the cooperation I get from then during the study.

I also from extend my thanks to my friends especially Mike Madubeze Ada Nonso Madubueze Mr. Ikechukwu Azige whose contribution were very useful  during the study.  I also extend my thanks to my   sister Noeleen Onyilimab  and Robina Azige for their support during the study.

May the Almighty God bless them in abundance .



Title page

Approval page




Table of contents



1.0     Introduction

1.1     background of subject matter

1.2            Problems associated with the subject matter

1.3            The problem the study will be concerned 

1.4     The importance of studying the area

1.5    Definition of important terms

1.6     Reference



2.0     Literature review

2.1              The origin of the subject area

2.2              School of thoughts within the subject area;

2.3              The school of though relevant to the subject matter

2.4              Difference methods of studying the problems

2.5              Summary

2.6              References




3.1            Data presentation

3.2            Analysis of the data

3.3            Recommendation

3.4            Conclusions

3.5     References






This world of development that is bellowing through most developing countries depends to a large extent on the active participation of the population. Inspite of governments effort to provide the people with basic amenities and ensure their social and economic well being, the indisputable fact remains that no being the ever been able to satisfy all sections of  the society nor provide the citizenry with all the social and economic needs.  As a result, local development endeavours have become agents for supplementing government effort in these problems.

In other world though government in developing countries do their best to raise the living standard of the people their effort would be useless and  fruitless if people who are to be the recipients of the benefits of development do not support such effort

As a development country Nigeria is best with enormous and economic problems ranging from rate of unemployment poverty hunger inflation armed robbery economic slump low productivity to malnutrition starvation illiteracy poor housing   poor urban sanitation and  general ignorance. It is this bizarre situation that compel local government to mobilize all the human and material resources available to them towards solving these problems

          In the past the tendency was for the government to be looked upon as a benevolent father who was responsible for development of the rural area and the provision of the basic needs of the people.  But now there is change of attitude and the local or rural areas have come to accept self-help and less dependence on government as their basic strategy for development. This paper is concerned with the effect of local government administration in economic and social development of the country and this study will be based on socio- economic development projects going on in the Idemili local government areas.

This study is aimed at enabling the researcher to ascertain whether the local  government are actually fulfilling their obligation to project in the local government areas in terms of grant-in- aid technical and other aids. Since effective and meaningful social economic development depends on the active participation of the people, the researcher intend to examine their level of


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The Effect Of Local Government Administ-ration In Economic And Social Development.