The Effect Of Slum On Property Values (a Case Study Aguowa In Enugu, Enugu State)

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          The aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the effects of slum on property values at Aguowa via Trans-Ekulu and confirm that slum was responsible for the low property value in the area. The study showed that the slum occurrence was as a result of rural migration to urban areas and lack of original planning in the area. This work is organized in five chapters. Chapter one deals with the introduction, statement of the problem, purpose of study, limitation and delimitation, background and need for the study, significant of the study and the overview of the study. Chapter two deals on the literature review of related study like concept of residential slum, definition of slum, type of slum, roles of slum, theoretical aspect of slum, history of recognition of slum, concept of real estate development, type of property and classification, rational for real property development and property values.

          Chapter three talked about the research method, the re-statement of the problem, sources of date, of the problem, sources of date, population and sample size, data collection, date collection procedure method of data analysis and finally data analysis procedure.         

          Chapter four deals on the data presentation and analysis while chapter five deals with findings, recommendation and conclusion.  



Title page                                                                                i

Approval page                                                                        ii

Dedication                                                                               iii

Acknowledgment                                                                     iv

Abstract                                                                                  v

Table of content                                                                      vi


1.0            Introduction                                                                   1

1.1     Background of study                                                     2

1.2            Statement of problem                                                    3

1.3            Objective of the study                                                    4

1.4            Research question                                                                   4

1.5            Theatrical foundation of the study                                 5

1.6            Significance of study                                                      6

1.7            Delimitation of study                                                     6

1.8            Limitation                                                                      7

1.9            Overview of the study                                                   7



2.1                      Definition of Slum                                                         8

2.2                      Concept of Residential Slum                                         8

2.3                      Attributes of slum                                                                   9

2.3.1    Physical Attribute                                                                   9

2.3.2    Social Attribute                                                             10

2.3.3    Economic Attribute                                                       11

2.4                      Causes of blight and factors leading to slum formation          13

2.5                      Types of slum                                                                14

2.6                      Role of slum                                                                   17

2.7                      Slum as a critical environmental problem                      19

2.8                      Theoretical aspect of slum                                             19

2.8.1    History of recognition of slum                                                22

2.8.2    Concept of real/property development                          24

2.9                      Types of property and classification                                       25

2.9.1    Property values                                                             29


3.0     Introduction                                                                   31

3.1            Re-statement of the problem                                          31

3.2            Source of data                                                                32

3.3            Description of study area                                              32

3.4            Population and sample size                                           33

3.5            Data collection instrument                                             33

3.6            Data collection procedure                                              34



4.0     Presentation and analysis of data                                            35

4.1            Presentation of base data                                                        35

4.2            Presentation of data on level of

deterioration within the study area                                37

4.3            Presentation of data on the impact of

slum on property values                                                         43

4.4            Presentation of data on the effect

of slum on property values                                            46


Finding, Recommendations and Conclusion                                  48

5.1     Summary of findings                                                   48

5.2     Recommendation                                                                   50

5.3     Conclusion                                                                    52

          Bibliography                                                                 54




          At the commencement of coal mining in Enugu in 1915, Aguowa received many immigrants from where the commute to the city to partake in coal boom as at that time. By and large, the rural settlement experienced rapid population growth and since it was at the outskirt of Enugu central, it was not subjected to building regulations and codes; hence houses constructed of handy materials sprang up all over the settlement. Thus the area was crowded with poor housing structures most disorderly located. The settlement has grown and developed in an unplanned manner resulting in the decline of property values and social status of the estate environment. While the dwellers show no indifference to the poor conditions of the urban environment, the city government agencies responsible for planning and managing the urban environment and regulating urban life displayed a mark of ineffectiveness in the discharge of their duties.

This condition consequently brought a spontaneous development of sub-standard dwelling, devoid of essential amenities, estate roads, drainage, ventilation, recreational facilities, refuse disposal facilities etc. lack of all these eventually both the available infrastructures and building consign obsolescence and subsequently the slum. Due to this burning issue of slum, the researcher is set to evaluate the effect on property values at Aguowa, its states of evaluation in the study area taking note of both its immediate and remote causes. In other to established and the effect of this slum on property values the researches reduces the population of study which is it properties in the two 92) residential neighbourhoods of Aguowa (namely Trans – Ekulu and Federal Housing Estate).

          Stratified random sampling method was used to collect data for the study.


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