Cooperation And Conflict Management Mechanisms Among The People Of Kalu North Eastern Ethiopia

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The study area, Kalu, is found in North central highland massif of Ethiopia and on the upper rnpart of the rift valley depression. The Kalu are Amharic speaking people whom they share rncommon boundary with Oromo, Argoba and Afar ethnic groups. rnThe study area selected based on its location is on the main road from Addis Abeba northern rnEthiopia Dessie, Mekele and the Afar depression in which the movement of people is too rnhigh. The Woreda shares common boundaries with the Argoba, Oromo and Afar Ethnic rngroups where ethnic interaction has its own effect in the traditional conflict management. rnFurthermore, most of the population in the Woreda is Muslim where the Islamic religion is rnbelieved to have its own contribution to the development of the indigenous institutions of rnconflict resolutions. In this regard, the Woreda is one of the centers of Islam in the country. rnI conducted the field work in the Woreda with an objective of examining traditional rncooperation and customary conflict management mechanisms within the community. The rnpeople have age old tradition of cooperation and customary conflict management rnmechanisms. rnIn the descriptive study of cooperation and customary conflict management of the Woreda rnand social, economic and political structure of the people is assessed. The traditional rncooperation aspects reflect the mutual support and self help mechanisms while the rncustomary conflict management institutions are the legal system mechanisms out of the rncourt. rnFurthermore, the study focuses on the major mechanisms of traditional cooperation such as rnDebo, Azmach, Ertiban, Elf and other major institutions of cooperation. In addition, family, rnShimglina and traditional mediators are adequately assessed as institutions of conflict rnmanagement out of the court system. rnFinally, the customary conflict management mechanism among the people of Kalu is based rnon the public opinion, cultural consensus and religious beliefs. rnIn other words, the conflict management mechanisms are basically interrelated with the rnsocial, economic and political conditions of the rural agricultural community. The customary rnconflict management mechanisms of the people of Kalu consider other conflict resolution rnmechanisms of the horn and Ethiopia studied by other Anthropologists.

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Cooperation And Conflict Management Mechanisms Among The People  Of Kalu North Eastern Ethiopia